Disclaimer: We own none of the wrestlers in this story they are soully owned by McMahon. This story is written for fun and that alone.

Tammy got into her car and slammed the door, once again a dead in. For the past three weeks she had been going out everyday job hunting and once again she was told, "We'll call you if something comes available." She pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. One of these days I will not be going home empty handed, she thought to herself.

After about a twenty-minute drive she was home. She pulled into the driveway and got out of her car, she knelt down and rubbed her cat as she headed into the house. She closed the door with a heavy sigh and decided that she was going to do the one thing that all people done when they're down. Tammy headed to the kitchen to grab some ice cream to drown her sorrows in. She depressed the button on the answering machine and listened to her messages as she loaded a bowl full of the sinful stuff.

"Hey Tam's its me Christy, just thought I'd call to remind you that I'll be there at about 5:30 to pick you up for the wrestling show tonight, laters." "Shit, Shit, I totally forgot," Tammy looked up at the clock on the wall, it was 4:47. Tammy ran up stairs dumping the bowl of ice cream in the sink on her way.

Jumping in the shower Tammy quickly washed and ran back into her room. She ransacked her clothes, throwing clothes here and there until she finally found what she wanted. Quickly she pulled on her hip hugger jeans and her WWE T-shirt, she never could decide which wrestler she liked best so she just had a plain black shirt with the letters WWE across the front in red. Tammy pulled on her shoes and sat down at her dresser. She wasn't very big on putting make up on or doing her hair, but she knew that once Christy got there she would moan and groan about it. After she had pulled her hair up she applied some foundation and lip-gloss. Tammy heard the doorbell ring; looking once more in the mirror, she headed down and let her friend in.

"Hey girl, lets go," Tammy stated looking at her friend as she opened the door, hoping to get out of there before Christy tried to doll her up so to speak. "Come on Tam's is that what you're wearing. Why don't you let me pick something out for you and put some more make up on you, " Christy said looking her friend up and down. "No, No that's perfectly all right. Anyway I heard that if you get there early enough you can watch the wrestlers pull in as you wait," Tammy said walking to the car. "Fine then, but one day I'll get you to let me give you a make over," Tammy said following her friend.

The girls arrived at the Civic Center and took their places in line. Christy began moving around and bouncing, "Jesus, I should have peed before we left," Christy said as she looked around. "Well just walk up there and ask the security guard if you can go in to pee real quick," Tammy replied pointing at the guard. "Yeah I guess I can do that but you have to go with me," Christy said dragging Tammy by the arm toward the guard.

"Excuse me sir," Christy said getting the guards attention. "Yes," He replied. "We really have to pee, can you please let us in to the bathroom, please," Christy asked using her best sexy look. The guard looked around and then back at the girls, "Well I'm really not suppose too," He said. "But it want take long and I promise we want cause any trouble, just right in and right out I promise," Christy said running her hand up his arm. "Well ok but right in and right out. Just go through the doors and take a left the bathrooms well be right in front of you," the guard said as he opened the door for the girls.

The girls went in and followed the guard's directions. Christy stopped once they were out of sight of the guard. "Ok now let's see what we can get into," Christy said looking at her friend. "What! No Christy we promised to the bathroom and back," Tammy stated flatly to her friend. "Oh come on, don't be a stick in the mud. For once just let your hair down," Christy said as she began to walk off. "Ok but if we get into trouble I'm blaming it all on you," Tammy said following after Christy.

They walked the hall for a good 30 minutes, and still they had not caught sight of any of the wrestlers. "Well I guess we'll go to the bathroom now and wait for the show to start. After all we can't go back out side," Christy said making her way back to the bathroom. As they made their way back up the hall and waited patiently in the bathroom till time for the show. Once the show started they took their seats and enjoyed watching the guys and making remarks about what they would like to do to each one of them. Finally at 11 o'clock the show ended and the girls left.

"Hey I'm starving how about we stop and get some thing to eat," Christy said. "Lead on, I'm starved too," Tammy replied. Christy pulled into an Ihop after a few minutes. The girls got out and went in and found a booth to sit at. They sat eating and joking about the matches. "My god did you see Chris Jericho, that man is fine," Christy said taking a sip of her drink. "Yeah but he's married," Tammy said as she pushed food around on her plate. "I know but you know what they say what happens on the road stays on the road," Christy said as she wiggled her eyebrows. Tammy couldn't help but laugh at her friend.

One booth down three guys sat listening in on what the girls was saying. "Well there you go Chris, you just said that you wanted a piece of ass and god has delivered," Adam said to his friend. "Yeah, Yeah I heard, just goes to show ya, what the women really want is me," Chris replied with grin. "Ok you two knock it off, and Chris I believe it was only the one talking about it," Shawn said. "Hey Shawn can you see them," Adam asked. "Move your head and I might Blondie," Shawn stated as he tried to look past Adam's head. Adam moved so that Shawn could see them.

"Hey Tammy I have a good one, I could take that whipped cream and do some very naughty things with Chris oh, oh and Adam," Christy said as she licked whipped cream off of her fingers. "Good god is that all you think about," Tammy said laughing and shaking her head. "Well come to think of it yes, that is one sandwich I would love to be the meat in the middle of it," Christy stated with a laugh. "Oh my god," Tammy laughed.

Chris and Adam choked on their drinks when they heard what the girl said. Shawn just chuckled. "Well now a wild one, wouldn't be the first time, would it Chris," Adam said looking at his friend. "Nope can't say that it would be," Chris said smiling back at Adam. "Come on Shawn what does she look like," Adam asked. "Well she's has long blonde hair, skinny, and she is dressed very sexy," Shawn said letting his eyes wonder over her upper body. "What about the other one, what does she look like," Chris asked. "Can't tell she is sitting with her back to us, hold on looks like she's getting up," Shawn said watching the girl scoot out of the booth.

"I have to go to the bathroom, you slut, try not to molest the syrup while I'm gone," Tammy said as she walked off. She could hear Christy laughing behind her. Tammy looked down as she walked.

Shawn noticed that she was looking down, he decided to take the chance and stood up to block her path. She was pretty, simple but pretty. She had long hair pulled back into a ponytail and it was chestnut brown with gold and red highlights. Shawn noticed that she didn't have on very much make-up. Shawn stood up just as she got to their booth.

Tammy ran right into someone, "Oh god I'm sorry I wasn't watching," she couldn't finish what she was saying after she realized that she had just about bulldozed over the heartbreak kid. Now all she could do was stare. "No damage done, you ok sweet thing," Shawn said trying not to laugh. "Um, a, I'm really sorry," Tammy said as she got hold of herself and went to step around him. "Don't run away why don't you and your friend join us," Shawn said gesturing to the table where his companions sat. It was all that Tammy could do to keep from having her eyes pop out of her head. "Oookay, just let me get her," Tammy said turning around and heading back to her friend.

Tammy managed to get back to the table to get her friend, the need to pee forgotten. "Oh my god, you will never guess who just asked me and you to come sit with them," Tammy said excitedly. "Who the pope," Christy replied. "Nope your sandwich and the heartbreak kid," Tammy said trying not to shout. "Are you serious," Christy said rising from her seat. "Yep come on, maybe you can have your sandwich after all," Tammy said leading Christy over to the table.

Adam and Shawn stood as the girls approached. Adam took Christy's hand and motioned for her to sit between him and Chris. "My names Christy and this is my friend Tammy," Christy said as she sat down. "Well nice to meet you Tammy, and nice to meet you Christy," Chris said running his finger across Christy's neck. Under the table Adam had placed his hand on Christy's leg and was rubbing it. "Yeah nice to meet you Christy, and you too Tammy," he said watching Christy's face. Shawn sat down beside Tammy and offered her, his hand, Tammy took it and shook it, "Nice to meet you Tammy," he said.

They sat and talked for several hours. Adam and Chris were both now messing with Christy under the table, twice she had almost lost it and moaned but she held her composer. "So how long are you guys in town for," Tammy asked trying not to pay attention to what was going on across the table from her. "Two maybe three days," Shawn said noticing how Tammy wouldn't look at her friend. "OH! I mean oh that's cool," Christy said trying not to fall apart both guys were taking turns rubbing between her legs making her wet. "I think its time to get back to the hotel, unless Christy wants to stay here," Adam said as he leaned over and kissed Christy on the neck. "No we can go, I just need to take my car home," Christy said. "How about I take your car to my house and you can pick it up tomorrow," Tammy said finally looking at her friend and smiling. "Ok, that'll work too," Christy said as she stood up between Adam and Chris. "And if Shawn don't mind Tammy can give him a ride to his hotel," Chris said as he turned to go with the other two. "Yeah that's fine with me how about you Tammy," Shawn asked as he looked over at Tammy. "Yeah sure," Tammy said standing. Chris and Adam didn't wait for a response they were already out the door with Christy in tow.

Shawn and Tammy went out and Shawn grabbed his bag out of the car and then watched as they drove off. Tammy and Shawn got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "So where to," Tammy asked as she drove. "Well I'm not sure, I got in late and went straight to the arena. I didn't even think to ask those two which hotel McMhann has us up at," Shawn said. Tammy decided to go out on a limb, "Well instead of driving around half the night looking for the hotel, you could just come stay at my house and in the morning go from there. Its out in the country so you wouldn't have to worry about getting bombarded by fans in the morning when you leave," Tammy said. "Alright, we'll go to your place," Shawn said liking the sound of her idea. "All right then set back and enjoy the ride it'll take about twenty minutes," Tammy said as she got on the interstate.