"Is this just something to lighten up your day?"

"Maybe... but you know it's much more..."

"...You're not kidding."

Taken from Syaoran's POV

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ONE – Li Xiao Ling


My name's Li Syaoran... or so my Japanese friends call me. My real name is Li Xiao Ling and I was born in Hong Kong with four older sisters and my mother, Li Yelan. My dad? Don't ask.

I'm turning eighteen this month and finally too. It's almost impossible to be in a bar freely and be seventeen. Don't get me wrong, not that seventeen year olds are restricted from bars, they just think you're still too young.


To be honest, I hate this fucking image of mine. Okay, maybe not totally since I get respect and all but partially. It's probably the reason why I can't get that close to the one person who makes me actually and literally weak.

They say I'm the most popular boy in this Tomoeda High, I'm very sporty, freakishly a genius, fun to be with, very rich (yeah, the "Li clan" and the way my mom keeps reminding me I'm the heir to the empire), the obvious lady charmer... the usual.

I had about five girlfriends in a span of these two years I've been in this school. Five girls who suck, sorry to say. Those bitches are obvious whores and gold diggers.

Just one, ONE girl! Just one, can't I have ONE? I'm not asking for loads.

And that one girl... is so near yet so far...

Sakura Kinomoto.

Damn just thinking about her name makes me quiver. I hate the way she does this to me. ME.

Yeah we are pretty close. Okay, we're close, not everyone calls me Syaoran and gets away with it. Eriol Hiiragizawa, my ancestor, yeah he calls me Syaoran... even Xiao Ling, mind you.

Tomoyo Daidouji... damn Daidouji... damn her. She knows everything about how I feel. And she's getting me and Sakura together. Not that I mind.

She and Eriol are together and I guess our quartet needs a coupling, according to them.

Eriol Hiiragizawa and Tomoyo Daidouji.

Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto.

Sakura… Sakura Li.

Oh fuck.

I'm such a school boy, thinking about our names together. This is bad.

What the hell am I thinking? Why her? What the fuck did she do to me to make me feel this way? WHY HER?

Well right now I have no girlfriend. Big surprise. Really, people in school are asking me why I broke up with Akane... what the hell, what do they care? She's a gold digging bitch who was drunk one night and asked for money and I broke up with her.

She woke up the next day, sober, and called me up in my mobile phone, crying her eyes out telling me she dreamt that I broke up with her.

What the—

I said I did.

She screamed, almost tearing my ears off. The only thing I remembered her saying was...

"I hate you Syaoran Li (she was one of the few I despised saying my name)! After everything we've done together! All the things I did for you! I hate you! It's over!"

And then the dial tone came.

She went to school bawling and I was just quiet. Everyone thought she was the victim. Good for her then. I ignored her, trying to listen to Eriol's sensible conversations as much as possible and then as time passed by...

She had a new boyfriend. Like hell I care.

She was, by far, the shortest girlfriend I've had... not height, the time we spent together.

Two fricking months.

The longest was six I think, to a Chinese girl named Tieng Pao Chang from another school. The only reason we lasted long enough to say it was actually a relationship was because of my mother... tch.

Tieng Pao wasn't bad, in fact she was very pretty. But I didn't care... dammit I DON'T CARE.

Sakura... she's the one for me... at least I think so.

She's so sweet, her long, light brown hair falling light on her slender shoulders... her beautiful emerald eyes shining every time we look at each other... oh my God her smile. HER FUCKING GORGEOUS SMILE.

She's petite to me, since I stood to about five foot ten and she was a five foot two or three or so. My God her skin was radiating beauty. Her scent... the scent of sweet green tea... I get so lost in it that I forget my name.

Besides her attractive outer appearance, her personality and attitude is...


She's smart, sporty, very kind, helpful, thoughtful, sweet, funny, adorable, beautiful... she's a Goddess.

If only I can tell her how much I... love her.


It's love already. I never lusted on Sakura, maybe when she showed some skin, I am a guy anyway, but overall, I never thought dirty of her. I saw her as a pure angel who gave me a reason to live and change my pitiful ways...

She is my heaven.

I love her SO much.

The bell, finally... guess these thoughts made time pass by all too quickly.

I stood up slowly, stuffing my books (which I never touched) into my back pack and felt someone tap my shoulder.

I looked back.


"S-Sakura?" I stuttered. WHY did she have to SMILE like that? WHY!

"Hey Syao, are you walking home alone?" she asked, putting her hand behind her and playing with her foot.

She's so adorable.

"Y-Yeah, why? Are you? Where's Tomoyo?" I asked, managing to sling my bag over my shoulders.

Oh yeah, my usual uniform: I never wore my jacket, unless I wanted to. Sky blue isn't exactly my color. I even removed my necktie most of the time. I wore the white long sleeved polo alone, and even folded the sleeves up to my elbows. About one or two buttons would be open at the top of my polo as well... yeah I owned it.

"She's going with Eriol today. I let her go, I mean, he's her boyfriend, right? They should spend time together. So, you want to walk with me?" she asked, smiling sweetly at me.

I'm gonna melt.

I would walk with you forever... even more Sakura... anything... just ask!

"Yeah sure, why not?" I said. She jumped, "Hurray! Thanks Syaoran! I'll go get my bag and let's go!" she said and skipped to her desk.

Hmmm... her legs look delicious with that short skirt on...

Shut the fuck up Syaoran, this is Sakura.


Damn I can smell her scent... its intoxicating.

We arrived at her house, of course, I had to drop her off first. In my family, I was taught to be complete gentleman. My mom wouldn't have it if her only son disrespected the name of girls or women, everywhere.

I even carried Sakura's books... mind you, I almost took her bag from her but after about ten minutes of arguing, I just let her bring it.

We arrived at the gate of her familiar yellowish house and she looked at me, "Thanks Syaoran, I really appreciate it. But really, you didn't have to bring my stuff! I can bring it just fine!" she said cheerfully.

I smiled, "Go on in, I'll escort you to your front door." I said and she smiled, opening her gate.

If you're wondering about her brother, Touya, he's gone. Not dead, though I kinda wished he was. He's in college and has an apartment near his University. He only comes home weekends. No problem for me to escort Sakura into her room even.

Her father knows me since I hang out with Sakura a lot along with Tomoyo and Eriol. At least he likes me.

We arrived at her front door, "Thanks again Syaoran. I owe you one!"

She always says that. But I never allow her to owe me.

"No problem. See you tomorrow." I said and turned to leave when I felt her hand on my arm, pulling me slightly back.

I turned to face her and froze in shock.

She kissed me.

She really kissed me.

Even if it was only on the cheek.

I must've looked stupid.


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