The Red Punch-Buggy

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Okay, this story is going to be pure comedy. Ann (chocolaterules) and I (WinchestersGirl) were chatting about a story she wrote called, "When All Hope Is Lost". I reviewed saying that I would love to see Dean have a pink car. She replied and, well, you get the point.

Anyway, I'm writing the first chapter and she's going to write the second and so on and so forth. Basically, I write the odds and she writes the evens.

This is a joint project, so hopefully we're getting a mixed crowd:)

We thought dedicating the story to the people who keep the Impala nice and beautiful was a good idea. So there's your dedication:)


Posted on chocolate rules' account but linked on WinchestersGirls' account as well!

Chapter One

"Sam," Dean asked. "What the hell is that?"

The boys had just gotten out of the hospital after the crash with their Dad – he had taken off. They managed to get a ride to a car dealership since the Impala was totaled. And they managed to snag one car, the only in their price range.

A red Volkswagen Beetle.

"Our new car," Sam said as he shrugged and went to get in the passenger's side.

"That is not a car. That is a punch-buggy," Dean replied as he walked around the driver's side, commenting on every little bit of the car.

"It's our punch-buggy now, Dean."

"Oh God," Dean sighed. "This car makes hamster cars look good. I mean seriously, the Impala had one heck of a body. This is… it's…"

"Red," Sam asked as he greeted the leather interior.


Sam nodded, "Where to now?"

"The nearest dump so we can drop this thing off," Dean muttered.