NOTE: This is a sequal to "Just A Story". So, if you haven't read that fic yet, you might get a little confused by reading this one. Though, if you don't want to read the other one first, I'm sure you can figure out what happened (Kari kind of summarizes what happened a little.). Enjoy!

Just A Story: The Sequal

Who says you can't stay with your first love? Who said there isn't a forever? Who ever said that you'll always get your heart broken? I haven't, and I don't think I will ever. Many boys have liked me. I made them know I didn't like them. I made them know I was with someone else. A year ago, I told my story, my truth. I told him that I liked him. Hearts were broken; love was found. The truth is a wonderful thing. A secret was held inside me, but I told it. I was once frail and sick. I was once a person who would hide all her thoughts. Not anymore, that isn't me. Things change when you have someone to share your life with. Things happen when you are yourself. Never will I get a broken heart. Never will I get hurt. I discovered I am as strong as I want to be. That I am the only person holding me back. I can change who I am, but I didn't have to. The truth must be told, and that is what I did. What did I get out of it? A couple of fights, some new friends, and great memories. Although those aren't the best. The best thing that happened from telling the truth, my truth, my story, was getting the love of my life. Getting the only person I could see myself with. I found love.

A year is a long time. Not many things have changed for me. Here is the next chapter, you could say, of my life. The sequel to my truth. The next part…

"I can't believe we're in 8th grade," I smiled at T.K. and Davis.

"I can't believe Yolei is in high school," T.K. said.

"It will be fine. We've made it this far. Nothing can hold us back," Davis told us.

"Kari!" Cody yelled as he ran up to us.

Let me fill you in. It has been a year since I told everyone my story. Davis and I are still boyfriend and girlfriend, none of that changed. Cody is now in 7th grade and is 13 now. Yolei is in high school, a 9th grader, she's 15. Davis, T.K., and myself are now 14. We are now in the 8th grade. Ken is 15 too, he also moved onto high school, 9th grade. Tai, Izzy, Sora, Matt, and Mimi are now 17 and moved onto the 11th grade. Now, for Joe, he's in college. He's 18 and studying to be a doctor. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Willis! He's 14 too and in the 8th grade. All our other friends have grown a year older. Sidney is now 17 and she's still with Matt. Lilly wasn't talked about much, but she's still with Joe. Jordan and Ken are going out still; she's going to the high school by Ken instead of her schooling being here still. Willis and Hanna are together! Now, we can't forget about the twins K.C. and Terry. K.C. broke Cody's heart, but he got over it. He's now going out with a girl named Liz. She's also in 7th grade and is 13. Matt is still into the music thing, and he's doing great. Izzy, well, he's still a compute wiz…That will never change! Tai is still into soccer, and Davis is too. I'm still into photography; did I even mention that before? T.K. is still trying to be a basketball all-star. Yolei is still into technology stuff, just like Izzy. Cody tells the truth, and only the truth, that's not going to change. Sora still plays tennis. Mimi, lets just say she always wants me to take her picture. She really likes the modeling thing, but she said she'd never be one. Ken is playing soccer still, and he's trying not to be so serious. Things haven't changed that much.

"Cody, what is it?" I asked.

"Yolei…Wants…To see…You…Before she…Leaves," Cody gasped.

"Yolei's here? Why didn't you tell us?" T.K. wondered.

"I was out of breath," he answered.

"Lets go, I want to see her in her school uniform," I walked to the doors that led outside.

"Guys! Over here!" Yolei waved us down.

"Wow, you look great in the uniform," I told her.

"It makes me feel old," she said.

"You look fine…Kari, you have got to see Mimi!" Sora smiled.

"Oh, she has to wear the uniform to!" I laughed.

"Green isn't my color!" Mimi whined.

"You guys look great," Davis told them.

"It just makes me sad that I'll be leaving this school, and my friends," Yolei stared at us.

"Oh, great, now we aren't her friends," Sora smiled.

"You haven't said much T.K.," I pointed.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, right Kari," T.K. softly said.

"Do you have any clue what she just said?" Davis wondered.

"We better get going. Have fun in high school Yolei. I'll talk to you later," T.K. didn't hear Davis.

"Sora, Mimi, I'll find my way…I need to talk to T.K.," Yolei shooed them.

"We better get going," I smiled at Davis.

"No, I need to talk to all of you," she stopped us.

"Err, um, what?" Davis questioned.

"I know things are going to be different now, but we'll always be friends," Yolei smiled.

"Right," Davis and I agreed.

"T.K.? You seem different," Yolei pointed out.

"It's just going to be weird with you not here," he told her.

"I better get going. We'll talk more after school," she decided and quickly kissed T.K. on the cheek. Then, she rushed away.

"See you later," T.K. looked sad.

"Lets go," I decided as we walked into the school.

We walked into our classroom.

"Welcome! Please state your names," the teacher immediately.

"Kari," I said.

"Full name," she requested.

"Hikari Kamiya," I tried to smile.

"Daisuke Motomiya," Davis politely said.

"And you?" the teacher looked at T.K.

"Takeru Takaishi," T.K. smiled.

"Now, if you have any nicknames, I'm ready to hear them," she told us.

"I would like to be called Kari," I smiled.

"I prefer to be called T.K.," T.K. informed her.

"Oh, Davis is what I like to be called," Davis looked clueless.

"Take a seat," the teacher pointed to three desks.

"I have a feeling she isn't going to be nice," Davis whispered.

"I'm not that sure if she is a she," T.K. smiled.

"I am Mrs. Shing. I'll be your teacher for your 8th grade school year. I will treat you with respect as long as you do the same towards me," Mrs. Shing introduced herself.

"She is a she," Davis whispered.

"And right now, some people aren't giving me respect!" the teacher snapped.

Everyone looked at Davis. He started to blush.

"I think she's waiting for you to say sorry," I hinted.

"Oh! Sorry ma'am!" Davis smiled.

"Davis, right? Mr. Motomiya, I am your teacher, right?" Mrs. Shing asked.

"Yes," Davis looked nervous.

"And you should show respect towards me, right?"


"Then why were you talking when I was talking?"

"Um…It's a bad habit?"

"That is no excuse! I have some rules in my classroom. If you don't respect me, I don't call you by your nicknames. Now, Davis, I'll give you a second chance, but if you talk when I am…I'll be calling you Daisuke!" Mrs. Shing explained.

"Right ma'am!" Davis looked scared.

"Now, lets get to know one another. On the first day, I let you talk for the whole class period. Get to know your class mates…I'll be back in a couple of minutes," Mrs. Shing left the classroom.

"What a jerk! Who would suffer people with her?" I questioned.

"Sorry, I over heard your comment. I agree with you. My brother had her, and he ended up being called Daniel Lee the whole year," a girl told me.

"Really? What did he like to be called?" I asked.

"Danny. Anyways, my name is Allison Amber. Al for short," she smiled.

"Well, my name is Hikari Kamiya, but most people call me Kari. This is my friend Takeru Takaishi, but we call him T.K. Oh, and this is my boyfriend, Daisuke Motomiya, but we usually call him Davis. It's nice to meet you," I told Al.

"It's nice to meet you guys!" Al said.

"I've never seen you in this school before," T.K. pointed out.

"I went to a different school. I just moved to this town. I live with my mom, while my older brother lives with my dad. Now that I live closer to him, I'll finally get to know him better," Al explained.

"You mom and dad got a divorce?" T.K. wondered.


"That's weird. I just moved here last year with my mom…I'm going through the same thing. I even have an older brother," he smiled.

"That is weird, but rather funny!" she laughed.

"So, you don't have any friends around here?" I asked.

"No, do you have any other friends?" Al questioned.

"Our friend Cody Hida is in the 7th grade. Then we have our friend Yolei Inoue who is in the 9th grade. Also, there is my brother Tai Kamiya, T.K.'s brother Matt Ishida, and our other friends Mimi Tachikawa, Izzy Izumi, and Sora Takenouchi are in 11th grade. Finally, we have Joe Kido who is in college," I told her.

"Wow, you have a lot of friends," Al smiled.

"Kari didn't mention Ken Ichijouji who is in 9th grade, but he lives in a different town. We also have Willis who is the same grade as us, but he lives in America. Of course we have a bunch of other people, but I'll just name them. Sidney, Jordan, Terry, K.C., um…Lilly, who we don't know very well…And Liz, which we also don't know that well!" Davis laughed.

"Really? You guys are packed with friends, even with people from another country!" Al laughed.

"Is that a compliment?" I wondered.

"Sure! Anyways, is there anything I should know about this school?" she questioned.

"Davis and T.K. are off limits. I think that's all," I smiled.

"Why?" Al asked.

"Davis is my boyfriend," I said.

"And T.K.?"

"Yolei is my girlfriend," T.K. smiled.

"Oh, you like the older women…I see!" Al laughed.

"Not really," he started to blush.

The classroom door opened. A head popped in, it was Izzy.

"Izzy?" I was puzzled.

"Hey Kari! How's school?" Izzy asked.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned.

"Hey! You're the guy I heard about! The person that always fixes the computers at this school!" Al pointed out.

"I prefer to be called Izzy," he smiled.

"Wait, why are you here?" I asked again.

"Oh, right! Tai wanted me to give you this. Also, I received a call from Ken. He wants you guys to meet him at his house after school," Izzy handed me a piece of paper.

"Thanks Izzy. I guess you should get going," I smiled.

"No problem. Oh, Mrs. Shing…I feel sorry for you. I'll give you this advice; don't talk when she's in the room and you won't get in trouble," he said.

"You could have told me that before we got here!" Davis yelled.

"Yeah, Daisuke already got in trouble with her," T.K. laughed.

"Right, I better get going…And Daisuke is better than being called Koushiro Izumi all year long! Or Taichi Kamiya!" Izzy smiled as he opened the door.

"If it isn't Koushiro Izumi!" Mrs. Shing said as she walked into the classroom.

"Great," Izzy mumbled.

"That is the attitude that made me call you by that name."

Izzy looked away.

"You are in high school, why are you here?" Mrs. Shing demanded.

"I had to drop something off to Kari," Izzy smiled.

"Are you her brother?"


"Then you have no reason to be here."

"I was dropping it off for her brother."


"Tai Kamiya."

"Taichi," I could hear the anger in Mrs. Shing's voice.

"Have fun with 8th grade guys. I got to go!" Izzy ran out of the room.

"Walk Koushiro Izumi!" Mrs. Shing yelled to him.


"This will be an interesting year," Mrs. Shing smiled.

Davis, T.K., Al, and I sat back in our seat.

"I've decided to let you out early seeming that the high school got out early too," Mrs. Shing said.

"Really?" a boy asked.

"Yes, leave now before I change my mind," she told us.

Everyone ran out the door.

"Walk!" she yelled at us.

"Now what?" Davis asked as we walked outside the school building.

"Well, if the high school students got out, lets go find them!" I smiled.

"I have to go find Danny. I'll talk to you guys later," Al told us.

"You can come with us," T.K. offered.

"I was just going to call him," Al said as she pulled out a cell phone.

"That works even better," Davis laughed.

"You guys can call your friends afterwards if you would like," she decided.

"Thanks," T.K. smiled.

"Hello?…Danny, it's Al…I got out of school early…Meet me outside my school…Thanks, I'll see you in a couple of minutes," Al was on her phone.

"Done?" Davis asked.

"Here," she offered Davis the phone.

"Thanks Al," Davis took the phone and handed it to me.

"Does Kari have to do everything for you?" Al wondered.

"No, I don't want to talk to Izzy," Davis smiled.

"Hey Izzy, it's Kari!" I was on the phone.

"Oh, hey Kari. Where are you? Why are you on the phone? Did you skip school?" Izzy asked.

"No, no! I'm on my friend Al's cell phone. We got out of school early. Bring everyone to our school. We'll meet here," I decided.

"Oh, ok. Um, is Al a new guy friend?"

"Izzy! Al is short for Allison! I can't believe you sometimes."

"Sorry, we better get going. Be there soon Kari," Izzy hung up his phone.

"See you," I did the same.

"He thought I was a guy! Thanks," Al smiled.

"They'll be here soon," I told everyone.

"Hey! There's Danny!" Al waved to her brother.

"Hey Al, how was school?" Danny questioned.

"Rather fun!" Al smiled and looked at us.

"Already got some friends? Good for you," he said.

"Hi, I'm Kari Kamiya," I smiled at him.

"And I'm Davis Motomiya," Davis said.

"My name is T.K. Takaishi," T.K. introduced himself.

"Kamiya…Are you Tai's little sister?" Danny asked me.

"Yes," I started to blush.

"Tai was in my 8th grade class…But we called him Taichi Kamiya the whole year because he talked a lot," Danny explained.

"Then, you must know Izzy Izumi," I guessed.

"Yeah, I know him. We had to call him Koushiro Izumi because of Tai. Tai got a lot of people in trouble. I was amazed he passed the class!" he laughed.

"Who else was in your class?" T.K. asked.

"Well…We had Sora Takenouchi, she was a cutie! There was Matt Ishida, the rock star. I think the ones I named were the trouble makers," Danny told us.

"Did you have a girl named Jennifer in your class?" I questioned.

"Jenny? She was in my class for half of the year, but she was put in a different class after something happened," Danny looked at the ground.

"Did you know what she did to Izzy that year?" I wondered.

"Ah, yes…That jerk of a girl asked Izzy out to take advantage of him. It was shameful to do that to Izzy. I didn't know she was like that, she was pretty nice when I went out with her. That's why she had to go into a different class, when I broke up with her. She kind of became crazy," Danny explained.

"Wow…That's pretty weird," Al said.

"Kari! Who are you talking to!" Tai yelled at me.

"Is that Taichi?" Danny laughed.

"Kari, who are these people?" Tai demanded.

"You don't remember me? It's Danny Lee," Danny smiled.

"As in Daniel Lee?" Tai asked.

"It was your fault I was called that the whole year," he complained.

"Ok, then who's the girl?" Tai requested.

"My name is Allison Amber, Al for short. I'm Danny's sister," Al smiled.

"You have a sister?" Tai was confused.

"Yeah, she just moved here. She lived in a different town with my mother. It was because of a divorce. I went with my dad and stayed here, and Al left with my mom," Danny explained.

"Sounds a lot like T.K. and Matt," Tai pointed out.

"Matt, as in Yamato Ishida? Rock star Matt?" Danny wondered.

"Yeah," I answered for Tai.

"Where are the others anyways? I wanted to talk to Yolei," T.K. said.

"They walk slow, give them another minute," Tai told us.

"Are you friends with Sora still? I would love to see her again. She was a cutie in the 8th grade. I would like to see her sweet smile again," Danny smiled.

"Sora is more than my friend!" Tai yelled.

"You and Sora are going out! That's hard to believe seeming that you always got her mad. If she was to go out with anyone from 8th grade, I would have thought Matt! They really hit it off," Danny laughed.

"Well, Sora is with me! Matt has his own girlfriend…And Sora never liked Matt. She always liked me, me, and did I mention me?" Tai was irritated.

"Sorry Taichi! Gosh, you're sure into yourself," Danny said.

Al, T.K., Davis, and I were laughing at all of this.

I saw Izzy and the others walking up towards us.

"What's so funny?" Izzy questioned.

I pointed at Danny and Tai.

"Is that Daniel Lee!" Sora asked.

"Yeah, that's Danny, that's my brother," Al smiled.

"Oh my gosh!" Sora walked over to him.

"Where is Cody?" Yolei asked us.

"Oh no! We never looked for him!" I was shocked.

"That's ok, T.K. and I will go look for him," Yolei smiled as they walked away.

"How was the first day of school?" Mimi asked.

"Lets just say you were very lucky to be in America for the 8th grade," I smiled.

"That bad?" Izzy laughed.

"I think we can all agree that the best part was getting out of there," Al said.

"And, who's this?" Mimi questioned.

"My name's Al, that's short for Allison," she smiled.

"Al? Isn't that a guy's name?" Mimi looked puzzled.

"It was the nickname my brother, Danny, gave me," she explained.

"You guys were lucky to get out early. I know I hated 8th grade with Mrs. Shing. I also hated being called Koushiro Izumi the whole year," Izzy said.

"Wasn't that the year that Jennifer did that terrible stuff to you?" Mimi questioned.

"I almost forgot about her. I haven't talked to her or about her for the past year. It feels weird for you to bring her up," Izzy looked at Mimi.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was a subject you didn't want to talk about," Mimi frowned.

"It's ok Mimi! It's just- Huh?" Izzy's phone started to ring.

"Answer it Izzy!" I yelled.

"Hello?…Joe?…Yeah…By the middle school…Yeah, you can bring Lilly…Bye," Izzy hung up.

"What was that about?" Davis wondered.

"Joe and Lilly will be stopping by. They don't start school until tomorrow," Izzy replied.

"Ah!" I heard yelling in the distance.

"Did anyone else hear that yelling?" I asked.

"It sounded like Sidney," Izzy said.

"It is Sidney!" Davis pointed.

Sidney was running away from a bunch of dogs. "Ah!"

"Shouldn't we help her?" I asked.

"Come on, I know how to stop those stupid dogs," Al took my arm and ran to where the dogs were.

"Ah!" Sidney ran behind me.

"Stop!" Al yelled at the dogs.

The dogs stopped dead in their tracks.

"They take good command," I said.

"Go!" Al pointed in the other direction and the dogs left.

"Oh, thank you," Sidney smiled.

"No problem; why were they chasing you?" Al asked.

"I don't know. I was just walking from the high school, and they started to chase me," Sidney said.

"Well, I can tell that you had a nice first day," I smiled.

"Oh, shut up!" Sidney frowned.

"Come on the others are over here," I started to walk away.

"Hold up! Who's the new girl?"

"Call me Al, that's short for Allison," Al smiled.

"Now, we can go," Sidney walked.

"Hey Sidney," Matt smiled as we walked up.

"You look horrible Sid. What happened?" Tai asked.

"I was getting chased by dog!" Sidney yelled.

"Come on. I'll show you to the bathroom," Matt offered.

"No, I'll be fine, thanks to Kari's new friend," Sidney decided.

"It was nothing. I did some dog training when I was ten," Al told us.

"And, who's this guy?" Sidney asked pointing at Danny.

"My name is Daniel Lee, but most people just call me Danny. And, what is your name?" he smiled.

"My name is Sidney. It is a pleasure to meet you," Sidney blushed.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. Tai sure has a lot of cute friends," Danny told her.

"Yeah, yeah, back off!" Matt yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you already have a boyfriend? I shouldn't have been flirting in the first place. It's a bad habit of mine!" Danny laughed.

"Yeah, she has a boyfriend…And it's me!" Matt shouted.

"I said sorry! I think being a rock star got to your head!" Danny was yelling now.

"Well, don't be flirting with my girl!"

"I didn't know she was yours!"

"I never did like you!"

"I wouldn't even be talking Yamato!"

"Don't even try to act smart Daniel Lee!"

"Guys! Cut it out!" Sidney screamed.

"Sorry Sidney. You're right, I shouldn't being arguing with this bonehead," Matt agreed.

"At least I'm not a hothead!" Danny said.

"I think you need a time out Danny!" Al walked over to him.

"I'm the older brother, you shouldn't be telling me what to do," Danny complained.

"Oh, you complain to much!" she said.

"Do you fight a lot with your brother?" I asked Al.

"Not really, Danny can be a real…Um…Jerk around other people sometimes," Al explained.

"Come on Al, we better get home. Mom wanted you to come right home after school," Danny said.

"I better get going. Tell T.K. that I said bye. See you tomorrow!" Al smiled as they left.

"Does anyone know when Ken gets out of school?" I asked.

"I believe they have a normal school day. I would just call and ask," Izzy threw me his cell phone.

"Call who?"

"His cell phone! Or his parents," Izzy smiled.

"I'll go with the first option," I decided.

Izzy nodded his head.

I dialed the number. After five rings, I decided to give up.

"I think you'll need to go to option two," Izzy laughed.

I dialed Ken's home number.

"Hello?" Ken's mother answered.

"Hello Mrs. Ichijouji, it's Kari," I said.

"Hello Kari. Ken isn't home yet."

"I figured that out when he didn't answer his cell phone. I was wondering if you could tell me when he would be home."

"He gets out of school at 3PM. I'm not that sure when he'll be home though. He's been hanging out with Jordan a lot."

"Well…I'll call his cell at three. When he gets home, could you tell him to give me a call?"

"Sure, does he have your number?"

"Yeah, and if he doesn't reach me there, tell him to try Izzy's cell phone," I decided.

"I'll do that Kari, bye," she hung up the phone.

I walked over to Izzy and the others.

"How did it go?" Izzy asked me.

"He gets out of school at three, I'll call his cell phone then. If I don't reach him, Ken's mom will ask him to call me when he gets home," I explained.

"He wants us to come over, yet he doesn't even know when he's going to be home," Davis said.

I saw Yolei, T.K., Cody, and Liz walking out of the school.

"Ken's pretty busy," I smiled.

"What? With Jordan?" Davis laughed.

"Hey guys!" Cody waved to us.

"Hi Cody, about time you got here," I said.

"Sorry, I didn't know the 7th grade was going to be so crazy."

"It isn't that bad," Davis smiled.

"Now, wait until 8th grade," I laughed.

"I didn't like the sound of that," Cody said.

"Don't worry, Cody is a smart guy, he won't talk when the teacher is talking," Izzy told us.

"You have Mrs. Shing!" Yolei started to laugh.

"It isn't that funny," T.K. said.

"With the way Davis talks, you'll be called by your full names before next week!" she smiled.

"Maybe we'll just tape his mouth shut," T.K. decided.

"That's real nice. How about you guys try not talking," Izzy thought.

"Davis, not talking, that's funny," T.K. smiled.

"It just takes patients," Liz jumped in.

"Davis isn't a patient person," Yolei said.

"Then, maybe you should try the tape," Liz giggled.

"Did you ever read that piece of paper from Tai?" Izzy asked me.

"I'm being very forgetful today," I said as I took the paper out of my pocket.

I looked at the piece of paper.


I just remembered that your teacher is going to be Mrs. Shing. What ever you do, don't mention my name or our relationship! I was a troublemaker in 8th grade. If she knew we were related, she'll be really hard on you. Have fun!


"Now he warns me," I handed the piece of paper to Izzy.

"I blew that for you," Izzy frowned.

"I'll manage," I smiled.

"I feel sorry for you guys, I'm glad all of my friends are younger and older than me," Yolei said.

"Thank you for your sympathy," Davis said sarcastically.

"That was a big word for you," Yolei smiled.

"Davis was never the smartest, but we should give him a little credit," I told them.

"Kari, you're talking about a guy that couldn't even spell T.K.," T.K. reminded me.

"And don't forget the thing about him thinking the date was a fraction," Cody remembered.

"Cody, be nice, even the stupidest people have their time…Not that I'm calling Davis stupid or anything," Liz smiled.

"Was that a compliment?" Davis asked.

"Uh, yes," she said.

"Look who's coming," Cody softly said as he pointed at K.C. and Terry.

"You say that in a bad way," I said.

Cody looked angry.

"Things change Cody, people can't always be the way you want them to be," Izzy told him.

"I will never forget that day she broke my heart. Everyone got what they wanted, but I didn't. You got Mimi, Kari got her I love you. I was left in the dark! My world was crushed. She didn't even care about what she had done. She thought I was fine. She was wrong!" Cody yelled.

"It will be ok," Liz tried to comfort him.

"Hey Cody," K.C. said as she walked to us.

"Hi," Cody coldly said.

"How have things been going?" she questioned.

"Good, real good," Cody smiled.

"You don't look very good. What's wrong?" K.C. wondered.

"Nothing is wrong K.C., I am perfectly fine!" he snapped.

"It's ok to cry once in a while, it's ok to show your feelings," I whispered to him.

"We better get going K.C. Mom will want us right home," Terry said.

"Bye Cody," K.C. started to walk away.

"Bye person who didn't care that she broke my heart," Cody said.

Terry turned around and walked back towards us.

"Cody, I know my sister broke your heart, but you need to get over it. You're with someone else, and I doubt she wants to hear about a girl who broke your heart. Get over it, you can't get K.C., and you know you don't want her," Terry told Cody.

"How do you know what I want?" Cody questioned.

"It's been a year since those actions I made. I've changed myself, I'm much smarter. Get over K.C., and get back to reality," she started to walk away.

"You know she's right," I said.

"I'm sorry about that," Cody frowned.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Cody. We need to have an honest relationship," Liz smiled.

"Right," he agreed.

"The funny thing is, Terry really has changed," Izzy told us.

"You'd never think that was possible," I smiled.

"It is funny!" Cody started to laugh.

"See, we got him to laugh," Liz pointed out.

"You're great Liz!" Cody started to blush.

"I better get home though, see you guys later," she decided.

"I'll walk you home if you want me to," Cody offered.

Liz nodded her head and smiled.

They walked off.

"I have to talk to Mimi, see you," Izzy walked off.

"Oh, T.K. I have to show you something, come on," Yolei told him.

"Ok, sure," T.K. said as he followed her.