Title: Pink Carnation

Genre: Romance-Drama

Written By: firewindgurl

Story: Their love was undefined. However, unable to be with each other, they suffer the pains of seeing each other with different people. Sasuhina

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Chapter 1:

Alone I stand here with you beside me.

However, no matter how many times I wish for it.

You can never be mine.

My mother was a broken woman. She had loved my father very much and everything she did for him was for his happiness. Her happiness was in pleasing him and being the best wife she could for him.

However, her misery and came from my father as well. The last thing she could tolerate from him was when he brought home a new woman and a divorce settlement.

The drive up to the Uchiha estate was a long one. Hitomi(I don't noe Hinata's mom's name; sorry!) and Hinata Hyuuga sat in the cushioned leather seat of the black vehicle as it stopped by the driveway of a tall white mansion. The roofs were painted brown and a small garden outside where a koi pond was placed near of. There were also a few rose bushes nestled along the house's perimeter blooming white, red, and pink. The surrounding area was guarded by black steel gates as tall up to ten feet around the premises.

In the eyes of eight year old Hinata, her white pearl orbs opened with curiosity and amazement, as she stepped out of the car. She was dressed in a yellow kimono, exuberant in color and bright as the sun, with sandals and short ebony hair. Her eyes looked up at the vast height of the mansion which than averted to the rose bushes.

It's so pretty, thought Hinata shyly as she blushed light pink on her cheeks. She had never lived in such a beautiful mansion and she was nervous just going in. "The flowers, okaa-san."

Coming after her and holding Hinata's delicate fingers, was a woman. Her long ebony hair was tied in a loose pony tail in the back. The driver of the vehicle had come out of the car and helped the woman up from the car. She wore a light blue kimono with a dark blue robe over her. Her eyes were a pale white as she somewhat had a fatigued expression. However, she still clung tightly to her daughter's hand, making sure Hinata wouldn't run off to look at the roses.

"Yes, dear," Hitomi said as her tired eyes looked at Hinata," However, don't go near it. You might get your fingers pricked."

Hinata nodded obediently however still staring at the roses, waiting for her mother to stand upright as she still hovered over the driver.

"Thank you," said Hitomi as she looked at the driver.

"I can handle it, Yuu," said the man behind Hitomi. He stepped out of the car, suddenly putting an arm around Hitomi's waist, to hoist her up straight. Fugaku looked at his new wife with worry," Are you sure you can handle it? You were still weak when you were in the hospital."

Hitomi shooked her head," Iie. I'm fine, Fugaku. Thank you for the kindness you have bestowed upon my daughter and me." She looked up to stare at her ex-husband's friend and smiled warmly at him even though her eyes looked weary.

Fugaku stared at Hitomi, wondering how he would ever find another woman after his wife had passed away three years ago. Two years ago after reuniting with his old friend, he had seen her pain when he would come over a few times to the Hyuuga house. He had met Hiashi in college: Fugaku majoring in business and Hiashi in teaching.

He would see the sadness in Hitomi's eyes as she failed to reach Hiashi's expectations when he would calmly tell her faults out loud to an embarrassed Hitomi; however, he was always amazed at her calm perseverance through her marriage. He vowed to take better care for her and make sure that her life would be well from now on.

Fugaku bent his head down as he lightly placed a kiss on Hitomi's forehead as she closed her eyes and faced down a little. "I promise you that I will love you."

Hitomi opened her eyes a bit, never thinking that she would hear those words. Her eyes, almost watery, stared up at the man that she would now share the rest of her life with. Hitomi gave him a smile, showing her gratitude and happiness.

"Come now," said Fugaku, as he helped his new wife up the steps to the mansion as the car drove off to be parked.

Hitomi nodded, looking down at Hinata-still holding hands," Come, Hinata."

Hinata nodded slightly as she looked up at her mother's expression. Never has she seen such a happy expression before on her mother's face. Even though she looked worn out, her face was shining with hope.

Hinata couldn't help but be surprised.

"Hai, okaa-san," said Hinata as she smiled shyly at her mother and followed.

Fugaku opened the door, revealing peach walls with various artworks and expensive furniture. Hitomi, leaned her head on her husband's shoulder, looking at the sight as Fugaku tightly than before held his wife's waist with one arm.

"What do you think?" he asked, hopeful.

"It's wonderful," said Hitomi, her voice soft and gentle as she looked around with amazement.

Hinata surprised was unable to decipher the surprised feeling that she felt to just be in such a house. It had a huge chandelier before the front door, a stairway, and the house just lit up.

"Hinata," said Hitomi, looking down at her child," What do you think?"

Hinata shyly replied," It's pretty."

Hitomi grinned, wondering how she had born such a sweet and shy child. She was her pride and joy, her everything. Hitomi couldn't be thankful enough that Hinata was by her side and couldn't imagine not having Hinata.

"My two sons should be here," said Fugaku, looking up at the stairs.

Hitomi turned towards Fugaku," May I meet them?"

Hinata, nervously, stepped closer to her mother, afraid to meet other children. She couldn't help but be so bashful.

Suddenly as if on cue, footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. Hinata nervously held onto the kimono her mother wore, half hidden behind it with fear.

Two young boys came into view. One was, of course, older and taller who was thirteen and wore dark pants and a white shirt. He had red eyes and he stopped in front of the three people.

A younger boy, was stationed across from Hinata. He was dressed in black shorts and a navy blue shirt with spiky ebony hair.

Hinata blushed as they made eye contact: onyx and white.

"Meet your new mother," said Fugaku as he stared at his sons with a stern expression.

Hitomi slightly nodded her head," Hello."

Fugaku than spoke again. "You will also be having a new sister named Hinata."

Sasuke focused his eyes on the little girl who was his age. He smirked at the girl, which only made her blush as she stopped looking at him and hid her face in her mother's kimono.

Itachi bowed to the two new family members," It is a pleasure, okaa-san and little sister."

Sasuke, immediately caught on to his older brother's greeting and did his best to copy. "Hai! Ohayou, okaa-san and sister."

And with that, the family greetings were sealed.


"Big brother," said Sasuke as he peeked behind his older brother's bedroom. "When do you think she'll stop crying?"

Itachi who was sitting near his desk reading a book, placed the reading glasses away from his as he looked at his young brother," Leave her alone. She's just scared of being a new home."

Sasuke smirked," Otou-san is certainly happy now isn't he?" He couldn't help but put his fingers into fists as he watched Hinata cry in her mother's arm in the living room. His brother's room was downstairs. Sasuke's father had left to go to work, since he took the morning off to pick up Hitomi and Hinata.

Itachi went back to his reading, sighing as he placed his glasses back on," He's never been happier." Itachi remembered the three years that had passed when their mother died. Though his father was a strong man, he couldn't help but feel empty without his wife.

They remembered their father's late drinking, working hours, and anger that he placed on his children. Their father had always been the strong, quiet, and wise person they once knew, but who knew that the death of his wife would have such an effect on their father?

Itachi sighed again, not understanding how a mere death of a loved one could bring so much change. "It seems his wish is fulfilled now. He has a loving wife and new daughter to suffice his needs."

Sasuke, stared with an irritated expression at Hinata and her crying form. He hated those two. His father would now try to live up those three years with those two. What about him and his brother? Weren't they enough for him to live for? Why did he need to go and get remarried? Was his father that emotionally wounded?

Okaa-san…thought Sasuke. The thought of his loving mother would bring tears to his eyes. Why did she have to die so early? Why did God have to take her life? His mother had always taken care of him and gave him happiness, so why did she have to go so early in his life?

"Why do you keep staring at them when your eyes are full of hate?" asked Itachi, reading his book. "I see the anger in your eyes."

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he closed the door suddenly. His back faced his brother as ebony locks covered his onyx eyes.

"I can't stand them. Those two," spoke Sasuke through gritted teeth," I hate them. I just hate them for coming here." She would not replace his mother. She would not be the epitome of his mother who cared so much for her sons and husband. No one would ever take her place and thus, this new woman would never his mother.


Itachi, surprised turned to his brother. He had never seen this side of Sasuke before. The anger that was in Sasuke's eyes right now was new to Itachi. Sasuke had always been a happy child, following him wherever he went, trying to copy his older brother.

But after the death of their mother, Sasuke changed. He was more lonesome, quiet, and angry.

Brother, thought Itachi, looking at Sasuke's back and his head down. Interest in Itachi's eye, he couldn't help but grin. That's it, be angry. Feel the hate. Understand why I chose not to mourn for mother's death. Fully recognize that bonds in which we are bound together cannot be broken unless we hate. Free yourself and discover what I have discovered.

Itachi couldn't help but feel the snide personality come forth from his soul. His brother would be his test subject. He would form his brother into a guinea pig and see whether his conviction of bonds was true.

Itachi would do whatever it takes to break this family apart.

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