R.O.B. was still in the crate building in Delfino Plaza as he had opened up a laptop he made himself using various metal parts, using it to contact Lucario. Lucario, who was training on the fiery Norfair stage, sensed R.O.B. as he pulled out his Nintendo DS, opening it up to see R.O.B. on the two screens.

"What is is that you called me for?" Lucario asked as he glanced down at R.O.B.

R.O.B. moved his mechanical arms as he promptly began to explain to Lucario. "Well, you see, we have a situation at the Smash Mansion..."


By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

(AKA huge May/Yoshi/Godzilla/Pokemon/Spongebob/Mario/Donkey Kong/Banjo-Kazooie/SSBM/One Piece Fanboy)

Author's Notes: Here it is, May 3rd on MAY SMASH DAYS! This time, we get to see the Popcorn Contest that Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser have planned. And not only that, but we'll see what happens when Bowser makes a movie! And Princess Peach gets into a farting contest with Sheik! YAYZ! ...A-herm.

Disclaimer: You must be a complete idiot if you did not happen to read the previous disclaimers. We own NOTHING official (Nintendo, Rareware, Toho, Sega, Sony, Microsoft), and all of the fan-characters in THIS story belong to Yoshizilla. There, I said it. (Leaves)


May and Roy were still sleeping peacefully, until a huge booming sound from the P.A. speaker buzzed. Both May and Roy covered their ears in pain, just as the P.A. speaker said, "May and Roy, the Popcorn Eating Contest is ready! Please come down now."

May gasped, looking down at her stomach, which was growling. May blushed. "Oh my God! I completely forgot about the Popcorn Eating Contest!"

Roy shook his head, still a bit dazed. "Me too, but I can go for an ice pack now..."

May got up, but then she realized she had no clothes on. "EEEK! MY CLOTHES! I FORGOT!" She ran into the closet and started rimming through to get her clothes.

Roy, still dazed, unintelligently stumbled out of the room and into the hallway, just to be crashed into by Fox, Ness, and Zelda.

"OWWW!" Everyone shouted at the same time, as they were all now slightly dazed. Unfortunately, Roy had those stupid, annoying Japanese swirly eyes in his eyes.

Fox got up and shook his head. "Oh, my aching..." He got up, and stared blankly at Roy's nakedness.

Ness and Zelda also notice this, and the three Smashers slowly backed away and went away to another room.

"So what do you want to do?" Ness asked.

Zelda shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe watch Naruto?"

Fox nodded. "That sounds good."

Ness snapped his fingers. "Let's also bake our own cookies!"

Zelda smiled. "I see why not."

As the three left, Roy got up, moaning and placing his hand on his hand. "Oh damn, what a crash..." He looked down and notice he didn't have on any clothes. "...This is embarrassing...I better get something to put on," He said, as he went back into the room where he and May snuggled.

Kirby was in a ballet school, doing ballet in a rather reddish tutu. He then slipped up and fell on the floor, with several girls laughing.

"Tsk, tsk..." The teacher said, "Kirby, if you don't do it right, you'll fall every time."

Kirby flailed his arms around. "But, but, but! I'm trying to to my best!"

The teacher scoffed. "How do you call flailing your arms around like a little kid in a tantrum doing your best?"

Kirby fumed. "WHAT? Listen, UGLY, it's not easy to be PINK and SMALL! I AM PINK AND SMALL! So if I happen to tumble, than it's because maybe I'm PINK AND SMALL! Well, I'd like to see YOU try being both PINK AND SMALL!"

And with that, the brave pink and small puffball stormed out, taking all his dignity with him.

The teacher just stood there, mouth agape. She then pouted and turned to the other girl students. "Right, then, back to ballet lessons, class!"

Mario came back outside onto the tennis court, with a new bowl of peanuts. "Ahhh...my precious nuts...can't live without them..."

Luigi rolled his eyes. "Mario, you're saying that those peanuts are actually like your-"

Mario turned red and fumed. "SHUT UP, LUIGI!"

Luigi gulped. "Okay, I'll shut up."

Mario narrowed his eyes straight at Luigi. "Good. Don't go making fun of my favorite kind of nuts."

Luigi rolled his eyes as the two plumbers resumed playing tennis.

In the front of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, the three humans (May, Roy, and Link) and the hands (Master Hand and Crazy Hand), plus Giga Bowser, were all ready to start the popcorn eating contest.

"Here are the rules," Master Hand explained, "Whoever eats the most popcorn wins and gets a $1,000,000 gift-card, and will also receive a free pet animal of any choice."

May squealed, Roy cheered, and Link smirked.

Giga Bowser nodded. "Right, then. If two of the contestants can no longer eat popcorn, then they are officially out, and the remaining contestant wins and gets the prizes."

Crazy Hand laughed maniacally and announced, "Right, so on your marks...get set..."

May rubbed her stomach with joy, Roy licked his lips, and Link simply smirked.

"GO!" Crazy hand shouted at the last minute, as both May and Roy immediately dived into their bowls of popcorn.

Link simply ate the cheddar popcorn, but did it slowly, not to reveal his love for cheese.

May and Roy, on the other hand, quickly ate up all of their popcorn. May let out a loud burp while Roy let out a small fart. Both of them then went to the next bowls.

Crazy Hand turned to Giga Bowser. "Who do you think will win?"

Giga Bowser smirked. "May, of course. She may be sweet, kind, cute, and beautiful, but she has a liking to food, especially specific foods like pasta and popcorn."

Crazy Hand then remembered something. "Wait a minute. If May likes pasta, and if Mario likes pasta...then..."

Giga Bowser looked at Crazy Hand strangely. "What's wrong?"

Crazy Hand moaned confusingly. "I thought Yoshi hated pasta. Same thing could be said for Bowser, Peppy, and Dr. Hoshi."

Giga Bowser shrugged. "Well, Crazy Hand, I'll tell you one thing. Dinosaurs and Koopas, both respectively reptiles, are a lot different from humans."

Crazy Hand's eyes (what eyes?) glittered brightly. "Oooooooh!"

Giga Bowser nodded. "Exactly."

Crazy Hand turned to Master Hand. "What's the status so far?"

Master Hand turned to Crazy Hand. "Well, so far, both May and Roy are still at it like wild animals, while Link is taking his precious time."

Crazy Hand nodded and threw away his writing pad he was writing on. "Okay, that explains everything." He then turned to watch the popcorn contest.

Peach and Sheik were in another room, both staring at each other with competition looks. They both smirked at each other.

Peach chuckled. "Let's see how you can master…this!" She let out a good fart, 4 seconds to be exact.

Sheik scoffed. "Oh yeah?" He then farted 2 times in one go.

Peach growled, and then she let out a loud fart that could easily kill any flower.

Sheik then performed 10 farts in one go, which made Peach jealous and caused her to do 12 more powerful farts. The two human characters continued farting for several minutes, until finally, they both collapsed.

"Gasp…gasp…" Sheik wheezed, "Peach…I'm sorry I doubted you. You ARE the better farter."

Peach smiled weakly. "Thanks…you're…not…bad…yourself…" She was knocked unconscious by the gassy fumes, as well as Sheik.

Back with the popcorn eating contest…

Link, after eating all the cheddar popcorn at a slow pace, has become full and fell off his chair. May and Roy, despite eating two full bowls of popcorn, are still going at it like wild hyenas. Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser looked at each other.

"Well, Link is out, and it seems that May and Roy are determined to win," Master Hand said.

"Yup." Crazy hand shortly added.

Giga Bowser nodded and folded his arms. "You got a good point, master Hand, but what will happen if they tie?"

Master Hand sighs. "Well have to see for ourselves…"

Giga Bowser and Crazy Hand nodded, as they resumed watching May and Roy eat the popcorn at rapid speeds.

Brock was looking a small book he was holding. Misty came up to him.

"Hey Brock, What'cha lookin at?" Misty asked.

Brock jumped up a bit, startled. He replied, "Err nothing! Nothing at all!"

"LET ME SEE IT!" Misty shouted.

"NO!" Brock shouted back in defense.

"C'MON!" Misty shouted, as she tries to take Brock's book.

Brock was angered now. "I SAID NO!" He slapped Misty right in the face.

Misty started crying, right when Ash and Max appeared.

"What's goin' on here?" The two boys both shouted.

Misty looked up at Ash and Max, still sobbing. "Well...Brock has...a...book...he doesn't...want me...to see...so he...he...he HIT me."

"WHAT?" Max exclaimed angrily.

Ash tackles Brock to the ground, and the book falls out. "Let's see what this book REALLY is." Ash says, picking up the book.

Brock sweatdropped. "Uh oh…he's on to my secret…"

Ash examines the book to find out that it's a book FILLED with training secrets and other stuff like that. Ash is now fuming with rage, and glared at Brock, yelling, "SO! THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW MORE THAN ME! YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING BACK ALL THESE YEARS! AND YOU HIT MISTY! THAT'S IT! YOU'RE OUT OF THIS TEAM!"


Ash fumed. "THAT'S IT!" He sent out his Sceptile to attack Brock, and a few seconds later, Sceptile uses his bushy tail to knock Brock down onto the ground.

Brock, now moaning weakly, looks up and growls. "I HATE you Ash. I'll leave, but mark my words. You haven't seen the last of me! I'll be back!" He then walks off, weakly.

Silver The Hedgehog panted as he squinted, glancing up to see the Smash mansion in the distance towards the southeast, being in the small haunted forest jetting out of Nintendo City as he stood back up, clearing his throat as he stretched his arms.

"Right, time to go and delivery some pizzas!" Silver exclaimed as he headed towards the mansion, only to trip down the hill as he screamed, spindashing downward as the cardboard boxes of pizzas dropped out of his grasp, with Silver crashing into a tree as he groaned in pain.

Waluigi was running across 64's Final Destination as he beat up Master Hand with ease, jumping into Melee's Final Destination and badly damaging Giga Bowser as he warped his way into Brawl's Final Destination and beat the lviing hell out of Tabuu, laughing as he raised his fists like a mad man, tilting his head back.

"Waluigi is every Smasher! Waluigi IS Best Smasher! WAH!" Waluigi exclaimed as he then began running again, jumping into the warp leading into Smash Bros 4's Final Destination, deciding to tear apart the entire stage as he was looking for more mayhem.

To Be Continued...mwahahaha...