It was 12:05 pm on a nice day in Jump City. Beast Boy let out a huge yawned as he shuffled towards the main room. The windows allowed sunshine to pour through the hallway, lighting up the floor and walls. He squinted as he stopped walking to take a look outside. Beast Boy always liked the view of the city the Titans Tower had. It always looked beautiful, especially on days such as this. He noticed how clear the water looked as it splashed against the rocks. He looked up into the bright sky and saw a few birds fly past. Beast Boy smiled, and with his eyes now fully opened , continued on his way to the main room. He finally reached his destination and the door opened with a whoosh. He took a quick glance around the room. No one seemed to be around.

"That's odd.." Beast Boy mumbled to himself as he went to the kitchen to prepare himself a tofu related breakfast. There on the counter he found a note. It read…

"BB, Since things are calm around the city, I left for Steel City to visit Titans East to fix up some things. Robin and Star were going to come along too, but then at the last minute decided to ditch and go to a restaurant. Starfire actually persuaded our Robin to relax and have some fun. Yes I know, you must be as stunned as I was. Raven wasn't up when we decided to leave. We didn't feel like waking you two so we just let you guys sleep. Heaven knows you need your beauty sleep. Just kidding with ya grass stain. Call us on your communicator if you need anything."


"Alright, so everyone left and I'm here alone with Raven, that's fine. There shouldn't be any problems. Me and Raven. Alone. What could go wrong? Heh heh.." Beast Boy nervously scratched the back of his head as he talked to himself. He looked around for any signs of Raven. He found none. Beast Boy shrugged and went off to make his breakfast.

"Mmm now that was good. A tofu breakfast fit for a king. And no Cy to give me grief about my cuisine choice." Beast Boy let out a huge burp as he laid back against his chair with his hands behind his head.

"Guess I better clean up.." BB grabbed his plate and fork and walked over to the sink. He dropped them in with a loud clank not even bothering to wash them.

"Table's clean!" He announced grinning with his hands on his hips. He then walked over to the couch and flipped over the back and settled into a cushion. He grabbed the remote and crossed his feet over the table. After about 10 minutes of watching TV he noticed something wasn't right.

"I need some TV food!" Beast Boy ran over to the kitchen, completely forgetting he had just eaten breakfast, and grabbed a big bag of cheese puffs and a soda. Making his way back to the couch, he noticed a clock next to the TV that read 12:16 pm. Something still wasn't right.

"Cheesepuffs…..soda….remote…" Beast Boy wondered out loud what he was forgetting and what was bothering him.

"Oh!" He snapped his fingers. He hadn't seen Raven all day, well at least for how long he was up for. Usually by now, the empath had made some sort of appearance, even if it was a short one.

"I wonder where she is.." Putting his TV supplies down he walked out of the main room. Beast Boy walked past the stairs to the roof.

'Hmm she might be up there meditating..' The green boy thought to himself. He decided to climb the steps. Upon reaching the roof door, Beast Boy had to once again shield his eyes with his hand as the sun poured through the opening. His eyes adjusted to the light change within a few seconds. He put his hand down and looked around. All Beast Boy saw was an empty roof. He walked around it a bit, enjoying the breeze that the ocean water gave off. He came to the edge of the roof and sat down with his feet dangling off the side. He closed his eyes as he felt another cool breeze come across his face.

'No wonder Raven likes to come here to meditate.' After sitting there for a few more moments Beast Boy reluctantly got up and walked back to the roof door. He still had to see where Raven was. Slowly climbing back down the stairs he figured the most logical place she would be was her room so he started off in that direction.

Beast Boy noticed how his foot steps echoed off the walls in the hallways whenever he walked towards Raven's room. It seemed like it was a forbidden hallway leading to a forbidden room. Beast Boy's room was in the same hallway as Cyborg's so usually he'd hear some sounds either coming from himself or his mechanic friend. Starfire's room was located in the same hallway as Robin's and since they were lovebirds to be there were practically noises all the time (A/N Get your mind out of the gutters people lol) Being it Starfire's naiveness or Robin's obsession, they would still always have time to meet up and have friendly discussions about whatever came into mind. But Raven's hallway wasn't like theirs. It was eerily quiet, almost intimidating. Almost sort of….sad. That's the word that Beast Boy found most appropriate. Sad. His ears drooped a bit at the thought of this. Even after they had defeated Trigon, Raven went back to her old isolated ways. Beast Boy had thought she would have had a little bit more freedom but it didn't look that way. Finally he came across a metal door bearing the word 'Raven'. He slowly balled up his fist and gave a tiny knock.

"Hey Raven, you in there? I noticed I hadn't seen you all day and I was wondering if you were ok." No answer.

"Rae?" Once again Beast Boy knocked on her door, but this time a little bit harder. He figured using her nickname would get an answer. Probably a pissed answer, but an answer no less. Still nothing. Beast Boy put his ear up to her door. He had excellent hearing and could hear the slow quite sounds of breathing. Now Beast Boy was a slightly bit angry.

"Sheesh Rae, I know you're in there. I can hear you breathing. Can't you at least answer me! I mean sorry if I bugged you already without knowing or snapped you out of your trance thingy but all I did was come here to check up on you. No need to be rude and not answer. You could at least tell me to go away." Yet still no answer.

"Grr, if you don't answer I'm coming in!" Beast Boy pressed the first 5 numbers of a 10 number security code each of the titans had on their room. The code was for emergencies so each of the titans could get into the other titan's rooms.

"I'm pressing the last 5 numbers!" Beast Boy listened for a response. He thought for sure the code thing would make her open the door and yell at him for abusing such a system. Instead, nothing. Now the green boy was starting to get a bit worried. He punched in the last 5 numbers and the keypad made a beeping sound as Raven's door swooshed open. Beast Boy's eyes had to adjust to her room. Not because of the light this time, but because of the darkness. He quickly scanned the room and noticed a lump on top of her bed. Slowly it moved up and down, the rhythm of breathing. Beast Boy just stood there slumped over and wide eyed.

'She was asleep the whole time..' He thought to himself as one of his eyes twitched and a corner of his mouth lifted to crack a crazed looking half smile.

'All this time I was getting angry for nothing.' Boy he felt like an idiot. He was glad Raven wasn't awake to hear him having getting worked up over nothing. Beast boy was about to turn and leave until he heard Raven cough. He looked at her as she moaned and turned over onto her other side. Slowly her eyes opened and she sat up. Beast Boy stood there frozen staring as Raven rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Once her vision was clear Raven looked up to see the green boy staring at her, in her room, as she woke up.

"What the hell….are you doing in my room…." Raven asked menacingly.

"…while I was sleeping." She finished. Beast Boy winced at the calm but icy tone she had. Raven practically almost never swore, and when she did, she was mad.

"AH HEH HEH, Well you see, it's like this. I woke up and went to the main room but no one was there. Cyborg had left a note saying they went to Steel City and you and I were alone in the house. Eventually I realized I hadn't seen you all day and I became curious where you were and if you were ok…" Beast Boy muttered the last part quietly.

"Just because I don't go to the main room doesn't give you a right to invade my privacy."

"Well yeah but I did knock first." Beast Boy sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with his hand and looked to the floor.

"Did you ever stop to think I might be asleep?" Raven questioned the poor nervous boy.

"Well yeah….hey no wait I didn't! It's like 12:00 something pm and you never sleep that late! You can't blame me for feeling worried." Beast Boy smiled proudly at finding a somewhat good excuse to defend his behavior.

"Well /you/ always sleep until 12 or 1 pm so why shouldn't I be able….." Raven trailed off.

"Wait did you say it's around 12:00 pm in the afternoon?" She looked over at her clock and surely enough the red digital numbers did read 12:32 pm. Wow, she really had slept in. She looked back to Beast Boy. Raven opened her mouth to say something but then she was cut off by a coughing fit. Beast Boy stood there, taken aback for a second and then ran over to her side and noticed she had a cup of water on her night stand next to her clock. He picked it up and held it out for her to take. She took it, and in between coughs Raven took a couple of sips and eventually the fit stopped.

"Are you ok?" Beast Boy asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, It's just the air. I have to dust my books off." Raven pushed her covers off revealing that she was wearing a white t-shirt, socks, and black flannel pajama pants. Beast Boy watched as the dark titan put her feet to the floor and went to stand up. As soon as she put her weight on her feet her knees buckled and she started to fall. Beast Boy instantly caught her, his arms around her waist supporting her. That's when he felt the heat radiating off her body. Beast Boy took his glove off with his mouth and put the back of his hand to her forehead.

"What're you doing…?" Raven questioned feeling quite embarrassed as she lay in the green boy's embrace.

"Raven you're burning up with a fever!" Beast Boy exclaimed. Raven swatted his hand away from her forehead.

"No I'm not. It was just hot under the covers." Raven lied. She always felt weak and vulnerable when she got sick and barely told the others when she didn't feel well. Plus she hated the idea of them having to worry over her. Now she really felt weak and vulnerable lying in Beast Boy's arms. Beast Boy rolled his eyes at the excuse Raven gave him.

'Leave it to Raven to be difficult through something like this…' He thought as he slowly hoisted her up and sat her back on her bed. He then put his hands on his hips and looked at her.

"You are sick. Admit it." Raven crossed her arms across her chest and looked away. Beast Boy mentally smiled at the childish pose Raven had.

" No I am not."

"Rae, you can't even stand up properly, you have heat radiating off of you that would make a fire place jealous, and you sounded like you were going to hack up a lung a few moments ago."

"Don't call me Rae.." Raven growled at Beast Boy until another one of the coughing fits started. It lasted 2 seconds until Raven used all of her might to calm herself and stop coughing. Beast Boy just stood there with a smirk, knowing that her own body had betrayed her, and practically waved a flag over Raven's head saying You were right Beast Boy!

"Fine. I'm sick. Happy?" Raven shot him a death glare.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean…" Beast Boy was getting confused. Sure he was happy Raven admitted to being wrong, but he wasn't happy she was sick. Raven just rolled her eyes at him and started to get up.

"Oh no you don't!" Beast Boy lightly pushed her back down and cringed a bit at the look she gave him, but still continued with what he was going to say.

"You are in no condition to get up. You're sick and you need to lie down, stay in your room and get rest." Beast Boy started assuming the parental role.

"I don't want to stay in my room and lie down. I want to get up." Raven said very slowly and icily. Beast Boy sweat dropped.

'Of course this would be the one time Raven didn't want to stay in her room….' Beast Boy thought.

"C'mon Rae, I mean Raven. You know you'll have to get rest to get better. So stop being so difficult. Especially when we have a city to protect." Beast Boy hoped adding the last part would make Raven agree to listen to him.

"I'll make you a deal. Since you want to leave, how about you rest in the main room on the couch or something and I won't bother you ok? You can even read a book or watch TV…" Raven just looked at him.

"Uh heh right.." He realized remembering Raven wasn't a TV person.

"Well still, doesn't a book and the couch sound nice and comfy? I'll even make you something to eat. Isn't there a saying, starve a cold, feed a fever?" Beast Boy wondered if he got the saying right. Raven spoke up snapping him out of his thoughts.


"Huh?" Raven rolled her eyes at Beast Boy.

"I said fine. I'll stay on the couch and rest. As long as you don't bother me."

"And you'll really stay there and let me help you get better?" Raven disliked the way he used the word help. It sounded like she couldn't take care of herself. Raven was about to protest him saying that but decided against it as she was feeling weaker as she spoke. She sighed.

"Yes fine whatever. I'm going to the main room." Raven slowly got up, careful not to embarrass herself again and fall, and walked over to her book shelf and picked out a book she had wanted to read for weeks but never really got around to it. She inwardly sighed.

'Well at least I'll finally get a chance to read this thing.' Raven thought as she started for her door.

"Do you need any help walking there?" Beast Boy asked.

"I'm very capable of walking on my own thank you very much." Raven shot back.

"Really? Because it sure didn't seem that way when you collapsed." Beast Boy put a finger to his chin and looked up and then looked back at Raven with a smile.

"Shut up." She muttered and continued out the door. Beast Boy laughed a bit at this knowing she couldn't make a good debate against him. He walked out and continued down the hallway next to her. As they were about to reach the main door, Beast Boy took a quick glance at Raven. He hadn't noticed it before but she looked much paler than normal, with a very light tint of pink on her cheeks. The door swooshed open and Raven went over and sat on the couch. The titans couch was very comfortable and soft. Raven settled into it and laid on her side while cracking open her book. Beast Boy went into the kitchen to fetch something for his 'patient' to eat.

'Alright, what should I feed a sick person? A sick Raven?' He looked through the cabinets and found cans of chicken soup.

'Oh boy…chicken soup. Well that is one of the best things for someone sick to eat.' He reluctantly pulled out the meat in a can and decided to hold his breakfast down and cook the meal for Raven. After fixing up the soup he decided to make some herbal tea also. He had seen Raven do it thousands of times so he knew how to make it. Eventually everything was prepared and he had the bowl of chicken soup in one hand, and the cup of herbal tea in the other, though the hand with the bowl of chicken soup was held as far away from his body as he could stretch. He made his way over to Raven who was still reading. She was engrossed in her book so she hadn't noticed Beast Boy walk over until he put the bowl on the table in front of her.

"Soup madame?" Raven looked over the top of her book, saw the bowl of chicken soup, and noticed Beast Boy sit next to her holding out a mug of herbal tea for her to take.

"Uh….thanks." That was all Raven could think to say as she took the cup from his hands. She glanced over at the soup and her stomach growled. She was really hungry since she hadn't eaten at all and it was already 12:56 pm. The chicken soup looked delicious. Wait….chicken soup?

"Beast Boy, this is chicken soup." Raven plainly stated, wondering if Beast Boy had actually known that. He looked down and pushed his two pointers together.

"Uh yeah I know, but since you're sick, and this is what's good for sick people, I figured I could bear cooking it, at least once, for you." Raven couldn't believe this. Beast Boy, the hardcore vegetarian, cooked chicken soup just so /she/ could feel better.

"Thanks, I …….appreciate it." Raven chose her words carefully. Beast Boy looked up at her and could tell that her words were most sincere, even through it's monotone coating. He gave her a small smile.

"Well you better eat your soup before it gets cold." Beast Boy motioned to the bowl sitting on the table. Raven nodded and took a sip of her herbal tea. It was delicious. She set the cup down and picked up the bowl and put a spoonful into her mouth. That too was also delicious. Who knew Beast Boy could make such a tasty meal? Even if it was from a can, at least he didn't do something like blow it up. Beast Boy just sat there happily as Raven ate. She didn't seem disgusted at all with the food he had prepared so it made him felt somewhat relieved he didn't mess up, yet. Especially when she took a drink of the herbal tea he made himself. In a short amount of time Raven had finished her soup and Beast Boy took the bowl and put it in the sink.

'Alright, so I fed her fever, now I should…Oh wait, she has a fever. I should get something to cool her down.' Beast Boy walked into the hallway towards the bathroom. Once there he found a few fever reducing pills. He put a couple into his hand and walked back to the kitchen. Beast Boy got a hand towel and a bowl of water. He walked over to the couch where Raven was now lying down stretched out on her side, seemingly in a more comfortable position than before. Beast Boy set the bowl on the table and Raven looked at it.

"Sorry Beast Boy, but I'm not hungry anymore."

"This isn't soup. It's water. Here take these." Beast Boy handed Raven 2 of the pills and then sat on the floor in front of the couch with his back to her and put the hand towel in the bowl and squeezed out the excess water and folded it.

Raven propped herself up on her elbows and swallowed the pills. After, she grabbed her herbal tea and took a sip. She looked over at the boy sitting in front of her and was about to ask why he brought water over since she had her herbal tea, but before she could, he turned around and placed a cool cloth on her head. Stunned, Raven was about to ask what he did until she realized it was to bring her fever down. She slowly laid back down. Boy did it feel so good and refreshing.

"Thanks." Wow Beast Boy thought as he glanced over at Raven.

'That's 3 thanks today! I must be doing something right.' He complimented himself in his mind until he heard coughing, bringing him back to reality. Raven sat up quickly, the hand towel falling off her forehead, and held her hand to her mouth as she started coughing more violently before. The rushing of air started making her throat very sore. The pain made tears well up in the corner of her eyes. Beast Boy quickly brought the herbal tea up to her and she took a sip. Unfortunately as she took a sip another cough snuck up on her in mid swallow and she choked and gagged .

"Whoa are you ok?" Beast Boy patted her upper back as she held out a finger to him as if to say hold on a second. Raven then drew in a few deep breaths and lied back down.

"That hurt." She muttered while rubbing her hand along her throat.

"Do you need some cough drops, or anything else?" Beast Boy placed the towel back on Raven's forehead. She put her hand on her forehead afterwards and slightly moaned.

"No, I think I'll be fine for now."

'Great, now I have a pounding headache..' Raven thought as she pressed the towel closer to her head trying to relieve the pain. Just then the whole room felt like it dropped below 0 degrees. Raven then wrapped her arms around herself and started shivering.

"Oh great…" Raven muttered. Beast Boy frowned and looked at the now freezing Raven.

"You must be getting the chills." Raven stared at him.

"No shit Sherlock." Raven growled at him. Uh oh, here comes grumpy Raven again, Beast Boy thought.

"I'll go get you a blanket." With that Beast Boy got up and walked over to a linens closet right outside of the main room where the Titans kept their extra blankets, sheets, and pillows. He found the heaviest, softest, warmest blanket out of the bunch and brought it over to Raven. As soon as he laid it on her she immediately curled into it, hoping to find an escape from the unbearable chill. Eventually her body warmth became trapped within the blanket and she didn't shiver as much. She was still a bit cold but she was also warm.

'I hate being sick, it defies all logic.' Raven thought as her eyes started to get heavy. She glanced over at the green boy who started to walk away. Beast Boy had noticed Raven getting tired and he didn't want to bother her. She needed her rest.

"Beast Boy, uh, wait." Raven weakly called out. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with the fear of being left alone. She wasn't sure if the feeling was because of the medicine she had just took but she had felt like this once before. Back when Raven was a child in Azarath, whenever she got sick, no one really took care of her. Sure the monks gave her medicine but that was about it. No emotion, no caring feelings, just medicine and then they left her. Raven was used to that kind of feeling since she never really had anyone care for her in such a manner that Beast Boy had, and she wasn't sure that she wanted the feeling to go away now. Beast Boy turned around surprised. Raven couldn't believe she was about to say this but she swallowed her pride.

"Please don't leave." Now Beast Boy was even more surprised. He turned around and walked back to Raven and sat down by her feet on the couch. He looked at Raven worriedly. The tone in her voice was different. It still had it's monotonous edge to it but it also almost sounded like she was….scared that he would leave. No, this wasn't the cold hearted, and isolated Raven ,Beast Boy knew. This was someone who needed help. Needed company to get through something like this.

"Don't worry Raven, I'll stay with you." He gently told her , putting a hand on top of the blanket covering her leg and patting it in an attempt to comfort her. Much so like what a parent would do for their sick child.

"Thanks." Raven croaked out as she started to loose consciousness. Before Raven totally fell asleep she realized how much she appreciated everything Beast Boy has done for her. Everything. The annoying jokes, always banging on her door, always giving her attention. Sure the other titans respected her privacy but they never tried as hard as Beast Boy to get her involved into their activities. She had always thought that nobody would truly want her around but Beast Boy changed that. He made her feel….wanted. That's when she finally realized what she felt towards the changeling. Love. And with that Raven fell into a deep sleep.


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