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Story #4: A Crime of Sex

Jessica Parkman was drowning her sorrows at a bar in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Only an hour ago, her boyfriend of three years had called her every name in the book and even given her a slap to mull over. Her cat, a beautiful Persian aptly named Georgia, had thankfully stayed out of the way of her rampaging boyfriend.

Ex-boyfriend, she firmly, though drunkenly, corrected. She stood up, weaving somewhat.

"I'll see you around, Tom," she slurred. She had been pouring out her heart to the fellow drinker. He had listened and said things like, "Yeah, you're right" or "So sad" at the right times. Since the bar was only a few blocks from her house, she had elected to walk. She was so focused on getting home, she didn't notice the shadow trailing her.

She let herself into her house, but before she could close the door, the figure that had bee n trailing her pushed his way through the door. Her reactions were slowed down because of the alcohol in her system, and could not fight back.

The figure pressed her into the bedroom and locked the door. He walked toward her, but before he could put his hands on her, a wild spitting caught both of their attentions. Georgia had her fur raised and her little fangs bared. Before the man could do anything, Georgia pounced. Jessica turned her face away as she heard the man scream, and flesh being ripped away by the cat's claws. The only thing driving the cat was to keep her owner safe, to not let this man physically hurt her master.

When Jessica could finally look again, she almost threw up at what she saw. The black clothes of the assailant were now even darker because of the massive amount of blood. There were hundreds of small scratches and bites all over the man's body. The mask he was wearing was only holding on by a few strips, just enough to keep his face unknown. The cat was huddled in the corner, trying to clean her white-grey fur, now a light red from the blood.

Trembling, Jessica reached for her cell phone, and dialed 911. An ambulance and several police units were dispatched. When they arrived, the officer in charge yanked off the mostly shredded mask.

Jessica gasped. She knew this man. It was Tom!

"We've been looking all over Georgia for this killer, ma'am," said the head officer.

Jessica found her voice long enough to ask, "Killer?"

The officer looked at her. "Ma'am, have you been watching the news lately?"

Jessica shook her head. "No. I've…been busy with…other things." She would tell them about her boyfriend later.

"Recently, a young woman was found dead in her own home. She had been raped, and subsequently killed. This man's body fluids were found at the crime scene."

Jessica looked at her cat, grateful that Georgia had protected her.

Tom was taken out by the ambulance crew. Jessica only wished the cat could have done more damage.

"The girl he had killed had been drunk, so she didn't put up much of a fight," the officer continued. "We'll need you downtown, ma'am. Standard protocol."

Jessica nodded and followed the officer out, but first she took great care to make sure Georgia stayed in the house.


She testified at his court date a month later. Tom Wilkins was sentenced to death row for one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.


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