Chucky the Matchmaker

One-shot By: ShiokuXRose


My first one shot! Okay! I just got bored so I just quickly typed something up. This is how it goes: Chucky, the killer doll (you know), decided to do some matchmaking using killing attempts to frighten Sasuke to ask Sakura to be his girlfriend and etc...oh and I don't own Chucky, or Sasuke, or Sakura, or anybody else.


Sasuke was walking down the quiet hallway of his Uchiha mansion. He enter his oh-so-lonely bedroom. Did I say lonely? He's not lonely for god's sake! There on his perfect, dark navy blue and onyx bed, was a doll. More specifically, Chucky.

"AHHHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE IN A MOVIE! NOT HERE! THIS IS NARUTO YOU KNOW?" Sasuke yelled pulling out kunais and throwing them towards Chucky, in which he dodged and the kunais hit his bed.

"I was sent on a mission. For myself. I decided to come here."

"What for? Kill me?"



"I wanted to do some matchmaking."


"Then you're second dream won't come true. One that deals with reviving your clan."

"What? How would someone that is totally not from this world know about me!"

"I just do. Now why don't you listen." Chucky got up and walked towards Sasuke. (A/N: Kinda freaking having a doll walking towards you.) "I won't hurt you, unless you disobey." Chucky put on an evil face.

"What do you want me to do?" Sasuke obviously didn't want to die. Who knows where a doll can be when they don't have chakra to sense by. Chucky motioned Sasuke to bend down and he did, and whispered a plan to his ear.


Sakura was walking down the quiet hallway of her house, getting out of her house. Sakura was wearing a cute light blue tube top that shows some of her belly, a pink miniskirt with white print of sakura petals at the right corner, and flip-flops. She was getting tired of wearing those ninja sandals everyday for training and missions. Finally, Tsunade gave her a day off. She decided to walk towards the Team 7 meeting bridge. Surprisingly, Sasuke was there, leaning on the rail as usual, back against it.

"Hi there, Sasuke-kun," Sakura happily greeted.

"Hn," Sasuke said, notified Sakura that he was listening.

"Don't say Hn! Or I'll kill you! Say HI next time!" Chucky whispered fiercely at Sasuke from behind one of the bridge posts.

"Sasuke-kun, what are you doing here?" Sakura asked sweetly.

"Taking a break from training. What are you doing, here?" Sakura was a bit surprised that Sasuke was willing to continue this conversation.

"Decided to take some fresh air by taking a walk. I got bored at home."

"Mind if I join?" Now, Sakura was surprised. He is asking to join her!

"Y-you can join." Sasuke smirked when she stuttered a bit. Both of them started to walk along the river. Sasuke still smirking. "Ne, Sasuke-kun. Can you wipe that smirk off of your face. It's getting reallllllllllly annoying."


"Oh my god! This is not right! First, you even continued the conversation. Second, you asked to join. Now, you apologized. Is something the matter, Sasuke-kun?"

"No nothing at all." Except for the fact that a killer doll has appeared on the scene, and after my life unless I ask her to be my girlfriend and probably later my wife! AUUUUUGH! Sasuke screamed his head of mentally, spacing out at that time.

"SASUKE-KUN! HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Still, he's in a daze, so she slapped him. Oops. Too hard. It made him fall into the not-so-hard-current river.

"AHHHHHHHH! COLD! COLD! COLD! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Sasuke got up, his clothes was wet.

"Sasuke! Pull her into the water as revenge!" Chucky whispered from opposite riverbank that Sakura was in, loud enough for only Sasuke to hear, hiding behing a boulder.

"Sasuke-kun I'm so sorry." Sakura got closer to the river. Sasuke started to swim towards her. "Sasuke-kun are you okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaySPLASSH!" Sasuke had pulled her into the water. "SASUKE-KUN! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Sakura was burning with fury. Sasuke gulped hard. (A/N: ACK! THE GREAT UCHIHA IS SCARED!) (Sasuke's Note: For some reason, women (or your girlfriend) attacks are much more painful than enemies...)


"REVENGE YOU SAY? YOU ALREADY GOT YOUR LIFE LONG REVENGE COMPLETED!" Sakura splashed the icy cold water at Sasuke.

"Ack! SAKURA! YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS!" Sasuke splashed back. Sakura who was wearing only a tube top and a skirt is very cold...Sakura splashed back. When, Sasuke was hit, he laughed and smiled. Wait...HE LAUGHED? WTF? THIS IS A DREAM THIS IS A DREAM! ACK! IT IS SO COLD! THIS IS NOT A DREAM! I'M IN HEAVEN! They were at it for some hours until the beginings of sunset, they stopped. Chucky was very very bored. But not disappointed.


"SASUKE! STOP! IT'S GETTING LATE!" So Sasuke stopped, and helped Sakura get out of the water. Sakura fixed her skirt. "Damn. I'm going to catch a cold...ACHOO!" Then Sasuke took off his shirt. "Wah? Sasuke-kun! What are you doing? You're going to catch a cold!"

"Well...your shirt is kinda...revealing." Sasuke said, while blushing. Sakura looked down and OMFG! Wearing light blue is basically the same as wearing white when you are wet. So Sakura gladly took it and slipped it on. The dark shirt was too large for her, but was glad to have some coverage.

"Thanks, Sasuke-kun. I'll be leaving now." Sakura turned to leave, but Sasuke grabbed her wrist and gave it a little tug making Sakura turn around and slam right into his bare chest.

"You are not going anywhere," Sasuke said while smirking, looking down. Sakura blushed as she looked up.

"And that means?" Sakura lifted an eyebrow, confused. And the answer to that, Sasuke leaned down and kissed Sakura, romantically. (A/N: I'm just a 14 yr old girl that can't go on dates, so I am not bothering to describe it.)


"A stolen first kiss from your beloved is better, ne?" Sasuke smirked. Sakura blushed. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Sakura blushed, she couldn't believe that this is happening!

"Of course." Sakura kissed Sasuke back. "I'll be going now." Sakura waved Sasuke good-bye and turned her back towards him walking home. Sasuke notices the Uchiha emblem on her back.


"YES SASUKE-KUN?" she yelled back, turning around.

"YOU LOOK GOOD WITH THE UCHIHA EMBLEM ON YOUR BACK!" Sakura blushed, knowing what it meant. She smiled.



The next morning, Sasuke found a note pinned by a kunai on the wall saying how well Sasuke did on getting Sakura being his girlfriend. Sasuke was glad Chucky had forced him to ask Sakura. Now Life Long Goal #2 COMPLETE!

"ACHOOOOOO!" Okay...both caught some serious colds...



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