by chaoseternus

The preparations for the assault on Earth were going well, with ten Basestars already in position and a final five as reserve on route six knew she would be able to order the attack soon enough.

She detested such caution though, the Earthers were primitive, barely had any space-flight capabilities, they were no threat. But the procedures for the assault on Earth once they finally found it had been set out years ago and she had no real reason to deviate from those plans.

If she was being honest with herself, she perhaps needed more ships… or rather, a few supply ships loaded with nothing but extra nukes. How in the name of the Almighty did a Colony get such a dense population...

Six quirked an eyebrow, okay, she had meant dense as in highly populous but dense as in thick would work as well. Stupid humans couldn't even figure out how to visit the outer reaches of their own system, let alone travel the gulf between stars. It would truly be a mercy disposing of them.

An unusual signal impinged on her awareness and Six grumpily turned her attention to Basestar CX-8959 which was currently doing a close reconnaissance on Earth.

Six shot upwards in her seat in shock.

A Basestar that was now identifying itself as a Deathstar and was apparently 'owned' by a 'Gibson'. What in the Almighty's name was going on here?

In a Cybercafe called the Cyberdelia on Earth, a teenage boy turned from his computer, a stunned expression on his face and, shouting over the music, said "Hey, Cereal Killer, Acid, Zero… You'll never guess what I just hacked…"


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