Sinister Charm and Deception

Chapter 1

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A/N: Okay, this is a fanfic I've been planning to write about two months ago. During the whole time, I've gathered notes and fanfiction ideas to spice up this story. The beginning may seem slow-progressed at first, but the plot will gradually reveal itself as the story progresses. If all goes well, and if reviewers request it, I may write a sequel, but that's far from now.

Summary: They all talked about how Harry saved Ginny and ended the Heir of Slytherin's horror reign over Hogwarts. But remember when Harry was about to strike the Basilisk Fang through Tom Riddle's diary? This is my take on what could've happened if Harry never got a chance to strike it though fully.

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Chapter 1: A PhanTOM Riddle

Droplets of water echoed throughout the Chamber. The serpentine eyes of the snake statues seemed to follow the slow and weakening movements of a 12 yr. old boy as he struggled to breath.

The basilisk venom is swiftly traveling through his bloodstream. With every second that's ticking by, Harry Potter's line of vision is getting dimmer and dimmer. Tom's words of how he'll die here drowned out, Harry suddenly got an epiphany. Reaching for the Basilisk Fang beside him, he took hold of it, and started opening the front of Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary…

Ginny's eyes flew open, as if she somehow they sensed the diary opening. Doing her best to prevent the spell of sleep from overcoming her again, she sat up and watched the scene unravel with dazed horror in her chocolate brown eyes.

Tom was so caught up in his 'speech of horrific glory', that he didn't even notice Ginny was awake. Heck, he didn't even notice that Harry was slowly lifting the Basilisk Fang toward the diary until it was almost too late.

"No, what are you doing? Stop!"

Ginny looked at Harry, who hadn't noticed her either, to the diary on the damp floor, her mind still a bit cloudy. Then like lightning, it hit her what Harry was about to do.

Harry plunged the Basilisk Fang into the diary, but in a flash of red hair, it was gone. He looked up and saw Tom screaming in agony, but what really got his attention was the sight of Ginny cradling the diary like it's the only thing that ever mattered to her, tears pooling at her eyes.

"Ginny! Thank god you're alive! I thought I lost you! Give me the diary, Ginny! We can finish him off for good and end this chain of horror!"

Ginny, her lips trembling shook her head no and clutched the diary closer to her chest. No doubt in Harry's mind that she wasn't going to give it to her. But why? Tom Riddle was the one sacrificing her to save himself so why was she is still protecting him? Harry looked back to Tom and was shocked to see that the hole that had appeared on Tom's chest a few seconds ago had healed itself.

Ginny, shaking with fear, confusion and anger looked from Tom to Harry. What should she do? Who should she save? She could just hand the diary to Harry and he could put an end to all the petrifying and horrors in the school. Is that what she wanted?

But another part of her is keeping her from acting out what she should do. That part of Ginny Weasley is the part of her that adores Tom to no end. The part that worships him and admires him. He was the only person who has ever truly understood her. He was sympathetic and compassionate, always the shoulder to cry on and the one who helps her with her homework when she doesn't understand a thing…

Ginny vaguely remembered the time when he was the only person she cared about. None of her family and friends seemed to empathize with her as much as Tom did…


Ginny walked somberly back into her dormitory. Her brothers always seemed like they were too busy for her. Ron was chatting with Harry and Hermione, Fred and George were busy with their usual pranks and inventions, and Percy, perfect Percy, had prefect duties to attend to. Charlie and Bill weren't even there to talk to her, and she still hasn't gotten her letter back from Charlie yet. The one she wrote in the beginning of the year.

No one ever had time for her.

But he always does. He was always there for her. Always there to talk to her, console her, help her and offer her advice.

Ginny knew that it would make her terribly mean, selfish and unfair to think this, but Tom would make such a better older brother to her than her real brothers. He was so much more understanding and sympathetic, taking her seriously like she was the most important thing in his life…

Ginny walked towards her bed and reached for a small dainty-looking black diary. It had the initials, Tom M. Riddle engraved in gold on the back lower right corner. This little black diary is her best friend and confidant. She delicately opened the front cover and took out an inkbottle and a quill. Almost as if he sensed her presence upon opening the diary, Tom Riddle's elegant cursive writing began to form on the front page.

Hello, sweetie, and how are you today?

Ginny felt a blush streak across her face as she imagined him actually saying that with a welcoming smile on his face. She always had a queer sensation in the pit of her stomach whenever he called her 'sweetie'. The first time he had called her that, Ginny insisted that he call her by her name instead, because somehow she always had the image of a husband and a wife pop up in her mind whenever she heard that word.

Ginny could never picture Tom and her fulfilling that image. She always thought of them as two friends who both had either little to no friends in school. Oh well, birds of a feather must stick together. That wasn't to say that she doesn't have the world's most microscopic crush on him. Especially after he had shown her a memory.

But nonetheless, Tom refused and said that he thought the nickname suited her rather well. Ginny had no choice but to tolerate that.

She hastily scribbled to write her reply, trying to imitate his same graceful handwriting. Aaargh! Ginny, you must stop trying to impress him! This crush has gone on long enough! He is 5 years older than you!

Oh, just the same thing everyday, Tom. Ron's always hanging out with Harry and his girlfriend-Ginny couldn't help herself-and Fred and George are showing off again.

Oh my goodness! It looks like I wrote this in the middle of an earthquake for god's sake!

Well, they're with their friends now, and they are busy with their homework. But they still love you, darling. Your brothers may not have the time to spend with you like they usually did over the summer, but that doesn't mean that they're oblivious to the fact that you still exist.

Darling? Oh, why does he have to call me that? I always feel so flustered when that word appears! But perhaps he knows that I secretly like it…

You're right Tom. I'm so glad that I have you to confine in. No one understands me like you do…

Thank you, sweetie. Your writing seems a bit slanted. Are you tired? Maybe you should lie down and rest.

I do feel a bit sleepy right now. I don't know why, but this always seems to happen whenever I'm writing in here. Maybe it's because I feel so relaxed.

That must be it. Sleep now, little Ginny. We can talk more when you're refreshed.

Okay. Bye Tom.

Adieu princess…

-End Flashback-

One single tear rolled down her rosy cheeks. Ginny had a distant wistful smile on her face. I must look crazy like that. Ginny thought. Sitting here with my hair all messed up, hugging the possession of the enemy like its some treasure and having a smile on my face. But nonetheless Ginny dare not moved. She knew without a doubt that Tom was angry. Very angry. And there was no telling what he would do if he was angry.

Tom, seeing as how his demise was almost met, immediately cast 'Obliviate' on Harry. Ginny, her legs frozen with fear could only stare as Harry had a blank look in his brilliant green eyes. So unlike Tom's. She thought. Ack! Ginny Weasley, what the heck are you doing comparing eye colors at a time like this!

"What did you cast on him?"

Tom seemed to have finally noticed that Ginny was awake. He seemed quite surprised to say the least, but he quickly covered that up.

"Sweetie, lay down and go back to sleep. This does not concern you." Tom Riddled replied coldly, sneering.

Ginny glared at him and retorted. "Yes it bloody does! He is my friend and I want to know what you did to him! Tell me or I'll use my wand and cast-"

"-a simple first year stunning spell that I could easily block and backfire back to you in a heartbeat. And what will you do then, sweetie? Hmmm?"


"At a lost for words, aren't we little Ginny?" Smirked Tom as he twiddled with his own wand while walking towards her.

"T-Tom, w-what's going with you? You're fading!" Ginny cried pointing to him. Tom stopped in his tracks and looked down. "Oh, bloody hell!" He growled as his physical form began to grow transparent.

"Er, Tom? I think you better go back into your diary…" Ginny suggested.

"Um, not to be rude or anything, but…where am I?" A confused Harry asked, looking around. "And…OW! Why does my arm hurt so much?" Suddenly Fawkes appeared beside him, healing him with his tears.

"Hey, thanks for that!" Harry smiled at Fawkes, though he had no idea who it was.

"Harry! You're okay! I thought Tom had cast some kind of harmful spell, since you were sitting there so still and shocked!" Ginny said with relief as she hugged him.

Something flickered in Tom's eyes at the sight of Ginny hugging his most hated enemy. Was it hatred? Pain? Or what he feared to be most of all, jealousy? Tom shivered. Nonsense! Jealous of some fool like Potter? Never!

He coughed, trying to get their attention.

"Ginny, how is it that you're awake? Didn't you feel exhausted when I made you come down here?"

"How am I suppose to know that?" Ginny shot back, her face red when she finally realized whom she was hugging.

"Um, because you're you?"

"Damn straight I am!"

Tom sighed. "Such foul language, Ginny Weasley!" Tom admonished, shaking his wand at her disapprovingly.

Ginny was about to use more when a low keening cry caught all of their attention. Fawkes the phoenix came swooping down over to them and landed again. Tom began fading more than ever now. "Harry, we must get out here!" Ginny warned.

"My name is Harry?"


Fawkes waved its tail feathers, telling them to grab hold of them. "I heard from somewhere that phoenixes could carry immense loads. Harry, grab onto my hand!" Ginny told him. Harry did so; still unsure of what's going on.

Ginny grabbed onto Fawkes's tail and he takes off, leaving a fading Tom Riddle behind, the last thing Ginny heard from Tom was, "Why did you let me live?"


A/N: Well, there you go. The first chapter. Things were rushed a teensy weensy bit, but I read it over and over and everything seemed logical enough.

But now you know, Tom Riddle did NOT die because Harry only plunged the very tip of the Basilisk Fang into the diary before Ginny grabbed it.