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A Second Chance for Love

Chapter One

It started out like any other day. I was over at Edward's house and I was cuddling with him on his couch. Alice was going to take me shopping in an hour. Then, me being me, I had to go and ruin the moment by asking, "Edward, why won't you change me?"

He lightly pushed me off of him and sighed, trying to control his anger and frustration.

"Because, Bella, I don't want to damn you to this life. I want you to have a chance to move on and be human!" he shouted.

"I don't think of you as a monster. I think of you as a person like me with some amazing abilities! The drinking blood thing is okay! Everyone has flaws!" I shouted at him. Why didn't he get it? I can't live, breathe, or function in any way without him.

"Bella," he said again, a little calmer although his eyes were steadily turning black, "I don't want to hurt you! I love you too much to do that to you."

"Have you noticed something?" I asked, staring down his black eyes, "All you do is talk about is how this will hurt you, you, you. That you wouldn't bear to watch me be like you, you, you. You want me to stay human because you will miss my human qualities too much, Edward." I hissed. I had not ever been that angry before in my life! I knew that I should probably shut up right about then, but I couldn't.

"I am the one being changed. I have lived with your family. I love them like my own and all of you fight what you are!" Then quieter, "I love you all too much, especially you Edward, to lose all of you when it could have been prevented." By the end of my speech, I was looking at the floor.

"My answer is still 'no'," said Edward in a deadly calm voice.

I chanced a glance at him and was shocked by what I saw - his eyes were pitch-black and his hands were clenched into tight fists.

"But-" I was cut off by Alice running into the room and dragging me off to her car.

"Alice, is Edward going to be okay?" I asked tentatively.

"Yes, she replied. "After he hunts, but I think that we should postpone our shopping-day, okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess." I said in a quiet voice.

"Bella, please stay home, ok? Someone will call you when things have calmed down." Alice said in an implicating voice, telling me not to ask questions.

By that time, we were at Charlie's. "Bye Alice, see you soon!" I said, trying to sound more cheerful than I felt, but I didn't think she bought it. I walked up to the door and when I turned around, she was gone.


"Hey Bells, you're home early," said Charlie.

"Yeah, Alice had to reschedule the shopping trip," I replied.

"Okay, Bells."

"Hey, dad, I'm pretty tired. I 'm gonna head up. You can handle dinner, right?" I said, trying to sound tired.

"Sure Bells, rest up."

"Thanks Dad."

When I got up to my room, I just collapsed on my bed. I hope everyone is alright, I thought... I miss Edward. With that thought, I fell into an anything but restful sleep.


After a week of not hearing anything and moping around, I decided to go see if every thing was okay myself.

I got dressed, ate some cereal, grabbed my jacket and car keys, and walked through the rain to my poor, neglected truck. When I started it, I screamed out loud because I was so used to Edward's car's gentle purr. Edward. God, how I missed him!

As I was driving down their driveway, I noticed that Edward's Volvo, Rosalie's BMW, Emmett's jeep, and Carlisle's Mercedes weren't there... huh.

I walked up to the door and knocked. I wondered why Alice wasn't already out there waiting for me, but I shrugged it off. I knocked again. No one answered. I tried again. Still nothing, only silence. I finally opened the door and walked in. Nothing would ever prepare me for this...

The whole house was empty. No furniture. No Cullens. No noise. No…nothing.

I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. I ran around the house screaming for Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, even Rosalie, and...Edward. I checked all the rooms, finally coming to...his...room. I was scared, would I find nothing like every where else, or would he be sitting there, his crooked smile on his face and everyone behind him saying that it was just some sick practical joke? I hoped for the latter.

I was sadly mistaken.

The whole room was empty except for a CD, a note, and a small black box. The CD was the Debussy CD we first heard that night in the car. The note said,

Dear Bella,

I have come to realize that the only way for you to live a normal life, was for me and my family to leave. Now you can live the life that you would've had if I hadn't met you. The gift in the box is for you. Remember that I will love you always and will never forget you.



Then with shaking hands, I opened the box, fighting tears the whole time. Inside was a ring with a white gold band that had a circle of alternating diamonds and rubies surrounding a glittering topaz stone.

That was the last straw; I just broke down and cried while my heart shattered for what seemed like ages. Finally, I dried my blood shot eyes and put the box in my pocket along with the note and CD.

"Break your promise, I'll break mine." I said in a hollow voice and ran off into the woods.


I had just started getting really deep into the forest when I was suddenly pinned to the ground by a blur of red hair and white skin.

"Thanks for making my revenge much easier Ms. Swan," said a voice filled with hate and loathing.

I was staring up into the blood red eyes of Victoria. "Wh-what do you mean 'your revenge'?" I said, trying to sound braver than I felt.

"Well you see, wench, you and your boyfriend killed my husband!" she spat.

"So what are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to give you your heart's greatest desire. Then rip it away from you by killing you." she said grinning evilly.

Then she leaned down and bit my neck, drinking a little of my blood.

"It's a shame that I can't kill you now," she said while the fire raged through my veins, "because once you find Edward, oh yes, you will find him, and once you do and find happiness, I will kill you." She then got off me and laughed sinisterly and whispered in my ear: "'cause right now it would be too easy to kill you."

She straightened her back and started walking away at a human pace.

"Have a fun first death!" Then suddenly she was over me, "I will be responsible for the second and last one while your beloved and his family watches."

And then she was gone, leaving me to my screams of pain before I blacked out.


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