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"Are we there yet…?" Daniella complained. "Yes, we finally are Daniella," Hotaru sighed. She was starting to think that maybe Mikan wasn't the biggest idiot in the world. "Yes! Finally! That walk took forever!" Damien exclaimed. "Well, we could have gotten here much sooner if you two haven't continuously needed to take C.R. stops," said Casey, irritated.

"Temper, temper!" laughed the twins. "Umm… Can we go inside now?" Mikan asked. "YEAH!" the twins exclaimed and they ran in the DDC, not bothering to slow down for their companions. Casey sighed. "I'm going after them. You guys don't need to follow. We'll meet outside here, okay?" Casey suggested. "Okay then," Mikan replied.

Casey ran after Damien and Daniella. Mikan then got started walking to the DDC but then Hotaru grabbed hold of her collar. "Mikan Sakura," she said. "Have you forgotten why we are here in America this very moment?" Mikan sweatdropped as she remembered her job. "We're supposed to find the alice here…"

"Correct. Ruka, Natsume, have you two also forgotten why we are here?" Hotaru asked. Natsume and Ruka were sweatdropping too. They seemed to have also forgotten their jobs. Hotaru sighed. She let go of Mikan's collar.

"We should search for anyone who might be an alice while Casey, Damien, and Daniella are gone. If they were still with us, they would get suspicious when we search for that alice. We might not get a chance to search for that alice again once Casey comes back with the twins." Hotaru said.

The others agreed half heartedly and soon, they were walking around outside the amusement park. "Imai, do you see anyone suspicious yet?" asked Ruka. Hotaru was using one of her inventions, the Incredible Binoculars.

("These binoculars give you the ability to look at much farther distances than normal binoculars. They could also target people if you type in keywords, and if these keywords match a person in the seeing range in the binoculars, they would be immediately be pointed out by the binoculars. One thousand rabbits only. If you order them now, you'll get a twenty percent discount. So hurry for this great bargain price.")

"No, not yet," Hotaru replied, looking around, frowning. "Hotaru, can I please go look for five minutes inside the Dinosaur Discovery Center?" Mikan asked pleadingly. "Stop complaining Idiot. If we don't finish our job before the end of these two months, Narumi might even lower your grade average." Hotaru replied.

"Ruka! Please help!" Mikan pleaded. Ruka shrugged and looked away. Mikan turned to Natsume. "Please Natsume!? Can you ask Hotaru to at least give us five minutes to look inside DDC!? I really want to see what it's like inside there!" Mikan said. Natsume just stared at Mikan like she was kidding. Mikan sighed and looked away sadly.

"Hey Imai," said Natsume. "Let polka-dots do what she wants or else she'll never stop complaining for the rest of our stay here in this park." Mikan lit up and turned back to Natsume. Hotaru put down her binoculars thoughtfully. "I'll give you fifty rabbits," Natsume said. "Deal," Hotaru said, turning around.

"Yay! Thanks Natsume!" Mikan exclaimed then she hugged the Black Cat. Silence. "Umm… Mikan?" Ruka said, sweatdropping. Mikan then realized what she was doing. "Aaah!" she yelled as she let go of Natsume. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Mikan cried as she kept bowing in front of Natsume.

Hotaru rolled her eyes. "Get inside the Dinosaur Center, Idiot, before your time runs out." Hotaru said. Mikan gasped then started running in the DDC. Hotaru shook her head and walked in after Mikan, leaving Natsume and Ruka standing there.

Ruka smirked. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" he said to Natsume. "Shut up," Natsume muttered as he walked to the DDC. Ruka smiled and shook his head, then followed after Natsume.

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