Title: Perception
Type: Fanfiction/Drabble
Fandom: pre-X (by CLAMP)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Setsuka, Other
Genre: Drama, Introspective
Word Count: 270
Notes: For shineko. Also, written in a desperate attempt to fool silvermuse89. I have a more elaborate version of this story (with some minor changes) in my head, which I'm certain I will one day write, but for now, there is only this.
Summary: Setsuka has a friend.




And so, she stared.

The girl's mouth was moving, that much she could see, and her voice was surely audible, because the resulting sounds rolled across her brain in waves. Yet, there was only hopeless noise - disjointed parts of speech in a language that was too sentimental to possibly comprehend.

"Betrayed me," the girl was crying, tears rushing down her cheeks in absurdly large amounts. "You betrayed me! Why did you do it?"

Setsuka's mouth thinned, her lips drawing a straight line across the bottom of her face. This girl was her "friend," in the modern, trendy sense of the word - merely a person she had sought company with in an attempt to soothe mild boredom.

"What are you talking about?" Setsuka asked mildly, turning dark eyes to stare at the overcast sky.

Her friend was shaking in hysterical rage now.

"You slept with him! With him! He was m-my... He was mine," she sniffled, biting the joints of her fingers savagely in a poor attempt to stifle her grief.

Setsuka shrugged. "It was a whim," she said airily. One night. Nothing more, nothing less.

"You made him betray me! You made him dishonest! He wasn't like that before he met you!"

Intrigued by the words, Setsuka stepped forward, tilting her head up to stare the other girl in the eye.

"I told you what I saw in him - that dishonesty - from the minute you picked him," she murmured eerily. "People don't change." Lovingly, she twined a hand in the hair at the base of the other girl's neck, caressing it with her fingertips.


"What changes...is how you perceive them."