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"I…I didn't do it!" Sakura yelled as she was dragged to the council room of the Elders. The two guards only gripped her arm tighter as she struggled and jumped around for escape. Her wings ruffled with annoyance.

The group came to a halt as they appeared in front of two large golden doors. She looked towards the door, her eyes traveling up to the top. With a sudden yank she was thrown in, landing in the spotlight, hundreds of eyes watching her but only five matted the most.

She looked around, hearing whispers of regret and shame. She shook her head, trying to tell them the truth, though none would listen. It was then that she looked forward, to the five lighted figures sitting at one long decorated table.

The elders.

She looked at all five, slowly giving them an innocent glare. Their faces were covered with white sashes however; she knew three of them personally. The other two, she had never seen their face, or so she thought.

"Tsunade, why am I being accused of such crimes," she asked the leader of the council who sat in the middle of the white table. Tsunade was her teacher, she had taught her many things, including about life. She was somewhat life a mother to her and also one of the closes in rank to God. (Haha, oh yeah a drunk and a gambler. Who would have thought?)

Tsunade only looked away, either out of shame or pity. Or was she to believe her own student could commit such a crime. However, there it was. The evidence. "Sakura, all evidence points to you."

Sakura could only gasp at the words, "But…Tsunade…How could you think that I would-"

"It's to late!" Another voice interrupted this one male and fierce. "The crime has been committed, and her punishment has already been established! What are we waiting for? Hurry and send her away already, this is taking up my time!"

"Please," Tsunade said in a hushed voice, trying her hardest to hold back her true emotions, "We can't just send her, there must be another way!"

"No!" The male yelled standing and slamming his fist on the wooden table. "If we let one get away with this, then more will try to bypass our laws! She has broken a forbidden rule, one that can not be forgiven!"

Sakura's eyes widened as she shockingly took a step forward, "Forbidden rule? I have committed no such thing! Tsunade tell him!"

Tsunade looked up, eyes full of gloom, "Sakura…there was a witness."

The pink haired girl's face became confused, slightly angry. She didn't do anything! How could there be a witness! "What? Who the hell-"

"My dear Sakura."

Sakura jumped slightly at the creepy, slithering voice behind her. She turned around only to growl with anger. "Orochimaru!" Her fist clenched at her sides as she slightly stomped towards him.

He was leaning against the closed door frame a smirk plastered on his face. "How are you my cherry blossom?"

"Don't give me that! What lies have you told them?" She glared harder as he stood up, walking towards her in a proud way.

"Nothing at all, my dear." He closed his eyes shrugging.

"Orochimaru has claimed to be a witness during the crime." The same man sitting at the table announced.

"What!" Her attention turned away from the previous speaker back towards the snake man. "Y-You!" She shouted pointing her finger at him, "You…Bastard!"

"I wouldn't say that," he chuckled grabbing her hand kissing it like a gentleman would. She quickly yanked it away trying to wipe his germs away. He only smirked continuing, "I'm just telling the truth."

She leaned forward within whispering range, "I won't marry you so now you accuse me of this?" Her eyes were glaring daggers as her fist tightened.

He shrugged again smirking wider, "What can I say? I'm a bad loser."

Her inner mind was furious; she wanted to beat the shit out of him! Who did he think he was!

"However," he began as he circled around her, "if you agree to be with me, I'll take back my accusations and say it was all a big mistake." He stopped making sure her attention was on him, "an accident you could say."

"I will never be with you. I hate you! I love Neji! The two of us are getting married!" She shouted, not caring if the other around them heard.

Orochimaru glared hard his slit eyes showing rage. He leaned forward his mouth curving into a eerie frown, "That's going to be hard to do, especially when your exiled!" He walked towards the council turning his attention away from her, "I'll proceed with my accusation!"

/Sakura Pov/

Exiled? What?

I could only stand there shocked at the word. Were they really going that far? What was I accused of! I didn't even know the crime!

My thoughts were interrupted as the council continued their conference. I shook them off as I walked towards them, looking at Tsunade with terrified eyes, "Tsunade…I'm…going to be…exiled?"

The tall blond haired woman frowned even more, "It can't be helped Sakura. Those…are the rules."

"To where? Earth?" A slight smile made its way on my face, "That means I'll be able to come back! All I have to do is save a soul! Right!" I looked around the room. Everyone was so quite, all eyes on me. What the heck did I do!

"No," Tsunade started looking into my eyes, "Sakura your banished to…Hell. I'm sorry!"


My head whipped around at the familiar voice. "Neji!" I yelled as I ran to him sobbing into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me protectively as his frown grew. "Neji I swear, I didn't do a thing!"

"I know." His wings slowly curved around me, as if another layer of protection. He looked towards the council with determined eyes. His arms released me as he walk towards them. "Isn't there anything we can do to stop this?"

"The law states she is to be banished!" Orochimaru cut in earning a glare from Neji.

"The law also states if she is proven innocent she can be accepted back!"

The council man sitting to the right of Tsunade, the one who had talked before stood up interested, "What are you proposing Neji?"

Neji took a step forward, "Let me prove she's innocent, that is all."

The council seemed to talk amongst themselves, either agreeing or disagreeing with the choice. After a few minutes the man stood up again opening his mouth to speak.

"You may do so Neji."

"What!" Orochimaru was about to continue until the council raised his hand cutting him off.

"However, until then she is sentenced to spend eternity in Hell!"

With a loud shriek of pain escaping my lips, I looked behind me to find my wings slowly started to tear away from my back. I fell to the ground gripping my head as I yelled loudly in pain.

"Sakura!" Neji yelled, as he ran towards me hugging my pained body.

When an angel loses their wings, the pain is unbearable. It is to remind them of how they betrayed their home and how they never are to be accepted again. A sin. If they are ever to return without permission then this same pain will return to them. The only way to stop the pain is to leave…which was the next step in my banishment.

Suddenly, black, smoggy chains clamped around my body tightly. I yelled as they tightened crushing my bones. "N-Neji," I gasped out. His eyes widened as he tried to pull the chains off, however he pulled his hands away rapidly in a hurting way.

We looked at his now burned hands confused. He shook the pain away as he went to try again though stopped when the snake man spoke up.

"Leave her. There's nothing you can do now. She's his."

Neji turned giving Orochimaru a confused and frustrated look, "She's whose-"

Before he could finish a poof of black smoke appeared next to me. Causing me to gasp out coughing. Never in my angelic life had I been exposed to such unclean, smoke filled air. I coughed again, accidentally taking in more of the 'air'. Within a few seconds I passed out just as the smoke cleared. (End Sakura Pov)

Neji's eyes widened at the sight, actually everyone's eyes widened. Standing in front of them the male figure looked towards the council showing no respect, but a bored expression painted on his face.

"I'm here for my 'master's' package."

The male figure ran his hand through his raven hair as he looked down. His eyebrow rose at the sight of the young girl, the black chains still clinging to her tightly.

'She has pinkhair'

He bent down, picking her up by the chains and carrying her as if she was actually a brown paper package. Her body bent around the chains, her hand lightly touching the floor. He used his free hand to make a hand seal and just as he was about to leave a voice called to him.

"Who are you?"

The man looked over his shoulder to see a brown haired man glaring at him. He looked as the angel's light brown wings twitched by his sides.

'Damn, another good for nothing angel,' he thought to himself as he sighed outwardly with annoyance.

Neji heard the sigh and only gripped his fist tighter. "Who are you," he demanded trying his hardest to keep his voice down in such a holy place.

The male smirked noticing the rage appearing in the angel's face and voice. He chuckled, "Don't worry angel boy. I have no interest in her. Besides, she doesn't belong to me…anymore…," his eyes seemed to look down at the floor with that last comment.

Neji flared up again, giving the stranger a serious death glare. If he were a cat, this would be where his tail rose and a hiss aroused from his throat.

The raven haired man smirked wider as he turned around, his back to everyone. His eyes wondered over the angelic figures carved into the building.

"But to answer your question," he began, slightly looking at the girl from the corner of his slit eyes, "I'm exactly what she is now."

The brown haired angel continued his glare waiting for the man to say more. However, when the man continued his look around the place Neji took a step closer, his voice becoming annoyed and desperate for answers. "And what exactly would that be?"

The man stopped tilting his head backwards, turning his attention back on the other male. He smirked as he gave him an elegant bow, gesturing his hand politely. He stayed in the position as he looked up looking directly into the angels white eyes.

Even Orochimaru seemed curious on the situation; his sharp ears listened to every word spoken as his eyes watched every movement possible.

The stranger took in a deep breath causing everyone else to hold their own breath. After a few more seconds of intense silence he spoke.


In another sickening smoke filled poof he disappeared leaving nothing but the scent of corpses, coal, and…death?

"…death?" Neji murmured under his breath, his eye widening as the sudden thought came to him, "He's a-"


He looked towards the owner of the voice.

"Tsunade…," he whispered, his eyes becoming softer and pained yet again.

The leading angel stood up, slightly slamming her fist on the table causing everyone to jump with surprise and fear. She raised her head, tears in the corner of her eyes, threatening to fall. In a sudden rush she left the room, heading to her own quarters.

"Oh well, Sakura deserved it after all." Orochimaru's morbid voice rang out, a creepy smile peering on his lips. "I mean after all, heaven is a holy place of course. There's no room for such sinners."

"Makes me wonder why you're here," Neji murmured as he rushed past the snake, slightly knocking, though not strong enough to push him down.

Orochimaru snickered a laugh watching the brown haired male exist through the doors; everyone else already had left because the trial was done.

He looked at the ceiling, a true smile plastered on his face as a graceful light showered over his dark features. His arms rose, welcoming more light as his eyes seemed to turn darker, the whole eye becoming blacker as if mutated.

"Yes, why is it I am in this vulgar place." His arms stretched even closer to the light, his voice containing mockery and sarcasm. "Tell me oh holy one."

As if answering his prayers, red eyes opened from the darkest corner of the room. Eyes holding more power of destruction and shadows then what would be expected in such a place.

"…I know why…"

Orochimaru looked from his position towards the corner; a non-surprised smile on his face. He of course knew the dangerous person with eyes of crimson. "How nice to see you," he said bringing his arms down and facing the figure properly.

"Old friend."


"Why are you crying?"

I couldn't help it. I had just learned…

"Pink haired girl, hey, are you okay?"

that I had died…

"Tell me what's wrong."

and though I was perfectly fine…

"Do you need some help?"

the only thing that scared me was…

"Are you lost?"

I couldn't remember how I died.

"Are you new?"

My head rose from its position on my knees, tears still falling as I nodded my head. All I remembered was suddenly waking up with light pink wings on my back, not big but small.

At my answer the man standing in front of me chuckled with a sigh of relief. He slowly reached his hand out for me to take it, "Come on, I'll help you."

I nodded taking his hand and standing up. At first I felt dizzy, but after a few shakes of the head it wore off. We started to walk through what I would call a park, an angel's park? I laughed at the idea, what a silly name for such a place.

Anyways, after a few more minutes of awkward silence and a few more steps of random walking down a nowhere specific path, I decided to break the silence, what best of it I could. He didn't look like much of a talkative guy.

"So," I started, though not with much luck, "My names Sakura. What's yours?"

He stopped as he gazed over at my direction. Oh great, don't tell me he's a psycho, did I say something wrong.

I continued to worry, however, all my thoughts were proven wrong as a smile graced his features. For some reason I felt my cheeks become somewhat warm and my lips to whisper some foreign language to my mind. "Wow…you must be an angel. You're so handsome."

As soon as my brain progressed the translation to me, I covered my mouth rapidly in an attempt to stop whatever more my deceiving lips would speak. Those traitorous jerks!

However, another surprise passed me when a small pleasing laugh came from him. All I could do was gasp as his hand reached my head to pat it softly. Yep, you guessed, now I felt like a child and I'm pretty sure I'm at least a few years younger then him!

"You're so innocent," He laughed again and though it was a calming laugh I couldn't take the 'child treatment'.

I knocked his hand off my head, a stubborn look on my face. His suddenly became concerned and confused. "Don't pat my head like that! I'm not a little girl so don't treat me like one!"

His head tilted as I continued, "I'm probably just a few years younger then you. I'm 16. What are you 18…19…20?"

In that instant he chuckled (which may I say, I was getting quite used to and liked very much) and closed his eyes, another smile appearing as he leaned closer within whisper range.

"I'm 556 year old."

My mouth gaped as my arms dangled uselessly by my side. I didn't know what to say. 'Yeah, what's wrong lips? Don't want to speak now do ya? Of course not. Bastards.'

As if reading my mind he smirked. Wow, he was either a real smart-ass or a very smart intellectual. Though my bet was a bit of both

"If I'm correct that makes you 540 years younger." Okay that would have gotten me to shut up for a long while, but it was the next part that made me…let us just say 'attack him'.

"Little girl."

Yep, those two little words mixed with a smug voice/personality, will make me go psycho anytime of the day or night, providing I wasn't asleep.

And Mr. Angel soon realized this as I tackled him down a grassy hill, one you would find by a river bank, yet there was no river, just grass, and a little fog. For some odd reason.

He let out a surprised 'AHH!' as we rolled down the hill, just like a child would do for fun. Yes, why did children do that for fun? From what I can remember the grass would always be itchy and ants would crawl on you at the end. What simple times you can have as a kid.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand.

When we finally reached the bottom I thought we would land hard, however I landed on a nice soft ground, kinda like a bed with lots of feathers and fluff. Maybe I'm tired, I sure felt like it and I pretty sure I would have fallen asleep right there if it wasn't for the tired voice coming from below me.

"Sakura, if you don't mind, could you get off my back."

My eyes slowly opened, just getting out of the idea of going to sleep. Looking down I saw light brown feathers everywhere, plus as a bonus a young brown haired angel beneath to add more comfort to the feather bed. Wow, a two for one deal Ha-zaw!

"You're quite heavy."

And when someone says that to me, they deserve a whack on the head, which I gave him.

"Ow! Why are you so violent?" He shifted up words crossing his legs loosely, leaning on his arms tiredly. I sat on my legs leaning forward to see the new forming bruise on his head.

"Don't know, but I would suggest not calling me either of those two names again. I'm not the type to forgive, but for you, since you were nice to me I will. This time."

For a small moment I saw a kind of glint in his eyes, "Will, I don't forgive so easily either. And I'm afraid I can't forgive you just like that."

I crossed my arms puffing my cheeks a little, "Meany!"

His, what I now call, signature laugh silently left his lips as he leaned closer, now catching my attention, "However, I'll forgive you for a small price."


'So innocent."

As if expecting a reply…it didn't happen. Instead I felt those same lips that bore those calming welcoming laughs, pressing softly against my own traitorous ones.

The first thought that came to my mind was, (No not that perverted thought many of you readers seem to have Pervs!) the real thought was, is this a sin?

I know, not a thing you should be asking yourself, but if you saw this guy you'd be asking it yourself.

After a few more seconds he withdrew and smiled.

"There, now you're forgiven."

If it wasn't for my pride and stubbornness, I probably would have sat there like an idiot not saying a word, just sitting with my mouth opened wide like a cod fish in the ocean of blueness. However, due to my pride and stubbornness I could only cross my arms and look away; trying to hide the blush I felt on me cheeks. (Which may I say, was much redder then before, Damn!)

"I can see your blush!"

I tried turning my head even further from him. However, this was the day I realized humans are not owls, though now would be a good time to be one.


"Sooo, you really are innocent!"

And with that I tackled him yet again. Also adding to my list of what not to call me the word/name 'innocent'. For even though I may be and am, referring to a girl in such a way, especially by an older male (540 years older to be exact!) just makes the girl sound dirty, trashy, if you will; plus it makes the whole situation seem somewhat perverted.

So being the good girl, not 'little girl' I was, I decided to warn him, "Don't call me that either!"

He chuckled once again, standing up and brushing the dirt off him, "Whatever you say sweetie."

'Sweetie?' Man, he's just coming up with a whole new list of things for me to dislike…not that I have a problem with him calling me that…I…think? I shook the small blush that threatened to appear away. After brushing my own self off, the two of us started once again to walk our random path.

"By the way, my name is Neji."

Today, whatever day it may be or actually was, I promised myself two things. One, which was that I would stay close to this man or angel…right? And two

that I would find the reason why I died.

It wasn't that easy to forget. How could one forget the way they died and left their love ones? Neji knew how he died, others I asked new how they left the earth, so why couldn't I?

When the two of us looked for my recent relatives that I knew, none of them seemed to be around. Plus, if I'm 16 here, wouldn't I have been 16 when I died? So, did that mean I died young? Was I not able to fulfill a long life?

Was I not able to find…love?


"So, that's her?" a shadow with red hair questioned, flicking a match against the match box in his hand lighting the stick then letting it burn to his fingers. He simply threw the stick down, and lit another match repeating the process.

He watched as the raven haired male walked into what seemed like a living room. Black couches, blended with red walls. There were a few tables and other normal things you would find in a normal room. A few tables happened to stand around the room, one which was occupied by the shadow who sat on the surface. (Yes, where people eat.)

"She looks funny for an angel. Aren't they supposed to be wingy' and shit," a loud booming voice asked poking the face of the female angel. He quickly pulled his finger away shaking it with pain and burying it in his clothes as a layer of protection. "DAMN! It feels like my whole body's burnin'!"

"She still has a glow of purity on her, all angels have it, so of course it's gonna hurt you idiot." He sat down next to the girl on the same couch as he yawned tiredly. "Since she isn't in heaven anymore, the glow will fade away in a short while. So…"

"So..," the loud one asked leaning over the couch towards the sleeping girl.

"So don't touch her!" The previous crimson red haired shadow yelled out answering for the tired male, throwing a lit match towards him which caught in the loud mouths, blond hair.

The blond screamed patting his head furiously to put the flames out, "Hey! That hurts ya know!" He kept his hands planted on his head as if for protection from another little flaming wooden stick. "Bastard!"

The man lit another match watching the flame as he threw it to the ground and walked towards the door shrugging, "Whatever." The flame continued to burn in its little corner. The two males still in the room just watched the flame continue to burn. No big deal. Happens all the time.

"Where's he going," the blonde asked still trying to contain himself from poking the angels face. After all, this was the first time he had ever seen one and he wanted to get in all the enjoyment of the new meeting he could. It'll be gone soon anyways. Soon the smell of death and corpses will consumer her just as it did everyone else who entered Hell.

"Heh, 'Master' probably has a mission for him or something. You know how he's his favorite."


The two sat in silence, with the exceptions of the surrounded world around them. Poor lost souls, so much pain and suffering, all because their God couldn't forgive them. A small twitch came from the pink aired girl causing both males to suddenly become interested; however, they resumed their positions when they realized she was still dreaming.

"Hey, Naruto. Where is 'master'?"

Naruto scratched his nose and smiled as if knowing the answer, "He's…I don't know. Heard he went on some long trip north," he pointed upwards signaling what he was talking about.


Naruto frowned becoming bored again. "But I did hear Sasuke." The raven haired mail looked up signaling his attention was struck.

"Masters looking for a bride!"


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