Kunoichis 'n' Kimonos

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It was early in the morning, and team 7 was on their usual meeting place, a.k.a the bridge. Sasuke was their first, as usual, but then a pink blob appeared on the scene.

" Ohayou, Sasuke-kun!" the pink blob known as Sakura greeted

But as usual Sasuke would only say a " hn " even I the authoresses don't know what it means, all I know is prodigies love the word. Same old Sasuke-kun. Sakura thought.

" I can't wait for the Kunoichi festival!" she said to herself, unfortunately Sasuke heard this.

He only raised an eyebrow, with a curious face on. What the heck is a kunoichi festival? He thought. Sakura only looked at him, and giggled. Sasuke looked at her, eyebrows still raised and curiosity still on his face.

" You don't know, what a kunoichi festival is, don't you?" she asked

Sasuke only nodded.

" A kunoichi festival is when a girl dresses up in a kimono with a mask on her face!" she explained

" That's it, what a waste of time," he said.

" I forgot to mention when we play tricks on you guys" she said with a smirk

" What tricks?" he asked with an eyebrow raised

" You see, we girls hide from our teammates, and they try to find us, if they don't they will be said that they are irresponsible and they get tortured!" she said

" What kind of torture?" he asked

" Secret," she said with a smirk

" So, what if we find you?" he asked again

" You get a prize!" she said

" What kind of prize?" he asked again

" Secret " she said again.

" So how come I never heard of this kunoichi festival?" he asked

Sakura only sighed and thought. Sasuke is sure curious and talkative today; it's kind of annoying, now I know what he feels.

" Because you were with Orochimaru, and can you stop asking questions Sasuke-kun, it's kind of annoying. She said with a smile (a smile? What the heck? )

Sasuke only frowned.

" But I have so many questions! His inner said

" And what the heck is a kunoichi festival!" he added.

" Screw you for going with that weird snake dude guy!" his inner said again.

" Because of you, we don't know what's going on here!" his inner added.

" Shut the hell up, don't you know I think the same thing as you, so shut the hell up and leave me alone!" Sasuke screamed at his inner mentally.

" Melanie! His inner muttered.

Just then a yellow and orange blob appeared.

" HI SAKURA-CHAN! HI SASUKE-TEME! Screamed the yellow and orange blob known as Naruto.

" Ohayou, Naruto!" Sakura greeted Naruto.

" Well someone's in a good mood today!" Naruto said.

" Well, yeah since the kunoichi festival is tomorrow!" she replied with a smile.

" It's tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

" Well, yeah!" she replied.

" What's wrong with the kunoichi festival?" asked Sasuke

" You were lucky you weren't here last year!" he said.

" Why?" he asked again.

" Because we mistook Sakura-chan with another girl, cuz somebody and I mean Sakura-chan here, dyed her hair blue, with a jutsu! He screamed.

Sakura only giggled.

" What was the punishment?" Sasuke asked.

" Tsunade took Kakashi - sensei's perverted book and she banned me from eating ramen for a week, after that she returned Kakashi – sensei's book and I can eat ramen again!" he said.

" You know Sasuke-kun, Tsunade might ban you from training for a week!" Sakura said.

Sasuke only glared at her.

But she only giggled

Then a minute passed and Kakashi appeared with a puff of smoke.

The ninjas looked at their sensei in surprise.

" Your not late!" Naruto screamed at him.

" Hell froze over," Sakura said in a whisper.

"…………….." Sasuke said this, but nothing came.

" Well, yeah, um, Tsunade, er caught me along with Shizune" Kakashi said.

Then his student's fell anime style with a sweat drop.

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