Chapter 17: Resurrecting Complications

When Kennedy turned around Willow was gone. Kennedy went down stairs to see Willow already standing next to the front door ready to go. Grabbing her coat she followed Willow out of the house. Willow started to jog, in the moon light Kennedy could see tears streaking down her cheeks. The slayer caught up with her witch, but when she caught up Willow took it full speed.

"Willow! Wait!" Kennedy yelled.

"No! I c-can't…" Willow yelled back.

Kennedy soon found herself in a cemetery and stopped when she saw Willow standing next to an empty grave. The moonlight made the scene look no less than horrifying to an onlooker, an empty grave was just wrong. "Willow?" The brunette asked tentatively.

Kennedy walked up to the gravestone and read the name. On the in graving it read 'Tara MaClay". She looked next to her and saw the hole in the ground. The dirt was apparent all around the grave; someone had clearly dug her way up from it. Standing over the hole you could clearly see the broken wood in the coffin.

"Dear God…" Kennedy gasped. The slayer turned and saw Willow openly crying and muttering 'why…' She hurried over to Willow and took her up in her arms. The two stayed like that for some time until Willow had cried her heart out.

Kennedy leaned her head back so her forehead was touching the witches. "Sweetie we should go home." Willow sniffed, "Yes…we have to research about werewolves and resurrection…" Willow stood up with the help of Kennedy.

"Well I was actually thinking more along the lines of going to sleep…" Kennedy started before Willow yellow, "No!" She signed, trying to calm herself down. "I mean no… I can't till I find her if she is in fact alive…" Willow started to walk back.

Kennedy caught up with her a few questions on her mind. "Willow…you've dealt with resurrection before right?"

"Yes…" Willow answer in a whispered.

"Well…um…do people always come back the same, I mean as if nothing happened?"

The couple stopped on a corner. Willow sat down on a bench and put her hands in her head. After a couple of minutes of contemplation Willow brought her head out of her hands.

"Well when Joyce died, Dawn's mother, she did a foolish thing and resurrected her…I kind of showed her the book but that didn't end to well, Faith ended up cleaning up the mess…you see people don't always come back the same, I bet you even if we had to resurrect a slayer she still wouldn't be the same after that…"

Willow's eyes opened at the realization of what Kennedy was trying to tell her. Kennedy took Willow's hands in her own and kept a steady gaze with her.

"Baby, you haven't really told me about your relationship with Tara…" Willow gulped at her name, "But what happens if worse comes to worse with her? Will we have to…"

Willow cut her off, "That's why we have to get back and research this, listen Kenny I'm with you but if Tara is in fact back I want her to be happy and not some dog's bitch!"

Willow left Kennedy abruptly. Kennedy tried to follow but found herself in able to move. "Dang it Willow!" She muttered uselessly. Defeated Kennedy just stayed where she was.

Behind the bush Oz had watched the whole scene. Staying out of sight he motioned for her to go. Tara slowly walked around the bush and onto the side walk so she was walking towards Kennedy from behind. She looked just as beautiful as if she was alive the whole time. Her blonde hair flowing and she was wearing one of her favorite dresses.

Slayer senses tingling Kennedy knew who it was right away when Tara sat down. Facing the slayer Tara smirked.

"So you're her right? You do realize you're the rebound girl right?"

"Shut your mouth…" Kennedy said through gritted teeth.

"What?," Tara asked innocently.

The ex-witch got up and walked in front of Kennedy. She leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"You'll never be able to ride her like I did, she will never be satisfied."

Kennedy tried to get up but the affects of Willow's spell were still in affect. Tara started to laugh.

"You're just too easy…ah well I better do what the big dog says…"

Kennedy leaned back and composed herself, "You do realize this just proves what I said?"

"What have I got to lose?" Tara shrugged and took out a knife out of her sheath hidden in her leg. Slowly she walked towards the restrained slayer.

"This'll only hurt for a minute…I have to send a message to my baby."

Only the shrieks of pain could be heard by Tara as stroke by stroke the knife caused her blood to fall onto the pavement.

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