Shadow's Friends!

Discription:This is like the Sonic show Shadow stlye! Me and 2 best friends are in this. I love SHADOW!

' words - Maria,." words - thoughts, "words - talking, " words - Dr.Eggman's robots.

Sonic walked with Chirs and their friends down the street. They were just walking around the town for fun that night. They had nothing better to do. Chris looked at Sonic.

"Hey, Sonic." He said.

"Yeah, Chirs? What's up?" The blue hedgehog asked.

"Do you ever wounder what happened to Shadow?" Chris asked.

"Shadow? Why do ya want to know about him?"

"I just wounder what happened to him." Chris said.

"Well, if he ended up in the ocean, he isn't coming back." Knuckles said.

"Come on, Knuck. Don't be so negitive." Sonic said.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Knuckles yelled. He was getting anoyed by his new nick-name.

"I think it's cute." Rouge said flying up next to Knuckles.

Knuckles just walked a little faster to get ahead of her.

"Sonic's right, Knuckles." The pink hedgehog, Amy, said. "Don't be so negitive."

"Shadow's fine, Chris. I'm sure he is."

Chris looked back at the fox that told him what he just heard. He smiled.

"Thanks, Tails."

"No problem."

Just then Sonic saw something up ahead.

"Hey, what's that?" He asked.

The group stop walking. Rouge just stopped in midair and looked ahead. The group saw him. Shadow! But he wasn't alone. (This is were me and my friends come in.) A group of people were there. Next to him was a young girl. She had brown hair that went 2 inches past her shoulder put in a ponytail.(me) She had a pink t-shirt and blue jens on. Another girl with blonde hair that went half way down her back was there too.(my friend) She had on a green shirt that was mostly cover by her blue jean vest. She was also wereing blue jeans. To her right was a purple female hedgehog. She had a dress like Amy's, but it was purple with white stripes like this/. She had a redish pruple hair band in her hair like Amy. She looked just like Amy. But purple,with longer hair, and she was a bit taller. She was pretty happy. To the blonde girl's left was a bat. She flew about 3 inches off the ground. She looked like a Rouge. But her hair was longer and she had 3 strands of hair on her forehead.(Like Amy) She had purple eyeshadow and blue eyes. She had a pink strapless shirt on that was a darker pink then the human girl's shirt with navy blue baggy pants amd black boots.. Rouge didn't belive it.

"What's she doing here?" She asked herself.

To the left of the bat was a grey wolf. The wolf had bangs covering her right eye and the tips of her ears were bent down a bit. The right ear was bent down more than the left. She had a off-the-shoulders yellow top on with gray pants and black teenie shoes. To her left was a human girl.(my other friend) She looked a bit older then the other two. She had shoulder leagth brown hair with lots of blonde highlights. She had and orange t-shirt with blue jeans. To Sonic and his friends, Shadow was the only boy. (He was also the only one not smileing.)


A red male hawk ran up to the group. He was holding on off those boards from Sonic Riders. It was red on the eadges but the rest was white. He was smileing to after he yelled at the girl in the orange shirt. Sonic looked at Shadow. He had his usual frown on. His eyes were closed and his hands were down at his side.

"Hey, Shadow! Long time no see!" Sonic called.

The other group stopped dead in their tracks. They all looked up to see who had called the red and black hedgehog. Shadow just stood there. Slowly, he looked up at the blue hedgehog. His eyes were fixed on Sonic. He didn't even see Sonic's friends.

"Nice to see ya! It's been a long time!" Sonic called.

"Shadow, do you know him?" The girl in pink asked.

"His name is Sonic." Was all Shadow said befor he charged at Sonic with his super speed.

Sonic ran off to the right. Shadow stopped and chased him.

"SHADOW!" The girl called. "WHAT ARE DOING?!"

But he didn't answer. He just kept fighting Sonic. The girl felt like she had gotten use to Shadow not answering her questions. The only question could remeber Shadow answering is "What's your name?" when she frist met him. Both groups watched the fight. The two hedgehogs were running at super-sonic speed.

"I never knew there was someone as fast as Shadow." The girl in orange said.

"He's so quick to pick fights." The purple hedgehog added.

Chris looked at the other Group.

"How do they know Shadow?" he thought. "Are they his friends? Why are they just now showing up in town? I gotta find out." He tuned his atention Back to the fighting Hedgehogs.

"What's up, Shadow? You just come out of nowere and I try to nice, then you want to fight?" Sonic asked try to doge attacks and fight at the time.

"I still haven't beaten you." Shadow said. "I still have to prove I'm better."

"That's all? I was expecting more form you then just 'proving your better'." Sonic said. "Who are your friends." Sonic brought up the subject out of nowere.

Shadow didn't answer.

"Fine then." Sonic threw a punch at Shadow.

Shadow stopped it with his hand. He kicked Sonic, sending him back wards a little. Sonic charged at him. Shadow moved and they both charged at each other. After that neither group could tell what was happening. The two were going to fast. All they did see was the two charing at each other every now and then. Then they were abel to see what was going on when Shaodw used Chaos controll. Sonic stopped. He looked around for Shadow.

"Were did he go?" Sonic asked.

He looked in every direction buy up. Shadow came down and slamed Sonic into the ground. Shadow landed on the ground and watched Sonic get up slowly.

"You'ev gotten better." Sonic said.

"Can't say the same for you." Shadow charged him.

Sonic moved out of the way. He got into a ball that went charging at Shadow.

"BAM!" He hit Shadow.

That seemed to be the most afective thing to do. So while Shadow was still getting up Sonic did it again. And again. He did it one more time befor Shadow was able to get out of the way in time. Then Shadow did it again. He held out a green Chaos emerald.

"CHAOS CONTROLL!" He shouted.

He disappred. Sonic looked up expcting the same thing Shadow did last time. But then Shadow hit Sonic form behind. Now, at this piont Shadow had some scratches on him from Sonic. But he wasn't to bad. Untill Sonic did another attack. He got into the ball form. But this time be went in a cricle. It turned into a tronado. It sucked Shadow in. Shadow tryed to stay on the round but he was sucked in. Sonic watched as Shadow was spinning around in there. Then Sonic stared wide-eyed. His tornado was getting weeker. He looked for Shadow. And sure enough, Shadow was on the ground running on the inside of the tronado in the opposite direction. That casued the tornado to end. The group of people that were with Shadow started to cheer for him. The hawk waved his board in the air. The 3 girls were just cheer. The bat and the wolf were so happy they hug each other and bunced up and down. The purple girl was the loudest.

"That's my Shadow!" She gryed.

Everyone in the group looked at her. Everyone but the hawk. He just kept waving his broad around. The girl blushed.

"I...mean...That's our Shadow! Go get 'em!" She covered.

Everyone began cheering again. Shadow charged at Sonic. Sonic moved and Charged back. They were doing what they had been doing befor. Knuckles was a little mad that he was left out of the fight. He had a plan. He punched the ground making an earthquake in that area. Sonic and Shadow were not affected. But the building behind Shadow's friends was. A big chunk of it fell of was heading right for them. The group ran out of the way. But the girl in the pink fell. And a small peice of the wall hit the girl's ankel and bounced off. She tryed to get up but couldn't.

'help her.' a sweet voice told Shadow.

He had heard that voice befor. It told him to do something some time. He didn't know who that voice was and he didn't care. He listen to hit. He ran to the girl. He got her and took her to the group just befor the peice of the biulding hit the sidewalk and made a big dent in it. He put her down and ran back to the fight.

"That was nice." Sonic said.

"I was told to help her." Shadow said befor chargeing Sonic.

By this time they were both running out off energy. Sonic charged back. They hit each other and sent each other flying back. They stood there. Breathing heavily. They looked at each other. Both of the groups watched to what would happen.

"Come on, Sonic." Amy thought. "You can do it!"

Sonic got in his ball form and charged Shadow. Shadow was to exastued to do anything. He had no idea how long they had been fighting. Best guess was 45 minutes. Sonic hit Shadow and sent him flying back. This time, Shadow didn't get up. Both groups wtched Shadow.

"GET UP! GET UP!" The red hawk called.

The girl in pink got up.

"SHADOW!" She called hoping for an anwser.


"SHADOW!" She called again.

He just layed there. She ran to him. But she didn't get far. As so as she started to run, she fell.

"Seirra!" The blonde girl called.

The group ran to her. The girl in orange helped her up. As soon as Seirra was up, she ran to Shadow.

"SHADOW!" She hoped for an anwser as she ran.

Nothing... She got to him and nelt down beside him. She layed head in her lap.

"Wake up! Shadow! Wake up! Speak to me!" She called.

Her eyes began to water. She tryed to fight back the tears. But it was hard. She cryed.

"SHADOW! Wake up!" She called.

The red hawk grabbed Shadow's rist has the group came up to them.

"His pulse is normal. He's just unconscious." He said.

"Velvet. Go get help. He's beaten pretty bad." The purple hedgehog said.

Her voice was not any were need as high pitched as Amy's voice. It was just a normal voice.

"Gottcha, Mollie!" The bat flew off.

Rouge folwed her.

"HEY! VELVET! WAIT!" Rouge called.

"Oh no." Velvet said to herself. "WHAT DO YOU WANT, SIS?!"



"That may be true but you don't have to make it sound like a bad thing." Rouge said to herself. "WAIT UP!" Rouge followed her sister.

"Saba!" The hawk said the wolf.

(Her name is pronouced: Sayba.)

"Follow Velvet. See why the other bat is following her." The hwak said.

"Yo, Pep. Your the one with the flying board. You follow her." Saba said.

"A: My name is Pepper. B: I'M TAKING CARE OF SHADOW!" Pepper said.

"Fine." The wolf ran off.

The other group ran up to Sonic.

"Sonic! Are you ok?" Amy asked.

"I'm fine. Who are Shadow's friends?" He asked.

"I don't know. But I can't see how they could care for that jerk!" Knuckles said.

"Why did Rouge follow that other bat?" Amy asked.

"My guess is that they know each other and Rouge want's to settel something with her." Tails said.

"That sounds like Rouge." Knuckles said. "Who are those three girls?" Knuckles asked.

"There's only one way to find out." Sonic said.

He walked over to the remaining people in the group.

"Hi guys." He said.

Everyone in the group gave Sonic the evil eyes.

"What?" Sonic asked. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Why did you do that to Shadow?!" The girl in orange asked. Or yelled. No one could tell.

"Calm down Andi." Pepper said.

"Why should I?" She yelled/asked.

"What did Shadow ever do to you?!" The girl in green asked.

"He's the one who wanted to fight!" Soinc said has his friends walked up to them. "Shadow had it coming!"

"Soinc would never hurt someone unless he had a reason." Tails said. "He's a nice guy. Shadow is the one who works for Eggman."

"WHAT!!!!!!" The group yelled.

"HE DOSE NOT!" The girl in green yelled.



"YEAH! THAT'S RIGH...Wait a minute. Why did you call Shadow Mr. Doom and Gloom?! WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?!" Mollie the purple hedgehod said.

"Yeah. WHY?" Seirra asked.

"Well,he barly talks. His demeanor is inflexible and sullen." Pepper said.

"I don't know what those words mean, but if there something bad your gonna pay!" Mollie said.

The other group watched as Shadow's friends got into a fight. Everyone vs. Pepper. (HAHA)

"Their pretty weird." Knuckles said.

"They relly seam to be mad. I think their anger made them forget Shadow." Tails said.

"Hey! Knock it off!" Sonic yelled.

The group looked at him.

"I don't know why your mad at me, but we can help. We can take Shadow to Chris' house and get him fixxed up. How about that?" Sonic asked.

"Well..." Seirra said.

"We don't want your help! As far as we're conserned your the evil hedgehog that beat up our friend." The purple teen said. "But Shadow is hurt so we'll take your offer."

"Great. We'll get him fixxed up in no time." Amy said in a cheery voice.

"BUT..." The girl in green said, "It dosen't mean we're going to be your friends. At lest not his friends." She pointted at Soinc.

"So... basicly... your willing to friends with anyone of us but Sonic?" Chris asked.

"Basicly." The girl in orange said. "I'm Andi."

"Name's Roxie." Said the girl in green.

"I'm Seirra." The girl in pink said.

"I'm Mollie." The purple hedgehog said.

"Hi. I'm Pepper." The red hawk said.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Knuckles."

"My name is Amy."

"And I'm Chris."

"What about the bat? The one that followed Velvet." Pepper said.

"Her name is Rouge. She's a weirdo, but she's still our friend. When she wants to be." Knuckles said. "And the other two?" Knuckles asked about their friends.

"The bat girl is Velvet. The wolf is Saba." Pepper said.

"What about Shadow?!" Sierra asked.

"I think they already know him." Pepper said.


"Let's go then." Amy said.


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