Chapter 1 (This takes place minutes after Joey's duel with Mai in episode 173)

Mai cradled the unconscious Joey in her arms, tears pouring down her face. Joey was one of the strongest duelists she had ever known, but unfortunately for him, so was Valon. Joey had used up virtually all of his strength in order to defeat Valon, but she still forced him to fight her. If it had been a fair fight, she knew Joey would have easily beaten her, but Joey stood by his word and wanted to save her from the Orichalcos. After everything he had given her, she repaid him by helping his enemies do the very thing he had rescued her from.

It was all too much for Mai, as she picked up the Hermos card that slipped from Joey's fingers. As she picked up the card, she vowed that with this card, she would bring her 16 year old lover back from wherever the Orichalcos had taken him, even if it means she has to give her life for it.

"What have you done to him Mai?" a voice shouted from behind her.

Mai turned around to see Yami, Tristan, and Tea standing behind her. Yami's face showed sadness and concern for Joey, but Tristan and Tea's faces were twisted in anger.

Under normal conditions, Mai would easily come back with a snide remark, but she couldn't find a comeback of any kind this time. Now she realized something that she should have seen a long time ago: Joey was always there to protect her, even when the rest of his friends would not. But now, with Joey unconscious at her feet……….

Mai opened her mouth to speak, but never got any words out as Tristan grabbed her by the neck and slammed her into the fence.

"With Valon also lying unconscious against the fence and the positions you and Joey are in, I think it's safe to assume you're the one who took Joey's soul." Tristan shouted angrily. "Now are you finally satisfied Mai? You got what you wanted! You got the power you claimed you deserved! The group has been broken up thanks to you! Above all, Joey has been locked away in the seal, and you can now finally move on with your life!"

"Tristan, that's enough!" Yami shouted, running over to pull Tristan's arm off Mai. "This isn't going to bring Joey back."

"That's true, but Mai has to be punished for what she did." Tristan replied, his arm still pinning Mai to the fence. Tea rushed to Yami's side and pulled Tristan's arm off Mai.

"The pharaoh is right Tristan. We aren't going to accomplish anything by blaming Mai. We need to get to Paradias HQ and confront Dartz. It's the only way to bring back everyone who lost their souls." Tea said, the anger from her face fading, replaced by a look of determination.

"We will, as soon as I kill Mai!" Tristan shouted and he turned his head back to Mai. "I bet you couldn't wait to seal Joey away, didn't you? You wanted this moment so badly you could taste it. You simply put on an act of sorrow to try to fool us into thinking you had actually turned good!"

"Are you always the one to jump to conclusions, Tristan?" a voice spoke from behind Yami, Tristan, Tea, and Mai. "You really need to start looking at the whole picture before making claims."

Mai tilted her head up and her jaw dropped. Yami, Tristan, and Tea turned around and gasped in shock.

Joey, who had been lying unconscious on the concrete ground just a minute ago, was back on his feet.