"I thought you," Rain looked over at her brother. "Sorry, I mean the demon killed dad?" All three were still in shock at the sight of their father's truck.

"So what do we do?" Sam asked as he attempted to get out of the car. Rain placed her hand on his shoulder and he stopped what he was doing to look at her, "What? Aren't we at least going to see if it's him?"

"Sam, dad's dead. I know it. I mean it was my body that killed him."

"So then what's the deal with his truck?" Dean asked looking over at his younger crother and sister, who shrugged.

"I think one of us should go and check it out."

"Are you insane Sam? Look what already happened tonight." Dean protested the idea even thought deep inside he wanted to be the one to go in. He looked in the back at Rain. She was stareing at the motel like she knew who it was. "Is it him?" Rain slowly turned her head to face Dean.

"No. It's someone else. I never felt this kind of power before. It's incrediable."

"Can you not sound like you envy this thing please." Rain rolled her eyes at her twins comment and continued to focus on the motel room. Inside was something that even the demon would be afraid of, and yet it was strangely calming to Rain.

"I'll go and check it out."

"What?" Both brother's said in unison looking at her. "Do you even think for a minute that your going in there by yourself."

"I don't have to think." She said as she got out of the car. Sam and Dean tried to follow, but she made sure they couldn't.

"RAIN! You can't do this on your own! Now let us out!" Dean screamed at the young woman. She knew that neither of her brothers were any match for what this was. She wasn't even sure if she was, but she would rather be the one to find out and not them. She glanced back at them. They were fighting with all they had to get out of the car. Rain signed and released her hold on the impala, causeing both boys to fly out of the car.

"What the hell was that for?" Sam yelled as he got to his feet. Rain smiled at him and turned back to the motel.

"We're all not going to make it out of this fight. We already lost dad." Dean came up to stand by her side.

"What makes you think that?" She turned to look him in the eyes. His eyes showed fear and anticapation.

"It's just a feeling."

"Well stop feeling it and let's go." Both twins turned to Sam. "Yes?"

"You feeling ok?"

"Fine why?"

"Well this whole shoot first, ask questions later thing just isn't you."

"Yea. That's Dean's attatude." Rain said with a smile, earning her a smack in the head. "Ow! That hurt."

"Don't talk about me like that." The trio smiled.

"So what DO we do?" Rain finally spoke up after the long silence.

"We go in. We made it this far."

"And only lost our father."

"Well thank you miss positive thinker." That earned Dean a smack in the head from Rain. "Ow!"

"I'm very positive thank you very much." She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Remind me to shower for an hour after this is over."

"Will do. So we going or are we just going to sit here and wait for the building to get up and walk away?"

"Funny Sammy. I say we go."

"Me too." Sam agreed with Rain. Now it was up to Dean wheather they go in or not.

"Let's go then." The three of them armed themselves like they were about to invade another country and made there way up to the door.

"Ok. Here's the plan. Dean, you go around back, I'll go in the front door and Sam, you cover my back." Both of her brother's nodded and Dean ran around the back. He quietly snuck around and was looking through the back window. The room was dark so he couldn't make out anything. 'See anything?'

'No. The room's to dark.'

'Well on the count of three we go in.' Rain nodded at Sam and whispered. "We're going in on the count of three. One...two...thr"


'What is it?'

'I see someone and your not going to believe this one.'

'Who is it?'

"If your going to come in, come in already and stop sneaking around." A female voice rang out rom inside the moter room. Sam stood upright at the sound of the voice.

"Sammy are you alright? Sam." Rain was about to shake the crap out of him to get him to talk to her, but before she got the chance, the door opened and someone grabbed her and threw her back. She landed hard and felt her shoulder pop out of place. She grabbed it as she tried to stand. "Son of a..." She was cut off by the blinding pain that shot through her head. "Aahhhhhh!" Sam just sat by and watched. He couldn't believe who was doing this. Who was behind the whole thing.

"Did you miss me Sammy?" The women stepped away from Rain's motionless body. She hadn't killed her, just made sure she was out of the way. "What no hello?" By this time Dean was in front and standing by Sam. He looked at Rain and the anger inside him began to grow. Dean was about to start shooting, but Sam grabbing his arm made him think again.

"It can't be." Sam was in disbelief. Dean was as well once he saw who this new enemy was. "Why?"

"You could not have been that blind? Well I guess you could of. Yes Sam, this whole thing was because of me. This was my plan from the beginning and now it's time to finish what my little frien Uvall started."

"You made a deal with a demon?"

"No. I am a demon. Always have been. Getting close to you was just to see just how strong your really were. To see if you could be the true key and open the door way."

"But Jess." Sam said as tears flowed down his face.

"So you did miss me. That's so sweet Sam." Jessica took a step to Sam and Dean, but Rain grabbed her foot. Jess looked down at her, her face twisted in a evil smile.

"I missed you too baby." Rain twisted her body around, tripping Jess and getting to her feet. Jess snarled at her as she quickly got back up and the two girls began to fight. Rain was holding her own against the more powerful demon. That is untill her shoulder decide it wanted to hurt. Rain stumbled and that gave Jess the opening she needed. Dean saw that his sister was in trouble and went to her aid. Sam could do nothing but watch. There he saw his dead girlfriend, his Jessica, trying to kill him and his family. It was her this entire time. The thing he was hunting to avenge her, was her. What was he going to do now? He knew he couldn't fight her. He still loved her. At the same time, he couldn't sit by and watch her kill Dean and Rain. Sam stood, prepaired to fight the love of his life. He watched as Dean and Rain evaded all of Jessica's punches and he knew they could only keep it up so long. Sam joined the fight and even though it was three on one, the trio was getting their asses handed to them. Rain was thrown into the motel room...through the wall. She was closeley followed by Sam, who happened to land on top of her.

"Sorry about that. Are you ok?"

"Dandy. Help me up will ya." Sam helped her to her feet and she looked around the room. "What the hell is all this junk?" Spread around the room were pictures of different symbols and jars filled with blood and other body fluids. There were crystals and other things used in the ritual Jess was doing before they showed up.

"Hey Rain, do you think the colt will work on her too?" Sam looked at his older sister. She look him in the eye and felt all the pain he had in his heart. Rain felt bad that he had to go through this. I mean this was the love of his life and all the hell the trio went through was all because of her.

"I don't know Sam. Do you think you'll..."

"I can do it. You and Dean get as far from her as possible."

"Speaking of Dean." Rain said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Who? This Dean?" Sam and Rain turned to see Jessica holding Dean. He was bleeding badly, but he was still awake. Rain's pertective feelings ernt into overdrive and her need to save him cancelled out any concern she had for her own well being. "What's the matter Rain? You don't look so good."

"Let him go." She more or less hissed at her. Jess just smiled and lifted Dean higher. He gasped as the pain shot through his body. Rain squinted as she too felt it.

"That is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen."

"I'm warning you. Let him go now or I sware to god..." Rain stepped to Jess. Jess just smiled making Rain stop.

"Speaking of god. What do you say big brother here goes and meets the big man in person." Jess's smile turned evil and she pulled out the dagger she was hiding this entire time. Rain's eyes widened as the knife was plundged into Dean's chest. At that moment they made eye contact. Rain felt everything he was feeling and then some. All the pain, sadness, hate, fear. Every emotion he was feeling before it all went numb. "It's a shame Sam. I was saving this one for you. Oh well." Rain kept her eyes locked on her twin's. Dean's eyes were lifeless now and at that moment, something inside Rain snapped.

"Sam leave now." Rain all but whispered to her only surviving family member. "Take Dean and get out." Sam was scared by her now. She was changing and it wasn't good. Sam went over to get Dean's body and Jess looked at him with a smile. She didn't even have time to move and Rain was standing infront of her. "If you even think about touching him, I will make your death that much more painful." Even Jessica backed up at the amount of rage that filled Rain's voice. She took one more look at Dean and then back at Jess. "Your not leaving here alive. I hope you know that." Jessica swallowed hard. This wasn't the same Rain that she knew after she was taken as a child. This Rain was evil. Pissed at the loss of her twin. Pissed at her and that wasn't good for either of them. Rain was willing to give her life now in order to kill her and Jess knew that. Once she knew that Sam was out danger, she went in for the kill. Rain dove at the woman that just took away the most important person in her life. She clawed at her and Jess tried to dodge, but Rain was too fast. She ripped away part of Jessica's flesh and dropped the chunks on the floor. Jess tried hard to get in a couple striks, but nothing worked. Finally Rain stopped and just stared at Jess.

"Maybe we can work something out?" Jess was trying to bribe Rain not to kill her. Jessica was one of the most powerful demon to ever exsist and Rain was kicking the crap out of her. Rain, a normal humal. "Wait!"

"No waiting! No deals! You killed one of my brother's and you hurt the other one beyond words you dumb little bitch and now your going to pay for it." Rain dove at her again and this time she got her neck. Jess gasped as Rain's nails dug into her. "How does this feel? Was it worth it? WAS IT!" Rain screamed as she ripped apart Jessica's throat. She was gurggling up blood as she fell to the floor. Rain wasn't done. She pulled out the colt that she had swiped from Sam's jacket and pointed it at her. "Why? What was the point of all this? Why did you have to kill them?"

"We wanted...the gate to open...We wanted to go...home. Sam's blood...was...the key."

"Well now you get to go to hell again you fucking whore!" Rain pulled the trigger and Jess layed dead. Her body erupted in flames and then disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Rain walked outside to be met by a very relieved younger brother.

"Are you alright?" Rain look at him, but never answered. She looked at where Sam had placed Dean and she walked to him. She knelt down and took his head and placed it on her lap and cried. Sam came and stood behind her and silently cried.

"Why? Why did it have to be you? Wasn't there enough death? This isn't fair. You can' be dead, you jsut can't be!" RAin sobbed over the body of her twin. Inside she felt her heart breaking. It felt like she lost something she would never be able to get back. She looked up at Sam. "I can do this Sam. I lived without him for so long only to find him and then this hapens. I can't." Rain broke down again and Sam sat and held her. Their big brother was gone. Their father was gone. Now it was just them.

"It'll be ok Rain.

"It'll never be ok Sam. We're alone now." She was hysterical, crying into his arm as he held her.

One week later

Rain and Sam were at the cemetary where they buried both their father and older brother. It was only them and the precher. After the servious they thanked the reverend and watched as he walked away. They looked at the grave of their brother and both broke down again. After a hour of crying, they thought it would be better if they said their good-byes in private. Rain went first, "I'm sorry man. ALl I wanted to do was find you all those years. Just to talk with you again and now that'll never happen again. No more pranks. Man do you know how bad I want you to yell at me for turning off your crappy music?" Tears were streaming down her face as she spoke. "I miss you so much already. There will always be something missing in my life that no one will ever be able to replace. Not even killing Jess made this pain go away. I guess time will, but I'll alway think of you. I love you Dean." She kissed his headstone and walked to where Sam was waiting. He placed a hand on her shoulder and went to say good-bye.

"Hey man. This kinda suck you know that. Maybe if you never came and got me this never would have happened. Somehow it could of been prevented. I don't know. My whole life you looked out for me and kept me safe and when you needed me I couldn't do anything to help you. I know that if you were here you would say that this isn't my fault and I know that it isn't. I miss you man. I alway's will. Don't worry, we'll take care of the car. You led a rough life so now it's time for you to get some rest and relax. I love you. Good-bye Dean." Sam turned and touched the top of the headstone. He then went to their father's grave and both he and Rain said good-bye to him as well. They got back to the car just as it started to rain. "You wanna drive?"

"Sure." Rain took the keys and started to cry again. Sam looked at her with concern. "He hated it when I drove his car you know that?"


"I know. Let's just go." They got in and sat there a minute before driving off. "Please tell me you found something to kill Sammy."

"As a matter of fact I did Raindrop." The two remaining Winchester's looked at each other and smiled. The drove down the road." Well which way?" Before Sam could answer the car exploded into a ball of flames, instantly killing both Rain and Sam. Behind the mass of fire and metel, a laughing Uvall.

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