Surprise! The seventh story in the "Spice series" wasn't written by me, but by my friend magalud.

(As for the sixth story in the "Spice series", you can read it on my site. I couldn't post it here due to the rating.)

This is the first post "The Spice of Life" story, chronologically speaking.

Title: A matter of time
Author: Magalud
Pairing: Ginny/Harry/Severus
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: Four films, six books
Summary: Harry has one more gift for his goddaughter
Notes: Done for my friend Ptyx. This is set in her Spice Series, and it was done right after.
Beta: The wonderful Mosh

A Matter of Time

October 1999

"Hi, darling! Look who is here!"

Ginevra had quite a radiant expression, and Severus had no doubt she was really very happy. Very near her due date, only two weeks before her baby girl would be born, Ginevra Snape was even more beautiful and glowing brighter than her husband could ever recall.

Or could the reason for this be sitting on their living room's sofa, one Harry Potter?

It was Severus's turn to feel his knees wobble. Because Harry Potter was staring at him, and that jade glare could melt steel: so much build-up energy. Was the boy even aware of the type of message he was broadcasting?

Severus stepped inside his home, trying to calm down his bubbling heart. He put his briefcase on an armchair, went up to them, kissed Ginevra and acknowledged Harry: "Mr. Potter, what a surprise. Are you once more breaking Hogwarts's rules, sneaking out of the castle?"

"No, Severus. Today is a Hogsmeade day."

"And yet you came here instead of gorging yourself up at Honeydukes, or taking your sweetheart to Madam Puddifoot's?"

"I wanted to come."

"Look what Harry brought the baby," said Ginevra, showing Harry's gift to Severus. "A clock just like the one Mum has in the kitchen, except that this one is for the baby only. It shows when she needs to be changed, when she's hungry, sick or sleepy."

"It will be very useful, Harry. Thank you."

"Well, as a godfather, I want the very best for my goddaughter. Have you decided on a name?"

"Not yet," answered Ginevra. "We want to look at her, stare at her cute little face, and then decide. It's old-fashioned, I know, but I think we can't go wrong with it."

Harry smiled at Ginevra, and Severus felt the energy level changing between them, too. But it only lasted a second, because Ginevra took the clock and stood up – with difficulty, due to her rather large belly.

"I think we should put it in the hallway."

"Your mother has hers in the kitchen."

"That's because she spends a lot of time there. You know I don't spend the whole day in the kitchen." She gave him the clock. "I think you and Harry will have no trouble to put it up tonight."


"Yes, right now. Meanwhile, I'll be finishing dinner. You know, it's good that the two of you have some projects together. I hope you do things together more often."

Ginevra's smile and the glint in her eyes left no doubt in Severus's mind that she hoped many things would happen between Harry and him. Different things.

But that was for later. They had time.

The End