Title: Luxury
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unbeta-ed, spoilers up to episode 4, mild OOC
Genre: General, mild humour
Main Character(s): Jo, Jin, Sana, Gora
Ship(s): None
Summary: A place to stay and to sleep anywhere but in the truck. One shot.
Disclaimer: Innocent Venus is copyright to Bandai Visual, Lantis and WOWOW.
Author's Notes: I only watched four episodes of this and already I'm writing for this series, without knowing where it's going or the full story but I just can't resist writing for IV because the characters are just so irrepressible. This is written before the next episode (Ep 5 Duet) so this is probably inaccurate but consider it an in between Ep 4 and Ep 5; a scene that was not shown.

A place to stay for the night, to able to sleep anywhere but in the truck again... even a hard floor would do. Jo sighed, shifting in his seat. And perhaps a hot shower, he added, wistfully.

He was starting to feel rather grimy and probably smelled a bit. One would, if they hadn't had a chance to bath for over a week now. Being on the constant run from the military didn't exactly give them much opportunities to, then there was that slight altercation with the Wakou, and now they were on the road again.

The truck was park at the back road, out of sight from the anyone passing using the main road, well hidden in the particularly thick foliage, despite its rather large size. The windows were rolled halfway down to allow air in while most of its occupants, except Jo himself, slept. He leaned against the steering wheel, keeping watch, even though it wasn't necessary. Not one living thing had passed by here in the last few hours.

Gora had the entire back seat all to himself, sprawled across it with abandon, arms and legs everywhere, and snoring so loud. Fit to wake up the dead or even alert the military to their presence.

Jin was sleeping with his head hanging off the back of the seat, one arm resting on his lap, the other was hanging loosely around the girl beside him. He was snoring a little as well; not as loud as Gora's, thankfully. Most probably too tired, Jo thought. Cause his friend hardly snored when he sleeps. Ever. Although the way he slept would have him waking up with a sore neck come morning. Sana was nestled up close to Jin, face pressed into his coat, almost burrowing into it. Jin's arm around her prevented her from lolling off the seat and to the side as she slept.

Maybe they'll find an abandoned house along the way... Though the probability was rather low. On the road and on the run doesn't give them that luxury.

But a place to sleep beside the truck... Jo sighed again, allowing his eyes to close. Sana was good enough not to complain about it, as long as Jin remain at her side, unlike Gora. Jin had said nothing, understanding without words. Tomorrow, he thought, drowsily. We'll find a place to stay.

Preferably, one with a hot shower or bath.

For now, he gave into the demand of sleep.