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Door To Door Service

"Do you want to try something fun?" I said with a playful lilt in my voice after I had uncuffed him from the bed. He lay there rubbing his wrists. "What happened to that innocent girl I brought over to my apartment?" he said wryly. I slowly leaned into him, so my mouth rested against his ear, "Tommy we both no I was never innocent, naive maybe, but never innocent..." I said lightly biting his ear cupping him in my hand and giving him a squeeze. "I want you against the door." I said as I led him by the cock. He stood by the door like a puppy on a leash awaiting his master's command. "Good boy." I said teasingly. He growled in response. I blew him a kiss. He crossed his arms against his chest. "Come on Tommy. You know you want to play." I said as I fingered his balls. "You fight dirty." He said as his voice hitched in his throat. "I play to win." I said as I rubbed the velvety skin between my fingers. "Upside down." I commanded. He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. "Can you do a handstand?" I asked. He merely shrugged his shoulders and stood on his hands. I walked up slowly towards him with a frown. "Can you lean on your elbows and rest your forearms on the ground for balance?" I said. He did as he was told and waited for further instructions. I stroked his length to show him I was pleased. He shuddered beneath my strokes and nearly fell over. "Better concentrate." I admonished. He did. I continued to stroke him lazily until he began to quiver. "Jude?" he said harshly. "Yes?" I said. "I'm getting a little lightheaded down here." he said. I stopped stroking him and peered down at his face with a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. "Why are you smiling at me like that?" he said. "Like what?" I said playfully. "Like the cat who swallowed the canary?" he said. "You look cute when you're worried." I said. "Jude?" he said a little peeved. I gave him my most innocent smile and then I placed my palms flat against the door and slid his length inside me. "Fuck me." he groaned harshly. "That's the plan." I said. I stopped after a few minutes and slid off of him. "God Jude why did you stop?" he whined. "The angle's off." I said as I bit my lower lip in concentration. I had him move forward towards me and then had him lean his legs against the door. He was still straight, but at a 45 degree angle. "Jude it's harder to balance in this position." he said as sweat began to bead at his forehead. "Try harder." I said as I moved towards him and the head of him entered me. "That's much better." I said. "God Jude you're so incredibly tight." he said as I forced him inch by inch inside my opening. It was torturously slow, but all of him was inside me. I slowly slid him out of me. And then slowly slid him back inside of me. I slid him out. "I'm not wet enough." I said as I pushed my fingers experimentally into my folds. Tommy's eyes bulged out of his eye sockets. I merely smirked and began to lower myself down, so I was squatting until I was a little above his eye level and rested my hands on my knees. "Tommy?" I said. "Hmmm?" he said absently clearly enjoying the view. "A little help?" I said. "Oh." he said sheepishly. His tongue darted into my folds. He licked me up and down tentatively. "More." I said. And then he began in earnest. He kissed me as if I could kiss him back. His tongue moved in sure strokes up and down. As he fucked me with his mouth warmth began to grow inside me. My legs began to quiver from straining to stay in that position, so I began to move up and down to subside the feeling of numbness. It felt like ants were crawling all over my legs. It was a little distracting. and then without warning he curled his tongue and began to hit my clitoris. Then he began to vibrate his tongue. My breathing grew ragged as his assault continued. And I began to moan. "Tommy if you don't stop I'm going to..." I said breathlessly. And that's as far as I got when I gushed into his mouth. His chest was heaving up and down as he gasped for breath, "I think you're wet enough, girl." "God I love it when you call me that." I said.

I was still incredibly tight, but with the added moisture it wasn't as rough. I was still having mini orgasms as I slid his him inside. When his entire length was buried deep within me and the head of his dick bumped my cervix I cried out as I came, again. The moisture slid down his length and when I drew him out and slid him back in there was no longer any resistance. He was slick and felt like velvet rubbing the inside of me except the velvet was long and thick and solid. I worked my hips against him. He continuously bumped against my cervix. The line blurred between pleasure and pain. "Jude I don't think I can last much longer." Tommy groaned. I began thrusting with abandon. Helpless sounds escaped from my throat as he slid in and out. "I think I'm going to..." he said as he closed his eyes. I came so hard that I had to brace myself against him and leaned on the door for support. I shrill scream tore from my lips a long time afterwards. I slowly lowered us to the ground. I gingerly did a 180, so I was staring into his face. His eyes were closed as if he were sleeping. "Tommy?" I said. I gently rubbed his shoulder. "Tom?" I said again. A burst of laughter spilled from my throat. "Damn." I said giggling. "I fucked little Tommy Q unconscious."