When It Rain's It Pours

Chapter 1

"RAIN!" Dean screamed as he saw the flat-line. "RAIN!"

"Sir, you have to calm down. Sit down and breath." The nurse said as Dean went to Rain's bed-side.

"You have to help her! Please help her!" Dean looked at the doctor that had stopped working on his sister. "Don't stop! You have to save her! You have to!"

"I'm sorry. We did all we could. Her injuries were too massive. There is nothing more we can do." Dean didn't know what to do. His sister dead? No.

"No! She's not dead! She's not dead! Please. There has to be something else you can try? Anything?" Dean was begging this doctor to work a miracle.

"I'm sorry. It's over. She's gone." Dean looked at Rain's body. She was blue, but her eyes were closed. He went and sat next to her and took her hand into his. She was ice cold.

"Raindrop. Why? You can't leave me this way. You can't." He put his head on her chest and cried. "Rain please wake up. Please don't die. Sam and me need you. Please!" He looked up just in time to get a punch to the face. He flew into the wall and crashed to the floor. He looked in fear as his sister stood before him. "But your dead?"

"Am I? Haven't noticed." Her voice was different, evil. She sounded dead. "What's wrong big brother? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Dean couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He was scared of her, terrified. Dean looked at the door as Sam came running in. He took one look at Rain and stopped dead. "Nice of you to join us Sammy. Hate for you to miss this." Rain bend down and pick up Dean by the throat. "You know I love you right Dean?" With that and a kiss to the cheek she broke his neck. His eyes went dark as she threw him at Sam. Sam moved just as Dean's body crashed into the machines that were once keeping Rain alive. Sam turned to Rain and came face to face with her. "Fast aren't I?" Before he could react Rain took a scalple and drove it deep into Sam's chest. Sam's eyes went wide with fear and shock at what just happened. His last sight was Rain's demonic smile. She kissed him, too on the cheek as she let his body fall and land next to Dean's. "Nothing like a terenchal downpour to make you feel alive!" And she walked out of the hospital, leaving behind her recently deceased brothers.