I've decided to upload one of my older stories that haven't been completed yet. I didn't want to just abandon all things of my old account, so I figured I'd put this one up! I haven't converted it out of "P.O.V." format, and I doubt I'll get around to it so I hope it still gets read.

Chapter 1
Sometimes, Love Isn't Healthy…

(Matt's POV)

For once, my life was actually going well… I was getting help for my drinking problem, I managed to find a new job as a producer after my band split up, and I had her… At this point, she was all I needed. I was sitting in my truck when my phone rang.

"Talk to me…" I said into the receiver. "Hey honey, it's me…" Mimi said on the other end of the phone. "Hey, how was your day?" I asked while turning the key to my ignition. "It was okay…one of the ladies at the office screwed my design up and so I have to make a whole new one…" I chuckled. "You and your work… Well, I'm gonna be home soon…so get ready…" "Okay then…" She said. I hung up.

Today was Mimi's birthday and I was planning a surprise party… I picked up the phone and called Tai. "Hey Tai, is everyone ready yet?" I asked. "Yeah…but you better hurry…I can't hold this position forever…" He said jokingly. As I hung up I pulled into Mimi's apartment complex.

She walked out to the car and got in. "So where are you taking me again?" He asked. "I told you, Tai wanted us over at his house…" I said turning into the beltway. "Oh…well, I hope it's for good reason, I'm going to miss my favorite show!" She said. I chuckled.

As they turned the corner into Tai's parking lot, I got out the truck. He opened the door for Mimi and helped her out. "Wow…you feeling okay Matt? You've never really been the gentleman type…" She said walking up the porch stairs to Tai's house. "Well, what can I say? Things have changed…" I said. Taking out the spare key to Tai's house, he opened the door.

He led Mimi inside and turned on the lights. "SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled. Everyone jumped up from their hiding places, Izzy knocking over a CD rack in the process. "OW!" He yelled.

Mimi almost fell back, half from excitement and half from surprise. She took a glimpse at Matt and saw him grinning at her. "Happy birthday, honey…" He said. He kissed her and headed over to the dining table.

"So…let's eat!" He said. And with that, the party began. Everyone was talking, joking and laughing it up. Something seemed to be bothering Izzy though…

(Izzy's POV)

I sighed. Sitting down in the chair at the table, swirling my champagne in my glass. Looking around, I saw everyone with someone… TK had Kari, Tai had Sora, Matt had Mimi, and even Joe had found someone to date. I took a swig from the glass and poured myself another cup.

You never did have good luck with relationships… A voice said in my mind. And for once I had to agree with it… Middle school, I'd gone out with one of girls on the cheerleading team only to find out that she was cheating on me…with the head of the soccer team…which so happened to be Tai…

We'd gotten into somewhat of a fight, needless to say, I lost… So, after a 1-week suspension, I made up with him. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by a voice. "You alright Izzy?" I looked up to see Kari, crouching down in front of me. "Yeah…I'm fine…hey is there anymore cake?" I asked.

She nodded. "But were about to play some DDR…come on you know you want to…" She said pulling him out of the chair… He sighed. "I guess I will…" Anything to take my mind off it… He thought. So, after tying with Joe's date for last, I headed back to my spot. But not before grabbing some cake.

I sighed to myself and took a bite… Though there was that one girl…the one who I never was able to get over… No matter how hard I tried… Just then I heard a sort of squishing noise. Reverting out of my state of sorrow, I saw that someone has smeared cake down Mimi's shirt. "Oh…you!" She said. Taking some ice cream, she threw it at Matt's face.

He ducked, but not fast enough, and some managed to get on the side of his face. "FOOD FIGHT!" TK yelled. I groaned. This was not good. I quickly darted into a room, narrowly dodging piece of flying cake, spaghetti, rice and ice cream.

"Well, at least now I don't have to worry about anything happening…" He said falling onto the bed. Apparently, he'd walked into the guest room. Suddenly, he noticed the noise die down outside. "Well, that was an abrupt fight…" He said. Opening the door, he peeked his head out. "Hello? Anyone out there?" He couldn't see anyone…

What happened next caught him by surprise. He was tackled by Tai! "GET HIM!" He yelled. Almost immediately, they began to pelt various foods at him. "Hey, c'mon! Lemme go!" He yelled while they tossed food at him. "Let me…GO!" He yelled. Mustering up all his energy he managed to fling Tai off of him. Izzy sighed. He stared at everyone. "Thank you…now, if you'll excuse me, I've got something to do…" He said. Forcing his way through the still stunned group, he took his jacket and headed out the door. The closing of it seemed to finally register in their minds because less than 10 seconds afterwards, everyone began to give aid to Tai.

(Tai's POV)

"Look, you guys I'm fine…it's nothing to be worried about, just a bruise…I've taken worse hits than that…" He said. "But honestly, I'm a bit worried about Izzy, something about him is bothering me…the look in his eyes…it made me feel…I dunno…weird…" He said looking at the group now crowding around him.

"Same here…" Kari said. "I think Izzy may be going through something…perhaps we should leave him alone…" Tai agreed.

(Izzy's POV)

I pulled up to my penthouse. I don't know why I bought it, and it really didn't concern me much at this point anyway… I walked into my work room and began to focus on the only thing that helped get me through these kinds of times anyway…my work…

What do you think is wrong with Izzy? Well, if you want to really find out, then I suggest reading the rest!