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Eight – Fleeting Fantasy

Why is it that I tell something important to a person, they always seem to be...


Here I was, in my Porsche, driving me and Sakura home. It's already 2AM in the morning and Sakura is right beside me, to my left, on the passenger seat... I don't know if she passed out form drinking too much or she's just really still.

Damn this... I actually told her I love her.

Did she hear me?

Was she too busy seducing—I mean, dancing with me to hear?


I heard her moan and I looked at her. Good thing it was a red light. Wait a minute... why the fuck is there a red light at 2AM in the morning? As if the roads are busy...

Anyway, Sakura...

I looked at her. She was slumped on my passenger seat, breathing through her mouth. Her eyes were closed but she didn't seem to be asleep...

I swallowed hard.

Fuck she looked so... yummy? (What kind of mother f—term is that?!)


Look at her.

Her long, brownish hairs hanging loosely on her shoulders, her pink to almost red lips looking so soft and smooth (OH GOD I KISSED THAT), her cheeks were more flushed because of all the liquor she drank... and well...

Her whole body was mesmerizing.

She squirmed, saying my name softly as she stretched a bit—hold on...


My eyes grew wide.

"Syao... Syaoran-kun... are you there...?" she muttered softly. I looked at the traffic light, green light.

"I'm here Sakura, what's wrong?" I said while I drove on the main road to go to Sakura's house.

I heard her giggle and I looked at her for a moment. Her eyes were open.

"Hey there..." she said softly. I smiled back and looked at the road again. I felt Sakura slide her soft, smooth arm around my arm (which was controlling the gears) and I shivered...

HOLY FUCK... she was intertwining our fingers together!

Another red light. Perfect.

I stopped the car and looked at her. Was she drunk or in the right state of mind? "Uhm, did you have fun tonight Sakura?" I asked her as she started to lean her head on my shoulder.

She smiled, "Yes I did..."

She did seem to be drunk at all... unless...

"So... do you remember everything that happened while we were dancing?" I asked, swallowing hard. I felt like I was swallowing a whole apple... damn I was nervous.

What if she heard me say it?

What if she's mad?

What if she's...

"Yeah, I do. You're a good dancer Syaoran-kun..." she said, sighing as she crept closer to me. I looked at the traffic light. Green.

"I gotta drive you home Sakura..." I said and she nodded, letting me go.

I had this weird feeling she knows I love her... or maybe she's just...



I brought her to the patio of her house and she took out her house keys. Good thing she brought them, we would want to wake the whole house, especially her fucking stupid idiot relative—I mean brother.

Wait, he wasn't home... only she and her dad live here now... fuck the alcohol... making me woozy...

Lucky me.

We just stood there. She didn't open the door yet. Why didn't she open the door yet?

"Uh, Sakura? Aren't you going in?" I asked, leaning towards her a bit.

Sakura faced me and smiled, wrapping my arms around me and she pulled me slightly down to her.

"Syaoran, can we dance a bit more?" she said softly.

Dance? Out here? What the—

"Not like how we danced a while ago... something... sweeter..." she said, leaning her head on my upper chest.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.


I ballroom dance, yeah but... it seems like I forgot everything!!

"Okay..." I said and held her waist tightly and drew her closer to me. She hummed in approval and pressed her petite, lithe body on mine... God she was so soft!

I smelled her hair. Lovely. The scent of cherry blossoms mixed with alcohol... innocent but seductive. I like it.

We started to dance slowly by her front door and I closed my eyes. God, can this night last forever? Please? It's the only thing I'm asking for... she's the only person I love...

I felt something painful inside me. A sting on my heart came fast and hard. I squeezed my eyes shut and I felt a tear fall on my cheek.

Oh what the fuck...

After a few seconds, I heard Sakura say "Mmmm?"

She looked up. At least, I felt her look up.

I opened my eyes.

Her face changed from pleasant to worried...

Dammit Syaoran! There you go again, worrying her! Stop crying... fucking gay...

Sakura then tip toed and kissed the wet trail my tear left.

I was stunned.

"Don't cry... aren't you happy to be with me? I mean, you are my best friend, right?" Sakura said, smiling.

Best friend? Up to now she still thinks that??


"I am but—Sakura... did you... did you hear what I said while we were dancing against the wall?" I asked softly, nervously.

Oh God... here it comes...

Sakura giggled and nodded.



She fucking heard me telling her I LOVE HER?

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

"I... uh..."

"I wanted to tell you something too, right Syaoran-kun?"

"Oh... yeah... what is it...?

Sakura stopped dancing with me and then cupped my face in her soft, warm hands.


There we were on her front porch...



Close to each other...

Her holding my now hot cheeks in her soft hands...

Was she—?

She then tip toed and pulled me down at the same time.

She kissed me.

Slowly, I nibbled her lower lip and kept on urging her to open her mouth. She did. I felt my heart beat faster. Faster...

I felt her tongue the moment I entered her mouth. It wrestled with mine in a playful manner and I tasted her again. For some reason, she tasted sweeter...

I slowly put my hands on her hips again and pushed her to me and she easily pressed herself onto me, now wrapping her arms around my neck. I opened her mouth more, making both of us moan into each other's mouths.

I pulled away, trying to catch my breath, only to put my mouth on hers again. Sakura's hand went on my back, rubbing it lovingly and she arched her back when I slipped my hand under her top. Her back was so soft and smooth.

She pulled back this time and kissed my neck, slowly licking the places she kissed and I pulled my head back, shutting my eyes. God this felt good.

"Sakura..." I moaned and she looked up at me, pulling my head closer to hers as she nibbled my ear. I slightly jumped and hugged her tightly onto me.

She then looked at me and smiled.


"What is it Sakura?"

"I heard you say you loved me..."

"No... I said, I love you. Loved is past tense... there's a difference."

"Okay, you love me."


"A lot?"

"So much..."

"Do you really?"

"Yes Sakura... I really do... I really love you... I'm so in love with you."


"Do you feel the same...?"




"Oh God..."

"I just..."


"I just... really like you... but not enough to actually... love you."

I stood there, stunned. She doesn't love me? But... she really likes me... that's a start... I guess...




"Don't be mad... You're the only guy I ever really liked... well, except Yukito..."

I laughed.

"So... I have a chance?"

Sakura nodded.

I smiled, "I love you so much Sakura..." I said, hugging her again and kissing her.

Looks like not everyone is drunk when I tell them something important...


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