In the famous Sonic Adventure 1's Station Square, Silver The Hedgehog was working as usual at the well known and loved Pizza Hut, as he turned his head to see Vector The Crocodile in the kitchen with him, tilting his head as he noticed the green crocodile walking up to him.

"Silver, we got an order for this weird... uh, Smash Mansion place." Vector remarked as he handed Silver a slip.

Silver held the slip with both of his hands as he looked at it, genuinely confused. "Eh? Smash Mansion? What is this...?"


By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Author's Notes: I was working on this for quite some time, now. 3 days, to be exact. And just because this will be, like, 2000 words, doesn't mean that it would accidentaly shed into 10,000. Who knows...maybe it will...maybe we'll have a couple of deaths here and there...maybe this will be placed in "Horror", or in "Action/Adventure", or in "Parody", or in "Completely overused because everyone exactly knows what this is going to be about but there isn't a section so we have to improvise". So yeah. Almost 500 good words used for nuttin'. And...wait, wait! DON'T GO! I'll start the story for you and-HEY! Don't go insulting the Super Smash Brothers like that, you stupid Sony fanboy! (Blasts the Sony fanboys away)

Overhead Speaker: Warning. Warning. Sony executives are coming in. Sony executives are coming in.

Sexy Female Computer Voice: Warning, warning. Intruder alert. Intruder alert.


Mewtwo: Yoshizilla, can you just wrap this up? You're draggin' out the story.

'K. You heard Mewtwo, folks. I'll stop right here and let you enjoy the following fanfic. Although I feel like I just...


OKAY, OKAY, I'll get on with the fanfic. HAPPY NOW?

Mewtwo: Quite. (Disappears), you all had enough with the author notes, so...enjoy! (dances off the stage)

Disclaimer: Nintendo owns all of the Super Smash Brothers and May. Yoshizilla owns Peppy Ankylosaurus, Dr. Hoshi, Heppy Ankylosaurus (in the Yoshi Kart game), Bronto the Brontosaurus (also in the Yoshi Kart game), and Chad the Charmander (in what else? The Yoshi Kart game). The random red Jinjo belongs to Rareware, as does Banjo-Kazooie.



May, Link, and Roy were all waiting outside in front of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion. Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser promised them something good if they waited. But it's been 3 hours since.

May groaned as her stomach growled. "Man, I'm so hungry. We've been waiting for, like, 3 hours, and I haven't even had breakfast."

Roy sighed. "Man, I really want to play Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee on my Gamecube."

Link grumbled. "This better be worth it after I had to quit my Banjo-Pilot grand prix game to come out here."

Master Hand appeared in front of the three humans. "I can see that you guys waited long enough for us to prepare you guys."

May, Link, and Roy all looked up. "Prepare for what?"

"Prepare for trouble," Master Hand said in Jessie's voice.

"And make it double," Crazy Hand added.

May put her hands on her hips. "C'mon, guys. Be serious. What did you prepare for us?"

"Yeah," Link and Roy added in unison.

Master Hand sighed. "Fine. We prepared you for-"

"The All-You-Can-Eat Popcorn Contest!" Crazy Hand announced.

Link and Roy both made querky faces. "What? Popcorn contest?"

May gasped, and she cheered. "YAY! POPCORN!"

Giga Bowser walked up to them. "A-herm...yes, this popcorn contest will have all kinds of popcorn, including syrup popcorn and ketchup popcorn."

May sighed of relief as she rubbed her stomach, which was growling louder.

Link shuddered. "Ewww...I don't think I want to do anything that involves ketchup..."

"You'll get a great prize of your choice if you win," Master Hand said.

May, Link, and Roy's eyes gleamed. "Anything?"

Giga Bowser and Crazy Hand grinned. "Anything."

The three humans cheered in unison.

"YAY! I CAN GET MORE FOOD!" May cheered.

Link laughed. "I can get my hands on the new Banjo-Kazooie game!"

Roy rubbed his hands together with glee. "I can get the very first copy of the Godzilla Wii game!"

Master Hand nodded. "Yes. This contest will begin in a few minutes, so do please wait." he, Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser disappeared.

May looked at Link. "How long you think this will be, Linky-poo?"

Link shrugged. "Beats the crap outta me."

May whimpered. "I just hope they don't take too long! I'm really hungry!"

Roy rubbed his shoulders. "I just wanna have fun."

Link sighed and went to sleep. "I just want some peace." he started snoozing lightly.

May and Roy both looked at each other, and they then held each others' hands.

May giggled. "You're quiet handsome, Roy..."

Roy chuckled. "You're quiet beautiful yourself, May..."

Both of the humans laughed a bit, and then they kissed each other on the lips. Luckily, they were both alone, with only Link sleeping.

Roy then got an idea. "Hey want bed..." He chuckled naughtily.

May knew what Roy meant, and she giggled naughtily. "Oh, Roy..."

Both of them chuckled/giggled naughtily and went into the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, to...snuggle...hehehehe...

Yoshi was outside in the backyard, playing his banjo to the theme of Banjo-Kazooie. He didn't notice anyone until Pikachu came up to him.

"Hey Yoshi, what'cha doin'?" Pikachu asked.

Yoshi smiled. "Playin' the banjo, what else?"

Pikachu shrugged. "Okay. I'll just walk away now."

So Pikachu walked away, but since there was a banana peel, he slipped on it and crashed into the Super Smash Brothers Mansion wall, killing him.


Yoshi didn't notice this, as he was still playin' the banjo.

Peach fumed and turned to Yoshi. "Yoshi, is that all you ever think about? BANJOS?"

Yoshi rolled his eyes. "It's better than your obsession for farting."

Peach stuttered, and then she pointed her index finger (Ooooooh) at Yoshi. "YOU! WHY YOU LITTLE-"

"Ya?" Yoshi said in a seemingly convincing tone.

Peach pouted even louder. "JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL BANJO-THREEIE!" And she stormed away afterwards.

Bowser, who was watching the whole thing, shook his head and came up to Yoshi. "What the hell was that about?"

Yoshi shrugged. "I don't know. I was too busy playin' the banjo."

Bowser took out his kazoo. "Can I join in?"

Yoshi smiled. "Sure!"

Bowser laughed, and then he started playing the kazoo next to Yoshi, who was still playin' the banjo.

In the mansion, the craziness seemed to go higher.

Kirby was drawing images of the Smashers dying all over the walls, it seemed to peeve Falco up to the limit.

"Just WHAT do you think you're doing?" Falco exclaimed.

"Drawin' stuffs, what else?' Kirby replied, still drawing.

Falco slapped his forehead. "Kirby, why on Earth do you bother to just draw on the wall when you can do something else?"

Kirby narrowed his eyes at Falco. "Liiiiiike..."

Falco shrugged. "I don't know, do ballet or somethin'."

Kirby gasped. "BALLET? I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO BALLET!" He kissed Falco, and then ran out at fast as the flash.

Falco sweatdropped. "That did NOT just happen..." He said to himself, still dumbfounded after the kiss he recieved.

"We interrupt this rather long and complicated humor fanfic for a commercial from Yoshi Kart," The announcer said.

King Kong is sitting in a seat in a McDonald's restaurant. Don't ask me how he managed to fit due to his huge weight. Anyway, he unwraps his new Big Mac Supreme.

Godzilla walks by him and asks, "Hey, Is that the new Big Mac Supreme?"

King Kong nodded his head. Godzilla's eyes were turned into diamonds as he said, "I'll give you fifty dollars for it."

Anguirus appeared and said, "I'll give you, 200 dollars for it."

Mothra appeared in front of King Kong and said, "I'll give you 300 dollars for it."

Rodan appeared from the roof and said, "Oh yeah? I'll give you a MILLION dollars for it."

Jak appeared and said, "I'll give you a Playstation 2 for it."

"I'll give you an X-Box," Master Chief said, as he handed King Kong a Halo 2 game.

"I'll give you a Nintendo Gamecube," Mario said, as he pulled out a red Gamecube.

"I'll give you Monstrol Castle," Sir Megalon said.

"I'll give you the Monster Kingdom," Master Ghidorah added.

"I'll get you your own game," Luigi said, as he took out his ghost vacuum and did a pose with it.

Yoshi walked towards King Kong and said, "I'll get you your own game SERIES."

"I'll get all these people off your back," Peach said, as she shoved Samus out of a window.

"I'll marry you," Naomi Watts says, as King Kong just stares in awe and smiles dumbfoundly.

Superman appeared and said, "I'll trade our powers."

The producers and directors from Universal Studios came in and said in unison, "We'll give you Universal Studios."

"I'll kill all of your enemies," Bowser says with a smirk.

The Men in Black appeared and said, "We'll leave you alone."

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star approached King Kong and asked, "We'll put you on our show."

Oprah Winfrey appeared next to King Kong and said, "I'll put you on MY show."

I'll let you help be a member of the audience in the Yoshi Kart grand prix," Crazy Hand said, as he handed King Kong a ticket.

King Kong was about to accept when Master Hand flew in. "I'll let you RACE in it," Master Hand said to the gigantic ape.

"REALLY?" King Kong says, as Master Hand smiles.

Black screen covers up. The words "Yoshi Kart" are placed on the black screen. The sounds of a car driving by can be heard.

"We now return to this very long and complicated fanfic which is also hilariously dumb," The announcer said, laughing evilly.

In the hallway of horror...oooooh...horror...

Fox McCloud grumbled irritably while he started to play his Star Fox-based Nintendo DS with Headphones on, so that only he and he alone could hear the sound.

Meta Knight came by and stole Fox's DS. He laughed. "HAHA! I got your Nintendo DS!" He then placed it in Ness's bed. And the small, great knight in armor ran off to escape Fox McCloud's fury.

Fox suppressed his bubbling rage, and tiptoed into Ness's room to retrieve his Nintendo DS.

Fox stuck his hand in Ness's bed and took out the Nintendo DS. "There." He said, as the humanoid fox began to walk out of the room.

Nana, who was in the bed, saw Fox McCloud and screamed. "EEK!" The pink Ice Climber girl cried. "NESS! NESS! A PERVERT IS HERE!"

Fox sweatdropped. "Oh sweet mother of…"

Right at that moment, Ness arrived and pointed a baseball bat at Fox. "WHY JOO LITTLE!"

Fox screamed in horror, and then he started running. Ness was right behind him, with the baseball bat in tow.

Peppy Ankylosaurus, everyone's favorite yellow Ankylosaurus, was simply walking down like he usually does. Only different was that he had a small, red Jinjo (from Banjo-Kazooie) on his head. He sighed. "Look, bub, I let you stay up there for hours. Can you just get off now?"

"NO!" The red Jinjo retorted, in a very immature way, "Mah prettah feat hirt and ey don't wannu git off!"

Peppy gritted his teeth. "That's it, then. You left me no choice!" He then started pumping up electricty in himself, and then released a powerful electric shock, which caused the Super Smash Brothers Mansion a power-out.

"WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS OUTRAGEOUS POWER-OUT?" Dr. Hoshi angrily shouted from his room.

Peppy's eyes widened, and then he placed the red Jinjo in front of him. He ran as fast as he could away, just as Dr. Hoshi came out.

"So it was YOU who caused it, didn't it?" Dr. Hoshi angrily growled, looking straight at the red Jinjo.

The red Jinjo sweatdropped and gulped. "Gu-oh..."

What would follow would lead this fanfic to be rated a lot higher than it is, so we'll just skip to someone else.

Mario and Luigi were both playing tennis outside in the left side of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, but neither of them manage to score higher.

"Come on, Luigi!" Mario encouraged, "Show some enthusiasm in your tennis skills!"

Luigi muttered curse words to himself. "Stupid, cheap, over-weighed plumber..."

"WHAT did you say?" Mario angrily asked.

Luigi stuttered and sweatdropped. "Gah! I didn't say anything! Really!"

Mario played around with his mustache as he continued, "I'm pretty positive that you said something about me..."

Luigi pouted. "Of course I did, you IDIOT! You ATTENTION HOG! Why does it always have to be about YOU? Why not ME? I'm ALWAYS NEGLECTED IN EVERY FRIGGIN' GAME!"

"That's because you're quite the pathetic dumbnut, Luigi," Mario said, chuckling.

Luigi fumed, and then he shot the tennis ball into Mario'

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Mario screamed dramatically in Darth Vader's voice, "My bowl of nuts!"

Luigi scratched his head in confusion. "Wha?"

Mario's bowl of peanuts, which he was eating on breaks, was suddenly broken into pieces of glass, and all the peanuts were now on the ground.

"My precious, precious peanuts!" Mario cried, "How could-a you, Luigi?" He ran off, crying hysterically.

Luigi sweatdropped. "That deserved a great, big 'what the heck?'" He said, as he left for somewhere else.

Popo and Young Link were in the videogame room, playing what else? Yoshi Kart.

Crickets chirped.

Popo looked at the screen. "Get it?" Popo joked.

Crickets chirped louder.

Young Link slapped his forehead. "Popo, no offence, but you suck at jokes."

Popo shrugged. "Dah well. At least I'm not as bad as you-know-who."

Young Link rolled his eyes. "Sure..."

"Will you guys be quiet?" Dr. Mario said from his room, who was trying to think of a new invention to make.

Popo and Young Link looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to playing their racing game.

"UGH! the computer Chad the Charmander is beatin' me!" Young Link shouts, seeing his character (Heppy) is in 4th with the computer Chad the Charmander 3rd.

Popo cheers as his character (Yoshi) in the game manages to get rid of a computer Bronto. "YEAH! I'm number one!"

Young Link rolled his eyes. "Well no wonder. You're using a super rocket."

"A super rocket filled with ice, baby," Popo said, revealing a cooler filled with Kool-Aid.

The Kool-Aid Guy suddenly appeared. "OH YEAH!" Before he could say anything else, several snakes attacked and eventually destroyed the Kool-Aid Guy. They mysteriously disappeared in a puff of pink afterwards...ooooooh.

Both of the two boys looked at each other, laughed, and continue to play their game.

R.O.B. was in Isle Delfino's lively Delfino Plaza, being in one of the many buildings as the Robotic Operating Buddy opened up a handful of brown crates inside the crate building, seeing an assist trophy case. He opened it with his mechanical hands, summoning Waluigi in an instant.

"Wahaha! I'm finally free!" Waluigi exclaimed as he smirked, rubbing his hands together. "Now I'm free to do whatever the hell I want! Wahahaha!"

R.O.B. sighed as he watched Waluigi then grabbing the nearest tennis racket, which incidentally was his, and run right out of the Crate Bulding, with the red and white colored robot pondering if he did the right thing.

To Be Continued, Man...Continued...Continued...Continued...Continued...Continued...

Ness: Whoops. Almost left the 'To Be Continued' machine on. (Turns off the To Be Continued machine and leaves)

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I'll start the next chapter right away…


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