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'Are the memories I hold...still valid?'

-Gravity from Wolf's Rain

Chapter 1: Childish Nightmares


The blonde boy woke with a start. Sweat beaded his brow as his stared into the distance. He took many deep breaths before laying his head down again to look at the stars of the night sky. The wind blew gently across his face, the trees waving in pleasure of the light coolness it brought in the warm, humid night. He saw the full moon above his head, glimmering and showering the world with its white light. He feared sleeping thanks to that awful nightmare of his death again. His heart was still racing from he'd seen and tears threatened to build up if he didn't move his thoughts to something else.

"Mithos, why are you still awake?" A female voice called to him. He turned his head to see his older sister walking towards him. He sat up slowly with his head low, allowing his bangs to cover his eyes. He didn't want to show her how much of a coward he was. He didn't her want her to see the fear in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Martel, it's just that I can't sleep at the moment," he replied as she titled her head to get a better look at his face. She moved his bangs away from his eyes and stared into them with worry.

"You had another nightmare didn't you, brother?" Mithos looked away. He wanted to show her that he was strong, that he could take care of himself. He didn't want her to worry over him all of the time. Martel sat next to him. "Care to talk about it?" she asked him as he sighed.

"I don't really understand it much," he replied quietly.

"Then tell me what you saw. It helps to talk about it, Mithos." Mithos hesitated before speaking. He wanted to tell her everything and how much it had scared him. He wanted to tell her how everything they were doing scared him, about how he feared that either Yuan or Kratos or even worse, that she herself might get hurt.

"There was a boy and he looked very similar to Kratos. He was carrying two swords and there was a shorter boy with him. He seemed to be a half-elf and he told me that... that you were dead... and I attacked them and..." the boy stopped and wiped the tears away from his face. He then put his hands on his lap and stared at his knees.

"It's alright, see? I'm still here with you. It was just a bad dream, Mithos," Martel told her younger sibling as he shook his head.

"But it was so clear! And I even know their names! The boy's name was Lloyd and the half-elf's was Genis. Sis, what if it's true? What if I become like that? What if..." Martel pulled him into a soft embrace. Mithos returned the hug and sobbed softly into her shoulder. She held him close for as long as he needed, ignoring the pain in her heart of knowing that the chances of any of them surviving the war were quite slim...

End Flashback

Yggdrasill sat in his castle, patiently awaiting a report on Kratos' whereabouts from anyone. He had originally sent Yuan but after the Angelus Project went missing from Kvar's ranch he ordered all of the Desian Grand Cardinals to watch out for him. He had knawing suspicsions that Kratos was that one who'd taken the wretched female host somewhere in order to regain a part of his human side.

That dream still haunted him, even after four thousand years of no sleep. He had lost Martel, and now Kratos going to leave him for a pathetic wench and a life he wanted to regain. That boy who looked so disturbingly like Kratos... he seemed strong enough to defeat him. He knew it wasn't Kratos because his hair was more of a solid brown color and his eyes were also a soft brown, unlike Kratos. Even though their hair style had it's similarities.

"Lord Yggdrasill," said a familiar voice as a hologram of Kvar's head appeared. "Kratos has been seen by some people in Triet and he was last seen with a human child and the Angelus Project. It's said that he's heading through Iselia." Yggdrasill tightened his grip on his chair.

"Who is that human child, Kvar?" Anger and hatred flowed into his voice as he spoke that question.

"It's his son from what I've heard. Its name is Lloyd, I believe," Kvar replied as Yggdrasill suddenly released his grip on his chair and suddenly stood up.

"Ambush them! Remove that woman's exsphere! Kill the child as well. He'll be a threat to my plans if he lives," he suddenly ordered, slightly surprising Kvar.

"R-right, Lord Yggdrasill," he said as his hologram vanished leaving Yggdrasill to shake in fear. So then his dream from so long ago was real. If that boy lived then he would be defeated by him. He had to make sure that the boy was killed. He wanted to see the child's dead, cold body for himself. He floated over to the warp and hovered through his castle. His destination was Forcystus's ranch. His intentions were...death in cold blood.


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Preview: Chapter 2: Childish Sentiments

"If you kill him then what will you have from stopping Kratos from killing himself?"