First off I want to thank all of my reviewers for commenting my story. I honestly appreciate it. You guys are the best. So that's why it's hard for me to say this, but as of right now, I'm canceling the story. There's a slight chance that I may get some ideas for the next chapter and continue it, but as of right now, don't expect any new chapter updates. My reasoning for this choice is that I just don't feel happy writing anymore and I have to strain for ideas that aren't even up to par with my previous chapters. This story was meant to be a fun side project for me, but I just don't get that feeling from sitting at my computer and working 3 hours on one chapter just for disappointment in the end. One review pointed out how my writing has become pretty horrible compared to other chapters and I blame it on my lack of incentive for this story to go on. I want to personally thank Omen of Death for their really kind review. That lifted my spirits, but not enough for the story to continue. I'd rather the story die out now, instead of it slowly dying with worse writing. So I'm really sorry to all who were actually enjoying my fanfic.

PS-Like I said, if any good ideas come up for this story, I will try my best to write new chapters. But there's a practically nonexistant chance of that happening since I'm really not into a 'story making' set of mind.