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I heard about what happened with the planet on the news and I had to write this

Misfits and planets (and what ever else)

"Is too." Argued Raven the former half demon empathic titan

"Is not." Argued Terra the former titan with the power to move earth

"What in the world are you to fighting about now?" groaned Bard Raven's older brother as he came into the room after hearing all the yelling

"I keep telling this dumb blonde here that Pluto counts as a planet and should not be declassified." Raven yelled

"Dream on you Goth wannabe." Terra argued back "It's too small and should not count."

"Wasn't Rapture watching you guys?" asked Avalanche as he came in with the other misfits "Mainly to make sure that you two didn't accidentally blow anything up?"

"She got a phone call and went into the other room."

Just than the subject of their conversation came into play

"No Haruka I have not seen Setsuna are you sure she is not at the locket?" asked Rapture one of the few adult members of the Misfits "Already checked there, huh okay I'll keep an eye for her, how mad was she?" "SHE THREATEND TO DEAD SCREAM N.A.S.A!" "Okay I'll keep an eye for her, she probably is calmed down by now, fine bye."

"What was all that about?" asked Althea 'Wavedancer' Delgado the leader of the Misfits

"Trouble in Juuban it's probably blown over now."

"Isn't that where your friends live?" asked Quicksilver

"Hey check this out." Pyro yelled as the other Misfits came running in "I was watching Martha and this came on."

On the screen was a picture of a women running around NASA chasing people with a staff that looked like a key and in general causing chaos.

"This was the scene a few minutes ago." A reporter said as they ducked the carnage when the person came back waving her staff around "This person who calls herself Sailor Pluto came in complaining about her planet."

"Dead Scream!' Pluto whispered as senator Kelly who had been in the area was sent flying

"Woah!" Toad whistled

"Lesson number 2." replied Firestar "Do not get involved in affairs involving sailor senshi and planets

"How do you think the other senshi took it?" asked Scarlett Witch

Meanwhile in Juuban:

"Why me?" groaned Michiru as Haruka banged her head on the table muttering about 1,000 year old loons

the end.