Hi! I'm finally publishing this story. This is my second multi-chapter fic. However, no one has reviewed Prongs Rides Again. It's kinda depressing. Will someone please review that story? I welcome reviews for this story too. I love reviews, lots and lots of reviews.

This story is somewhat based on the Cat Crimes books by Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman. Each chapter will be a one-shot based on the following quote:

"People kill for four reasons: love, sex, money, and drugs." – Gil Grissom, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

However, I do not know what episode that is from. Please help me out here. Sheesh.


Story #1: A Crime of Drugs

Story #2: A Crime of Love

Story #3: A Crime of Money

Story #4: A Crime of Sex

Summery: In each story, the cat is either the protector, or the killer. Explore the reasons behind each of them.

Disclaimer: Any names, similar circumstances, or similar stories are purely coincidental. All stories and their characters belong to me.

Now, onto the first one-shot, A Crime of Drugs.