The Reality of destiny

Summery: Anakin, Obi-Wan and Tiilaa are thrust into the future for an unknown purpose. What are they needed for? Is this destiny's opportunity to change the past?

By: Merrilee LaVilla (Star Girl)

Chapter One: Surfing Through Time

Anakin glared at Count Dooko, but this time he remembered to keep his anger in check. Last time he let it lose around Dooko, he had lost his arm.

"This time, we take it together," Obi-Wan said. To his surprise, Anakin agreed.

"I was about to say that."

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Tiilaa approached Dooko. Tiilaa Marthecio and Anakin Skywalker were cosines. Tiilaa's parents were killed when she was five and Shmi had taken it upon herself to raise her with Anakin. But then Qui-Gon Jin had freed the cosines and taken them to be trained as Jedi. Out of lack of Jedi masters willing to take on a padawan at that time, Obi-Wan was given Tiilaa to train temporarily with Anakin. But by the time they had another master available, the three of them were so used to being together, the council had allowed Obi-Wan to train Anakin and Tiilaa. As the years past, they had become more and more like a family; Obi-Wan as the big brother, always trying to keep up with his younger siblings. And Anakin and Tiilaa like twin trouble makers, always causing problems.

And here they were now, on General Grievous' ship trying to rescue the Chancellor. And now Dooko had to show up and get in the way! The three of them attacked. But before they could reach Dooko, there was a great flash, and Obi-Wan was left to fight Dooko alone. Anakin and Tiilaa were no where to be seen.

Luke Skywalker sat alone in his prison and wondered for the hundredth time how he's ended up here. Oh, right. The Bothan safe house had been attacked by bounty hunters. Bounty hunters after him. The Barabel, (what was her name?) Skahtul, had said he would be kept here their benefactor paid up. (Benefactors) Luke reminded himself. Skahtul said that there was one party who wanted him alive, and another one who wanted him dead. He had figured out by now that the person who wanted him alive was Darth Vader. But who wanted him dead? He didn't like to think that anyone wanted him dead. Especially anyone who was willing to pay to make sure he was killed. It was………… freaky.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two people with lightsabers appeared. They almost looked like………………Jedi! No way!

Anakin swung his saber at Count Dooko………….. and almost succeeded in cutting off Tiilaa's head!

"Ani! Watch where you swing that thing!" Tiilaa looked around. This was not Grievous' ship. They weren't even in space! But where were they then? Anakin spoke, interrupting her thoughts.

"Where's Dooko?"

"Where's Obi-Wan?"

"Where's the Chancellor?"

They were nowhere to be seen.

"Who are you? How'd you do that?"

Anakin turned around to see a lone figure sitting on a cot. The person stood up, and walked over to where they were.

"I'm Anakin Skywalker and this is Tiilaa Marthecio. Can you tell us where we are?"

"What did you say your name was?" the person asked, not quite believing what he heard.

"Anakin Skywalker."

Luke paused, stunned. Anakin Skywalker, his father! His real father! No Vader, no Empire. Just him.

"Well, Anakin, I'm Luke Skywalker, your son. Welcome to the future!"

"My what!"

"You must have gone through some sort of time warp," Luke reasoned.

"Your son!" Tiilaa asked. "Ani, you have a son! And you never thought to tell me!"

"Well... I don't, ……… I mean, I can't………. I…….."

Exasperated, Tiilaa turned to Luke.

"Kid, Luke, your mother, what's her name?"

"Aunt Beru said her name was Padme."

"Padme, Padme, Padme," Tiilaa said, turning the name over in her head, trying to think of where she'd heard that name before. "Senator Amidala! You married Senator Amidala!"

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