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The Red Punch Buggy

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Chapter Three

Sam was just waiting for the perfect moment. He knew that sooner or later Dean would want to get laid. And when he brought the girl back to his car, what would they find but… a punch buggy.

So when Dean dragged Sam to the bar, Sam went more than willingly.

"Sam," Dean said as he approached the table his little brother was at. "I'm going to take Sandy back to my room. Make sure you come back late."

Dean gave his brother a grin and took the blonde by her hand before dragging her out the door. Sam followed. This would so be worth the wait.

He was careful not to be found by his big brother, but stayed close. He wanted to see this badly.

"Where's your car," the woman cooed at Dean.

"Over here," he said and opened the door for her. Who knew? Dean was a gentleman before he did the dirty.

"This is your car," she asked. Sam could tell she was staring mortified.

"My other one's in the shop."

There was silence for a bit before the lady – if you could call her that – spoke, "Honey, I'm sorry… This is just not going to work out for me."

Sam held back a laugh and ran into the bar. A few minutes later, Dean walked in and grabbed the seat by Sam.

"Where's Sandy," Sam asked innocently.

"She's only into quickies."

Sam rolled his eyes. He would save this blackmail until later.