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It was somewhere during lunch. Narumi called Mikan and Hotaru to his desk.

"America?" Mikan asked, confused. "Yes. We want you to pick up a certain person from a school in America. She has an unbelievably strong alice but the thing is… Uhh… We don't know who she is." Narumi said sheepishly.

"Okay, but why the baka?" Hotaru asked, who was standing right beside Mikan. "Because if the girl we're trying to find has an attack alice, Mikan can shield herself." Narumi explained. "But aren't there alice schools in America?" Mikan asked.

Narumi blinked, surprised to hear such a smart question coming from Mikan. "Uhh… Yes," Narumi said, quickly recovering. "But then she has some business in Japan but does not know it yet." Narumi explained.

"Ohh…" Mikan said. "And that reminds me, Ruka and Natsume will be coming along too." Narumi said, looking thoughtful. "WHAT!" Mikan screamed. Caw, caw, caw let an image of crows flying out of the forbidden forest fill your brain, with an added background of Ruka dancing with Piyo.

"What was that?" Ruka asked, still dancing with Piyo. "Cheep, cheep!" Piyo exclaimed.

BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! "Anyway, when will we be leaving?" Hotaru asked calmly as she placed the Baka Gun back in her pocket as Mikan spun around the classroom dizzily, people avoiding her while trying to eavesdrop on what Hotaru and Narumi were talking about.

"Tomorrow. Actually, I haven't told Natsume and Ruka yet because…" Narumi trailed off. "Five hundred rabbits, I'll tell them." Hotaru said. Narumi sweatdropped. "Fine. Deal." he said.

"Oy! The both of you!" Hotaru called during dismissal as she grabbed the back of Ruka and Natsume's heads with her crab invention as they were just about to walk out of the classroom. "H-Hey!" Ruka exclaimed, startled as he was pulled back as he held his bunny with Natsume right beside him.

"The both of you… We're going to America tomorrow." Hotaru said as she made her crab invention finally let go of Ruka and Natsume once they were in front of her. Hotaru (and Mikan, who was hiding behind Hotaru) was expecting a reaction or something but…

The reaction they received was different. Ruka turned around and gaped at the two girls and Natsume grew all rigid. "Fine." Natsume said finally then the proceeded on with his walking, except he seemed to walk more stiffly.

Ruka closed his mouth, also turned around, and then started running after Natsume. "What's up with them?" Mikan asked. Hotaru just stared at the two boys, wondering what that was all about.

Sometime in the afternoon, somewhere in America, a girl with dark slightly violet hair sneezed. "What's wrong?" her friend asked. The girl wiped her nose with a tissue. "Nothing… Heh, someone must have been thinking about me." she replied. "Must be one of your fanboys." the girl's friend concluded.

"Yeah… must be…" the girl said with a distant look in her eyes.