hey here's my first fan fic hope you like it. This is going to be a short fic the zequel after this one will be much better.

Aang's POV

Well as we were flying away from fire nation infested Omashu we noticed that we were running out of food.
"Man I'm sooo hungry," groaned Sokka.

He looks at Momo with a dreamy glare.

"Sokka don't get any thoughts about eating Momo!" I said.

He snapped out of it.

"Sorry Aang I guess I got carried away," he said nervously."Come on Aang when are going to land?"

"Sorry we can't land I think it's just too risky," I said.

We flew for hours after that Katara,Sokka,and me were soo hungry.I didn't say it but I wished we could land but I knew we couldn't if we do we'll probably get caught by the Fire Nation.Then a sign of relief,another Earth Kigdom city. I looked at the map and saw the city was called Gar-Tsu-Han it was a place where warriors came to train for battle so I guess you could say that it wasn't a city.

"Finaly!" Sokka roared "a place just for warriors! This is a dream come true!"

"I thought you're dream was to sit around and eat all day doing nothing?" Katara said jokingly.

"Well this is my other dream," Sokka said with big eyes.

"Right," Katara said sarcasticly.

Weird,I never noticed Katara during the whole time we were flying. She looked so beautiful. Usually I would be thinking about her since what happened in the cave.I could feel heat creaping up my cheeks and I knew I was blushing . I couldn't help blushing when I think of the wonderful inncident at the cave. I wonder if she thinks about it too.I wonder if she loves me in the way I love her. Well no time thinking about that now we have to get to that base.We soared down the sky and landed in front of the gate. There was two guards. One looked tough and strong but the other was small and looked like a thirteen year old boy. Sokka just jumped down from Appa and raced to the gate with high hopes of going to train with the warriors there.

"Hey guards let me in!" Sokka yelled "I have to train with the warriors inside!" Of course they denied him from entering.Then he told them he was traveling with the Avatar.Well to my surprise they said he could go in. "Yes! come on guys lets go!" Wow such idiots.
I'm sorry the girl can't go. There no girls allowed inside;that's the rule." the guard proclaimed.

"Uhh.. it's ok guys you can go without me," she said bravely.
"Ok. Aang lets go," Sokka said.

I looked back at Katara she looked dissapionted. I thought this is the perfect time to tell her what I feel about her.
"No,Sokka you can go by yourself. I can stay here with Katara."
"Ok.Suit yourself." Then he went in and they closed the gate.

Katara looked at me confused.

"Aang, why didn't you go with Sokka?" she said with a soft voice.
"I guess it woudn't be fair if you were out here alone and plus you might get hurt," I said.
"Oh,thanks Aang," Then she hugged me. I blushed with a deep red color. When she looked at me she knew I blushed because I still had a light pink color on my cheeks.Right then and there I knew I had to tell how I felt about her. I had to tell her that I loved her,loved her since I first saw her first in the iceberg.
"Katara," I said nervously "I have to tell you something."
"Ok what is it?"
"Well this is going to be hard to say,but."
"But what?" she said curiosly.
"Uhh...uhh...when are we going to set up camp!" I said quickly.
"Oh right now,I almost forgot."
Damn it!I couldn't believe it. I couldn't say it. But I think I'll say it tomorow,I hope.

After we went back in the forest and set up camp. Katara and I didn't really talk to me except when she told me to do something while setting up camp.
Then we heard a small rustling in the forest. Zuko poped out! He stared at me and I stared at him. I knew this was going to be a hard fight. Katara and I prepared ourselves for battle...

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