Author's Note: This kinda ties in to Zinnia, my other flower/one-shot collection, but doesn't reference flowers as much (sad, isn't it?). The reason I added this instead of adding a chapter to Zinnia is because 1) I'm lazy and don't want to sort this collection from Zinnia's and 2) These one-shots are different. Mainly because I've been repeatedly told that Zinnia isn't too much of a romantic fic and more of a character analysis. And yes, I actually agree with you.

My response to that is this: another unromantic fic that is a character compatibility analysis. Basically, I'm writing about the different Hinata couplings, and why exactly they'd be together in the first place. In a purely sensible way, of course, seeing as I have no ounce of creativity whatsoever. Written in Ino's point of view, because I happen to think that Ino is a really good character and analyzer. And who else could talk so much? (About flowers, I mean.)

Gaara and Hinata.

The two names were more different than night and day. Night and day could be claimed as opposites, but the two ninja were so different it was beyond that point. To say Gaara and Hinata was to say 'pickles' and 'cheesecake'-the two were much too different to even make sense together.

But judging by how often the Kazekage visited the Hyuuga manor, life was getting to be pretty darn nonsensical.

Either that, or Ino had used her genjutsu skills one time too many for her own sanity.

What confused Ino most of all was the fact that they didn't change each other. Granted, Hinata was a bit more confident and Gaara was a bit happier, but it was nothing Naruto hadn't done for them during the Chuunin Exams.

She was still quiet, and he was still…well, Gaara. And it only occurred to Ino a little while after that maybe, just maybe, they liked it that way. That they were content with each other just the way they were, that they weren't interested in changing for other people anymore.

Ino knew perfectly well the dangerous steps Hinata had taken to become a proper heir, and had heard from Shikamaru (who, of course, had heard from Temari) about how Gaara had tried to alter himself in his childhood.

Perhaps it was just as well, that they didn't need to change anymore.

And when she had accepted that, she noticed something. They had changed. Hinata was loads more confident about life when she was with Gaara and Gaara was loads happier when he was with Hinata.

And she couldn't help but think that together, the two were like a French marigold. Because the marigold was beautiful, once you got over its strange scent.

The marigold couldn't stand the numbing cold. And really, after the freezing life Hinata and Gaara had both lived, Ino was sure they couldn't either.

Gaara by himself during his childhood at Suna could never, ever really bloom, much less flower, and Hinata by herself would never want to do anything but watch other people bloom. But together, the two formed a marigold, pretty and distinct, passionate and pure.

Hinata by herself was an unassuming white, pure and childishly innocent. Gaara by himself was stained a haunting blood-red. It created a mind spell, really, how when the two of them were together, the mild white was turned into a cheerful, glimmering gold, and the dark red was turned into a truer, individual form of red, happy with itself.

The marigold, in flower language, was the symbol of sacred affection in its entirety. Perhaps, after all, that was why Gaara and Hinata together didn't make sense.

Sacred affection was rather hard to understand, after all.

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