Harry Potter Fan Fiction

By The Dark Lord's Most Faithful


Harry Potter And The Mourning Silhouettes

Chapter 1 – The Intruders

It was the first good day of the summer holidays for Peter and as much as he loved spending so much time with his parents it was nothing to his love of Hogwarts. Peter Castor was muggle born and lived in the small remote village of Tworpe. Tworpe was the most muggle like place in the world to Peter when he got back from his first year. The Castor's lived on a small farm, his mother and father being muggles they had thought the letter from Hogwarts a joke upon first reading but after a good hundred of these letters there sceptic attitude towards the matter seemed to vanish. Peter himself had been waiting to start high school and had already purchased the uniform before he had received the letter and had felt very nervous and shocked upon visiting Diagon Alley for the very first time. As much as Peter loved the school and how pleased he had been to be sorted into Ravenclaw there was still many things about the people in the school that made a very small part of him dislike the place. In primary school Peter had always been seen as perfectly normal person but upon entering Hogwarts he had gotten a lot of abuse from members of Slytherin who for some absurd reason found the fact that he was muggle born quite atrocious. Peter had been called on countless occasions for it and towards the end of the last year he had begun to get upset as lots of people called him a mudblood.

Peter was curled up in bed scanning ferociously through one of his astronomy books from school, not for homework, he had completed that weeks ago, the main reason he was reading this book was because it was his favourite subject in school. The thing that fascinated him greatly was the fact that most wizards new considerably more than muggle astronomers did and he found it felt good to no more than they did. His bedroom was at the top of the tall farm in the loft, his room was tiny with slanted ceilings though he found that he preferred his bedroom to be in a smaller room than his mother and father wanted him to live in so that he could see all of the stars through his window at night. A lamp was on beside his bed and the large leather bound book that he had brought home from school (something that Peter's father found greatly amusing) and his finger scanning down its yellowish pages ferociously. Peter's finger stopped and his mahogany eyes fell onto a diagram of a star sign.

Sirius – This star sign, considered a great threat by people in the 17th century as they believed it possessed planets of great fear was so named, not because of it's shape but actually because of it's fame. The word Sirius means dog in Greek mythology.

Peter stared down at the text, pondering on the word Sirius and wandering where he and heard it before. Then it dawned on him like ice trickling down his back, Sirius had been that man that one of the older students had mentioned, the ministry had thought him a murderer but he was innocent. He racked his brain and thought on about what the boy had said. He had also said that the man was Harry Potter's godfather. Peter felt a rush of shock and gratitude towards Harry Potter.

Peter listened carefully for his mother and father, just tom make sure that they were not coming up the stairs because when they did Peter would have to hide his book and pretend to be asleep. He could hear a murmur of voices from downstairs that must mean that they were ready for coming upstairs. Peter reacted as quick as a flash, he flicked off his light and flung his book into his school trunk. He then rolled over and listened with the one visible ear for the cue to shut his eyes. But it never came. Instead Peter heard his mother's voice change into a panicky voice full of fear.

"Who… who are all of those people dear?" Her voice trailed off and Peter heard his father enter the hall and join his mother.

"People? What people?" Peter felt his inside's squirm with fear. He slouched further into his bed sheets and hoped that there was no one there.

"THOSE PEOPLE RIGHT THERE!" Peter could almost hear his father craning his neck as to see what his wife was seeing and Peter heard his father gasp in shock and swore under his breath. This seemed to jump Peter into action and he knelt up in his bed and looked, not at the starry sky swimming like a never-ending pool of gems, but at the fields that stretched like endless grassy paths all around the house and what he saw walking towards hi house made his heath thump against his chest harder than it had ever done before. There were four large hooded figures walking towards their front door only around 30 yards away from his front door, they wore masks under pulled up hoods and they were holding wands in their free hands. Peter heard his mother spluttering words of fear downstairs and the sound of his father thundering up the stairs to come to Peter's aid. His father who seemed relieved to see Peter already aware of what was going on suddenly occupied his doorframe. His father hunched down to his height and as he did Peter heard his mother's footsteps launching up the stairs, a second later, she entered the room looking terrified, her mouse coloured hair that she had passed on to Peter looking untidy and knotted as though she had been running her fingers through it in fear. She joined his father and they both looked into his eyes,

"We want you to go into your wardrobe and stay there okay?"

"Dad, I… I know who they are…" There was an echoing knock on the door.

"You do? Who are they?" Peter felt his eyes filling with tears. This was his entire fault, if he hadn't gone to Hogwarts these death eaters would not be approaching his house ready to kill them.

"They're… They're death eaters…" Peter wasn't surprised to see no reaction on their faces. "There after us because… because I'm muggle born." As Peter concluded speech there was a second louder knock on the door.

"Hide… in there in the cupboard and don't come out." His father said desperately as there was the loudest bang yet and the door began to rattle on its hinges. The alarm began to ring and as it did Peter heard a women's voice fro outside bellow,

"Silencio!" And the alarm became muted. Peter launched into the cupboard and heard his mother and father leave his room. There was a bang louder than a gunshot and Peter heard the door smash to the floor onto the wood floor in their hallway. Then came the sound of the people entering his house. Peter heard his father begin downstairs and some how Peter new he was holding the rifle he owned and was trying to sneak up on them. Then. One of the stairs creaked so loud that Peter could hear it from up in his loft.

"Accio!" Shouted a voice that was so deep it seemed to make the floor shake around them. There was then the noise of mirthless laughter and then Peter heard, "Crucio!" Bellowed by the same man. The came the noise of his father hitting the stairs, his whole body shaking like he was being electrocuted and then more laughter.

"Avada Kedavra!" Bellowed a women and the noise of his father shaking on the wooden floor at the bottom of the stairs stopped quickly.

"Right… there's two more of them somewhere…" Came a harsh and quick voice and Peter felt his whole body begin to shake. He then heard the sound of lots of footsteps walking upstairs. After hearing nothing he then heard what he had been dreading,

"Avada Kedavra!" Came the women's voice again and there was a bang and Peter new it had happened, he was the only one left. There was the smallest of gaps in his wardrobe that he could see through and Peter then heard the footsteps of one person beginning up the spiral stairs to his bedroom. Thought the slit in the door he saw one, enormous death eater enter his room. He laughed,

"Hehe I know you're in here m'boy! You can't hide from Dolohov like that, no way!" His voice was manic and Peter guessed that his face would be the same. He could see the man crouch down and check under his bed then look around and then his eyes, through the death eater's mask rest directly on Peter. He walked over to the wardrobe and swung it open and picked Peter up with one arm. Peter hung limply off his arm, so scared he thought he might pass out. "He's here! I've got him!" The death eater bellowed and the noise of more people entering his bedroom broke the silence. After all four of the death eaters were assembled there that all laughed quietly and one of the women walked forwards.

"Can I make it three out of three Antonin?" She asked the death eater holding Peter he nodded and Peter hit the floor with a bang. Peter felt the pain rush to his head and just wanted it to be over – to die. There was a blinding flash of green light and Peter was swallowed by darkness.