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Chapter 6:

You can never be mine,

And it is as simple as that.

She sighed with content as she felt his kisses on her neck. And then suddenly, she opened her eyes to face reality. Haruno Sakura sighed, placing her head on the desk. She was in her homeroom class and school was about to start in five minutes. Her emerald eyes stayed glued to the empty desk in front of her. Sakura gave a deep sigh, frowning in the process.

Sasuke...why are you constantly in my mind?


"Waah!" shouted Sakura as she felt Naruto slap her back hard. Sakura turned around and saw Naruto's gleaming expression. "Idiot!" Sakura stood up and punched Naruto in the arm.

"Whoa!" moaned Naruto, grabbing his right arm painfully," Why did you have to hit so hard? You usually don't get this angry!" He went to his seat which was across from Sakura's and sat down, still rubbing his right arm. Several students turned to watch them and snickers could be heard inside the classroom.

"Just shut up, everyone, with your damn snickering!" barked Sakura, looking around, her face red. She slumped back into her seat with her arms crossed. "Stupid, Naruto," she mumbled. Looking up again, her face lit up as she saw Sasuke enter the classroom. "Sasuke!"

Naruto turned to look at Sakura, his blue eyes noticing how she suddenly sat more straight and a big smile was now on her face. "Tch," he remarked as he turned to look at Sasuke. "Hey, you're not usually late, what's the matter?"

Sasuke shrugged, his school backpack at one side of his shoulder, as he sat in his seat. He took off his backpack and laid back on his chair. Sakura giggled and leaned herself closer so she could touch his hair softly. "Dont. Touch."

Sakura nodded and moved her fingers back," Okay, Sasuke." There were more snickers in the room again and Sakura stuck her tongue out at her female peers in her classroom. "You're just jealous," she whispered loudly and Sasuke only rolled his eyes. He stopped leaning back and instead placed his arms on the desk and covered his head.

"Another added problem to a crappy morning," he muttered and closed his eyes.


Hinata sat on the ground in her bedroom. Her knees were brought up and her body was still shaking from this early morning. She was still in her pajamas and her long hair was messily tied in a low ponytail. Her eyes were closed and her breaths were slowing coming back to normal. I-I shouldn't h-have, Hinata gulped, her fingers around her knees still shaking, w-woken up. She opened her eyes, revealing that they had been red from tears.

It was like a nightmare.


Hinata woke up to large poundings on the front door. She was surprised to find it 1:26 a.m. in the morning. Her eyes were instantly looking at the dark sky outside of her window, and she was curious to who it was standing in front of the house. Her step-father wasn't home, but called in earlier to say he would be sleeping at the building. Itachi had not been home for three days already and it would shock her to believe he would arrive home in this manner. However, Hinata got up groggily and walked down the stairs. Seeing no signs of Sasuke, Hinata knew he was still asleep. Hinata approached the door and peeked in the small opening. Her pearl orbs suddenly widened and Hinata quickly unleashed the locks and opened the door.

"Itachi," she gasped. He was standing in front of her, his red eyes she feared so much about him staring straight into her own eyes. Somehow, she felt somewhat terrified that she was to greet him and especially at this time. "D-did you forget y-your k-keys?" She spoke softly in a nervous manner. By opening the door, the cold breeze of the night air entered the house and Hinata could not help but shiver.

Itachi was breathing hard, exhaling and inhaling deeply. He could feel it. His heart stretching and his fingers suddenly itching to touch her face. He could see the moonlight ease upon her pale-textured face and the look of fright she gave him was making it hard for Itachi to imagine that she could still be so beautiful even in fear. However, his exterior remained calm and serious. Even with all the effects Hinata gave him, he felt himself growing more and more passed his limit. His eyes never leaving her pearl ones.

"No, I didn't," He spoke calmly, but in the dark, she would not notice his fingers already flexing in ache.

Hinata sighed in relief, trying to give a smile," Oh, good. Come in, I was worried that you would be outside all night long." She opened the door wider and suddenly she felt his dark figure embrace her tightly. His long arms holding onto, pulling her forward. Hinata could feel her face almost slamming onto his chest, she could smell a sweet perfume. Her arms were left hanging by her sides, but Hinata's eyes conveyed her truest emotions: They were wide, terrified, and confused.

Itachi could feel her short breaths now. He could actually hear, after all these years, how fast she was breathing with her in his arms. He gave a wicked smile, as if proud that she was actually in his arms. He moved his head, closer to her neck and took in her scent of lavender. He couldn't believe this is what his precious Hinata smelled like. It was...intoxicating.

"Stop," spoke Hinata, in her regular voice, suddenly not comfortable with their situation. Her eyes looked around in worry, "Itachi-niisan, stop." However the more she spoke his hold on her seemed to not move. Hinata gasped as she suddenly felt a wet residue by the base of her neck. She shook more with terror at the way Itachi was coming at her.

Itachi licked his lips, savoring Hinata's taste.

Hinata stood still, as if paralyzed by his actions. But her vision was becoming blurry. Tears were coming down her face as she could feel herself about to faint. "I-Itachi-" Hinata's eyes widened as she felt his lips on her own.


There was no trace of alcohol. No trace ofanything but his own pure lips on her own.

Hinata's eyes widened as he started to deepen their kiss, but she returned none of it. Her body shook, and it seemed her tears would never end. Inside, something was breaking. Hinata couldn't stop him, with the way he held her tightly and now with one of his hand moving up to touch her neck, she was stunned by this whole event.

My breaking.

It seemed like minutes that he continued to kiss her with such an urgency unknown to Hinata. His actions were so out of the blue that she could not help but feel herself seeped in with Itachi's own pain. She could sense it. A sort of agony hidden inside of him.

"I love-" he whispered. As soon as his mouth was away from hers, Hinata did the only thing she could do.

She screamed.

His footsteps, the door opening and slamming, Hinata heard it all in those few seconds. Sasuke was now in the same area as her and Itachi. His onyx eyes would see their positions and Hinata would only have to wait and see if Sasuke would save her from this situation.

Even though he was not near to her, the still night air brought an unusual silence for the three of them. So much that Hinata could hear fast breaths coming from Sasuke. Her back was facing him, but knowing Sasuke was finally awake did not stop her tears from coming. Why..w-why...

She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and was ripped away from Itachi's grasp. Hinata turned around and her heart suddenly jumped when she saw Sasuke's blurred face. However she could not tell if he was angry. She unexpectedly felt herself brought into his arms. He was holding her close to him and Hinata felt finally safe enough to close her eyes. In the process, the rest of her tears slid down her cheek and soaked Sasuke's cotton gray shirt. Her arms were tightly around his waist, unrelenting to do anything else. She had been frightened to a very much heightened degree.

"What the hell did you do to her, brother?" Sasuke spoke coldly.

Their eyes locked closely onto each other.

Itachi smiled at Sasuke grimly, making Sasuke grow wary.

"I haven't really noticed it, but you're growing taller, Sasuke," Itachi spoke, in his deep manner, calmly.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!" shouted Sasuke once again, louder as his onyx eyes glared at Itachi. "We never planned to do...this."

Itachi smirked," We? What do you mean?" His red eyes stared at Hinata's shivering form and he controlled himself from beating his brother to a pulp so as to have Hinata's back in his arms again. His fingers curled into a fist, which were now resting at his sides.

Sasuke took in a deep breath," You fucking bastard! You never told me you had feelings for Hinata!"

Itachi chuckled," Should that really concern you, little brother?" He took a step closer and as he did, he stared at Hinata's form. He noticed that she heard him move closer and he could see her cling onto Sasuke more. His eyes stared at her long hair, now in a messy ponytail. "Or does that concern you?" He turned to look at Sasuke again.

Sasuke stared angrily at Itachi," You would hurt someone you love?"

Itachi gave a grinning smile. "Wouldn't you?" He then motioned his eyes to Hinata and then back at Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the idea his brother was suggesting. NO. Hinata? He didn't care for her. There was no reason to care for such a person who came into his life without his approval and took everything he loved away from him. On that day, having Hinata's mother be his new mother angered Sasuke. Sasuke was now breathing hard with irritation seeping through his veins. "That bitch...had no right to take mother's place," spoke Sasuke heatedly," That bitch and the fucking daughter had no right to enter mother's house. The house that she poured every sweat and blood that she even died waiting for father to come home. I hate them with every ounce within me. So, shut the hell up, Itachi, when you start to imagine such impossible assumptions!!" He didn't love Hinata; there was no one else in the world for Sasuke to care for. He breathed each second just so he could watch Hinata break and fall; so that the person he hated most in the world would experience his pain. And then finally, would Sasuke end his own suffering.

You're a fool.

"Y-you're kidding me, right?" spoke Hinata softly. Both brothers turned their attention to Hinata. Hinata's eyes were wide at the sudden confession of Sasuke. Her arms were now loose around him and Sasuke let go of Hinata. Hinata looked down, feeling the rush of blood to her cheeks. One hand reached to touch her left side of her chest. He hates you...has always hated you...will always hate you...will never-Hinata looked up her eyes now clearly able to see Sasuke's face. But she saw his serious expression. His onyx eyes staring hatefully into her own. There was no doubt about it. Hinata stepped back, going up the stairs slowly. Her eyes turned towards Itachi all of a sudden, and noticed his serious expression. These two

Hinata could feel her head going dizzy.

Keep this family together, Hinata. Please promise me," said Hitomi as she stared at her daughter with weak eyes as she cupped Hinata's face. "Do not break this family apart. You must learn to love with your whole heart now into this family. I know how hard it is for you to move on-however, I trust that you will listen to me."

Hinata shook her head, her eyes continuing to be wide with fright, as she continued to look at them. N-no...they've b-been strangers all along! I-I won't let them t-rick me again. Hinata turned to look at Sasuke's piercing gaze and Hinata could feel herself growing small. "I-I won't l-let you t-touch me, g-get n-near me, o-or" Hinata wanted to stop but tears mixed with pain went so well together. Hinata kept her chin up to keep herself from crying "d-destroy me with your actions." Hinata than turned away and headed into her room, locking the door.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the last sentence she spoke.

Itachi on the other hand, was gone, and in his room.


With everything that had happened this morning still so real in Hinata's mind, she was slowly packing her things. Hinata got dressed in plain jeans and a black sweater. Her long waves of ebony hair were let down and Hinata examined herself in the mirror. Her eyes were still a bit puffy, so Hinata hoped she would sound convincing. It was already near noon and Hinata feared to go outside of her room with Itachi at home. But her step-father had come home as well and he would be suspicious that she wasn't at school.

Hinata slowly stepped outside of her room and crept downstairs. If her step-father wondered why she was home, she would say becuase she felt sick. Hinata knew that once she left this house, she vowed never to return.

I am sorry I was never able to fulfill your wish, mother, Hinata thought. To her luck, no one occupied the lower floor and Hinata opened the front door and stood outside. The sun was beaming down on her face, filling her body with warmth. Nevertheless, Hinata continued to make her way out of the neighborhood and away from the Uchiha's.

Once at the bus stop, Hinata turned around to look at the direction she came from. Still, Hinata did not cry becuase this was a decision she was not going to regret. Yet, feelings that should be scarred were still held inside her heart. The seventeen year old Hinata could not smile at this unfortunate revelation, so instead damned it as a punishment for ever settling inside the Uchiha household.

The person she loved would never love her back.

Hinata did not smile but continued to look solemnly at the road. It was time for her to go and Hinata entered the arrived bus.


"What do you mean that she left?" spoke Fugaku worriedly. It was already two in the afternoon. He looked up from his desk in the study room of the Uchiha house, and into the eyes of his eldest son, Itachi. "Why didn't you stop her?"

Itachi was dressed in his business suit except for the jacket. His eyes looked at the table instead of straight into his father's eyes. "I only found out when the school called to say she did not attend class today. I check in her room and her clothes and some of her belongings were gone."

Fugaku sighed," Dammit." He stood up and Itachi took the opportunity to stare at his father's expression. He noticed his father was actually worried.

"Why?" Itachi continued to stare at his father in the eyes seriously," Why did you get married to Hyuuga Hitomi even when I was already engaged to her daughter?"

"I never thought you would ask such a thing," spoke Fugaku, a bit of curiousity in his voice; however, Fugaku, not realizing his son's feelings, gave a deep sigh and spoke gently while looking out of the window in the study room. "I pitied the poor creature. Hitomi was a very fragile human being and I pitied her for having been mistreated by Hiashi. I knew how Hiashi expected excellence and I knew well enough as he did that Hitomi would never achieve the excellence Hiashi sought. So, he abandoned his eldest daughter and wife and was happy enough to let me care for them. I guess I didn't think about the engagement Hinata and you were supposed to have at the time. But," Fugaku turned to look at Itachi," you can find someone else who suits more to your taste. I don't believe you two would have ever really engaged with each other once Hinata was old enough. Your mother even opposed to it, being that Hinata was such a simple-minded child."

Itachi gave a small chuckle," I see," he spoke, going along with his father. "Well, that was all." He turned around, ready to leave.

"I am very surprised to see that Hinata ran away," Fugaku spoke," I never thought she would have such courage to leave."

Itachi smiled, but remained quiet. He then left his father alone. His father was right. Hinata was just seventeen and from what he discovered, she did not take any money from her bank account. Hinata had hardly any money. Itachi didn't blame his father for what he said earlier. Uchiha Fugaku was just like other aimless fathers who cared more about fame and power then love and family. And to think Itachi actually thought Fugaku had really loved Hitomi this whole time.

Itachi entered his room, his back resting on the door. A sudden spurt of laughter came to him as he went over in his head the conversation he shared with his father. He finally knew his parents would have never approved of Hinata, yet he hated the fact that they knew and still his heart did not stop loving her. Itachi covered his face with his hand and continued to laugh. His experiment had failed miserably.

In the end, no one broke due to the fact that they had never cared much about Hinata. She was just something hated or pitied by the people she lived with. Itachi could not help as he felt the tears come to his eyes. His red, red, red eyes that looked so much like the color of blood, was now bleeding. Itachi went down onhis knees and continued his laughs.

He admitted it hurt; that it stung like no other dart that had pierced his heart. And Itachi unrelentingly laughed with tears running down his face because he knew he was going to find Hinata, with every last breath he had. His heart was drawn to her. It had always been drawn to her.

Itachi saw a vision of Hinata's face in his mind and he stopped his actions. Itachi walked over to his drawer and slowly opened it. First, he took out the photograph of his original family. He was staring at happy, smiling parents, a young boyish, looking Itachi, and a toddler Sasuke. Next, with more thought, Itachi pulled an dark object out and placed it to his head. With nothing else but the memory of a small six year old Hinata staring at him with innocent pearl orbs, Itachi felt himself ready.

"," he softly spoke and pulled the trigger.


"Sasuke what's wrong?" asked Sakura. She was standing up on the stage with him and they had been practicing the next lines for the new play. Everyone looking up at the two of them wondered in unison as well by Sasuke's sudden strange behavior. Sasuke had stopped right in his tracks and was looking at the opened doors of the room. His onyx eyes intently fixed on the rain that seemed to have suddenly started pouring outside.

"Hey! It's raining!"

"And it was just sunny earlier!"

"How weird!"

Sasuke heard their comments, but somehow, he continued to stand still. It felt like a thousand needles had suddenly pierced every part of his body.

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