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When it all falls Apart

By: Hiki-chan

Yami's Pov.

Little Yugi… My Yugi. Not that you would ever know that. But I can still say it in my heart can't I?

I see you look longingly at those around you. Yes, love really does make people do the things you would never expect…

Look at Jou and Kaiba. Once upon a time, they were glare and bicker like children. Now, they would never let each other go. Kaiba would protect Jou from anything and anyone and Jou would do likewise.

Look at Bakura and Ryou. We used to believe Bakura treated Ryou like a slave and used his body for hurting other people, now, Bakura treats Ryou's body like a God and he would never let anyone harm him.

Actually, thinking about it. They're almost like us aren't they aibou? I would never let anyone harm you. I would do anything for you, for you are my other half. My light, my life and my love and basically my everything.

In fact, I tell that to you so many times. I feel that you are so used to it my light. But you don't understand how serious I am when I say those words. You don't understand my feelings behind those words. Or do you? I won't know.

What happened to us, aibou? What suddenly make you tear yourself away from me? I want to understand what you are thinking. But you hide your feelings from me so.

Yet, my dear aibou, sometimes, when I stare into your deep amethyst eyes, I see nothing there. Sometimes, I see long and hope and hidden affections. But then I have to ask myself, who do you reserve all these feelings of lost and love for? And what are these feelings of jealousy directed to?

Were they there when Anzu tried to get my to go on a date with her? Aibou, I would never go out with someone who rants on about friendship. I rather go out with someone who shows friendship, love and who generally cares for those around him. Someone like you…

And only you.

I can see you slowly tearing yourself up. Falling apart. I want to help. But I don't know how. Talk to me aibou! I don't want you to hurt. I want to comfort you. Just tell me how, and I'll do it.

I can recall the times when you cry into my arms when you were scared, when you were hurt. And I promised, that I would thereby hurt anyone who dares threaten you.

I also remember the time you had a dream I was leaving you, and I stayed with you throughout the whole night, holding you, cradling you in my arms. Never wanting to let you go and murmuring that I would never leave you.

We always say that we love each other and we accept that, as in brotherly terms. However, can't you see that's not the way I feel for you? Can't you feel the way my heart aches for you?

I am the darkness and you are my light. Together, we fit together and blend together like pieces of a puzzle.

I love you, my aibou. Only you and no one else.

Slowly, I run my fingers longingly against your cheeks while you slumber.

And maybe, one of these days, when you are awake. I'll tell that to you.

But please aibou, until I can help you. Don't continue to fall apart, I swear to you, when I find the root of the problem, I will fix you back up.

End of this.

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