My Fairytale Come True?

By miyu-kanataluverz

Chapter 1: My special wish list

Little boys and girls often make list of their dreams, whishes and aspirations. These letters are what they call "My Wish list". Children usually write their dreams of having the most amazing toys in the world or maybe ride Santa's slay. Simple whishes of children they hope to have someday but as they grow older, those dreams and whishes left forgotten, becomes new goals. They become our stronghold and the source of our determination. Some people dream of living life in a bed of roses, some dream of becoming the top executive in companies and others dream of finding their true love. All people have that something in their wish list that they all share in common. They all wish to find their one and true love.

True love is a feeling so extraordinary, it is a very special feeling that we all will feel someday but some lose hope. Patience is not something everyone has and very few people have these. They believe that they were to be alone forever and therefore lose hope. Some people believe that wish lists are for children and those who are only but dreamers well one girl believes that everyone has a right to make a wish list even herself.

A girl at the age of 16 was walking down the cherry blossom covered street, her pink hair flowing with the cool breeze. Along with her was her best friend, Ino Yamanaka. The girl's name was Sakura Haruno, which suited her perfectly because of her cherry blossom colored hair. Sakura is a simple, down to earth girl and has an ordinary family. Ino was her exact opposite, she wasn't that down to earth, she has a family that lived in elegance and in luxury. They met when they were kids and later on became the best of friends. Ino was very popular and adored by many for her looks, personality and most especially her riches. Sakura was different, she was not popular nor was she adored. She was just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams and friendsexcept Ino.

Sakura had a wish list, filled with her fantasy love stories. Sakura has never been in an intimate relationship with anyone for she had no suitors unlike Ino. Though she never envied Ino, she felt so left behind, for everyone around her was either cuddling with their couples or the girls would talk about how the person they liked said they liked them too. It was never like that for Sakura, no one has confessed their undying love for her nor has she received letters from secret admirers.

Sakura sat under the cherry blossom tree, her back leaning on the trunk.

"Hey Sakura, why don't you join us?" Ino asked as she held on to the arm of some guy.

"Thanks for the offer but I'd rather stay here, I don't want to disturb you and your date." Sakura said as she smiled softly.

"I'd really like it if you came with us." Ino said as she held her hand out to Sakura.

"Ino, I would want to stay here and finish my sketch, anyway I'd be only left out since I don't have a date." Sakura said.

"Sakura..." Ino said sadly.

"Go on Ino, I'll be fine and I want you to have fun with him." Sakura said.

Sakura stood up and leaned towards Ino's ear.

"Besides, I bet he wants you for himself." Sakura said as she giggled.

Ino smiled and laughed with her.

"If that's what you want. I'll go now, take care Sakura and I'll call you later." Ino said as they walked away.

Sakura waved and sat comfortably on the grass, her smile faded and continued to sketch. As she glanced back at the scenery, she saw a sleeping boy sitting on one of the branches of the tree she was sketching. It was going to change her drawing, she thought about standing up and asking him to move but as she looked for a little while she saw that it wasn't that bad having him there. So Sakura decided to keep him there. The boy had a cap on so she could not really see who he was, all she knew that he definitely had dark hair, it was either black, blue or brown. She continued to sketch and she finally finished her retouches. Sakura stood up and walked towards home.

That night Sakura stared at the sketch, more specifically the boy in it. He seemed so mysterious to her, it was so intriguing that it was nostalgic. Suddenly Sakura's phone rang.


"Ino?" Sakura asked.

"Well duh! Anyway, can I stay there for the night? My parents are at it again, their shouting can be heard all over the house. You don't mind do you?" Ino asked.

"No of course not." Sakura said.

"Great! I'll be there in 15 min. max! See you!" Ino said as the line went dead.

Sakura put the phone down and got another set of futon for Ino to sleep in. Then minutes later Sakura's doorbell rang. Sakura went down and opened it.

"Sakura! Thanks for letting me stay here." Ino said as she carried her backpack.

"It's no problem, actually I would really need some company since my parents are not going home tonight, they're out of town for a business trip." Sakura said as she locked the door.

"Ok." Ino said as they reached Sakura's room.

Ino placed her things on one corner and looked around.

"Ino, do you want some hot chocolate?" Sakura asked.

"Yes please." Ino said as Sakura went out.

Ino walked across the room towards Sakura's dresser. Ino saw a sketch of a beautiful scenery.

Ino was used to seeing Sakura's fascinating artworks but it never ceased to amaze her. Sakura loved drawing sceneries and all the time it captivates everyone who would look at it. Ino noticed a person on the picture, Sakura never drew a picture of a person in her sketches. It was always places and buildings and sometimes animals but never a person. As she looked closer, she saw that it was a boy.

"It's a boy! That's a first. Hmmm...could he be Sakura's first crush! OMG! If he is! then Sakura won't be alone anymore." Ino thought excitedly.

"What are you looking at?"

Ino jumped away from the table as Sakura entered the room with two cups of hot chocolate.

"Geez! You scared me half to death Sakura. By the way I was looking at your sketch." Ino said as she moved closer to the picture.

"Oh that. I drew that a while ago." Sakura said as she handed Ino the cup.

"Thanks...anyway, who's the boy in the picture?" Ino asked as she sipped from her cup.

"I don't know, while I was sketching he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, at first I though of asking him to move but then again it does look good in the picture doesn't it?" Sakura asked.

"It does. Sakura, I can't help but notice that you had never once fallen in love. Why is that?" Ino asked.

"I don't know...maybe I'm reserving myself for the one." Sakura said as she shrugged as she took a drank from her cup and finished it.

" Sakura, how do you want your love story to go?" Ino asked as they lied down on their beds the now empty cups left forgotten on the table.

"Hmm if I could wish for the things I would want him to do for me...I would want him to tell me he loves me every time we're together, I want him to take me to the beach for our anniversary, I want him to hold me close when I'm cold and I want him to be there forever." Sakura said as she smiled to herself.

"Awww...I'm sure that you will find the one someday and maybe all of those wishes of yours could come true." Ino said.

"I hope so...but I don't need to rush things, I could wait for him forever." Sakura said.

"I'm sure you'll find him and I'm sure you will be together forever." Ino said.

"Well...goodnight then Ino." Sakura said.

"Goodnight Sakura." Ino said as they fell into dreamland.

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