Harry Potter Fan Fiction

By The Dark Lord's Most Faithful


Harry Potter And The Mourning Silhouettes

Chapter 2 – The Eccentric Assistant

It had happened to quickly for Harry to comprehend it. A blinding flash of light had ripped Harry from his dream and he was now laying on his back his eyes wide open, the room ablaze with the light from the street outside whose lampposts were burning an unrelenting aura on the surrounding houses. Harry placed on his glasses and the room swam into focus. His bedroom had the appearance of one that was temporary and his school trunk lay in the corner of the bedroom shut tight and expectant. Hedwig hooted on her perch and Harry was awoken from his reverie. He seemed to come to his senses a little, as though only just realising that he had awoken and a chill fell down his spine. What had that dream been about? He then remembered the flash of light and turned and looked out of the window. From what he could see Privet Drive was as empty as always unless you counted the splattering of the rain that hit the houses. With some effort Harry drew the conclusion that the blinding light had been in his dream and not in real life though the two seemed to have a habit of mixing when you led a life like Harry Potter did. Harry Potter was no ordinary 17 year old. Instead of going to high school he had attended 6 years of magical education before now but had no urge to return, he had no reason to. Harry had only found out that he was a wizard on his eleventh birthday, also discovering that his parents had not died in a car crash like his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had explained. They had actually been murdered by the most feared wizard of the last century – Lord Voldermort. Lord Voldermort was the reason that the entire magical community had known Harry, to his great shock. The reason that he was famous was one of great mystery, as it happened his mother and father had been hunted down and killed by Lord Voldermort all so that he could hunt down Harry. His reasoning being that he had been told of a prophecy that said that either Harry or Voldermort would lose their lives at each other's hand.

Harry shook his head violently and his glasses slid down his pallid face, he wrenched them back up and began pacing his bedroom again. The thing that was troubling Harry was the mere fact that the blinding flash of light that he had dreamt about had been a luminous, acid like green. The reason that this troubled him was because it was the colour of the spell "Avada Kedavra", the very spell that had killed both of his parents and what should have killed Harry but had rebounded on Voldermort causing him to vanish. Had he had a premonition again or was it just a flash back of Snape killing Dumbledore – something that had been running through his mind every time he shut his eyes. Harry spun around alarmed as he heard a soft tapping on the window, as he looked there was nothing there. Harry felt himself rise from his seat and once again peer out of the window anxiously - all that he saws with a wave of relief was the branch on a tree tapping the window with the force of the wind. Harry found his eyes sagging as though heavy weights were pressing in top of them, he needed sleep desperately but found it hard to come by at the moment. He told himself that it had been nothing and tried to sleep.

The next day Harry awoke at nine o' clock with the sound of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's loud descent down the stairs. Harry crawled out of bed his eyes shutting with tiredness. As he dresses he felt himself start to wake up slowly and by the time he had had his breakfast he was wide-awake. Harry had grown another few inches over the summer but was nothing to Dudley who, now he was still sticking to his diet now had the physique of an athlete. Harry arose from the table and was just about to go upstairs the idea of sending an owl to Ron and Hermione when he heard a cough and then,

"Wait there!" Harry slowly turned around and faced his Uncle. Uncle Vernon was still large and neckless though the diet seemed to have no effect on him. His face was twisted into a plain, unenthused manner though there was a shadow of a smile. " The Family, that's to say me…" He pointed a stubby little finger at himself unnecessarily and then at Aunt Petunia and Dudley, " Will be going to a family part tomorrow night alright and you are going… going to have to stay here." He finished in a rush as though it pained him to say it.

"Okay. Fine." Said Harry, this really did not bother Harry as a matter if fact he would rather stay at home especially now the Dursley's weren't there. He was just imagining himself lounged on the couch watching television when he realised Uncle Vernon analysing him as if trying to read his mind.

"I don't want any funny things happening whilst we're gone alright?"


"No owls, no blasting the living room fire open, nothing… is that understood."

"Of course." Said Harry beginning to feel a desperate urge to walk away. Uncle Vernon dismissed him with a curt nod, and Harry ascended the stairs.

Harry spent the rest of that day dreading that night that was coming, but eventually the light in the sky turned from a brilliant blue to an austere red colour. Harry looked at the clock in his bedroom and saw with shock that it was only seven o' clock. He lifted his blind and looked out of the window. He could just see the outline of the park silhouetted in the evening light, the lights on in the park and figures walking along the pathway in the distance. Harry thought that he'd go for a walk, there was no harm in it, he needed to clear his head of all the terrible things that were mixed inside. He left the house without saying anything to the Dursley's and began down Privet drive the souls of his shoes were wearing and he felt like his feet were actually walking on the floor. As he walked his mind drifted over to Dumbledore and he felt a slight jam in his mind. It just didn't seem right what had happened at the end of last year, how could Dumbledore have been killed? And by Snape as well, as he thought this an almighty surge of hatred seemed to rumble in his chest. Trying to get his mind off the subject that angered him he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a letter from Ron.

To Harry

I know it must be annoying staying at Privet Drive but I have good news. You know Fleur and Bill's wedding? Well you've been invited and it's in a fortnight okay? Send a letter if you can come but if you can't... well you're coming all right my mum would freak if you didn't come. Oh and I've got a message from my Mum for you what she told me to say, "Please don't go and do anything dangerous, there is no need to go after you-know-who because that's up to the Aura's" Don't listen to her mate she's just... you know a bit worried that's all.

Anyway, the weddings going to be really boring so I'm going to need you to come all right? You can go to Godric's hollow after the wedding... okay Hermione and me want to come to.

Right we'll see you at the Burrow next week, we've got ministry cars coming to pick you up,

See you then,


Harry smiled, it felt better to know that Hermione and Ron were coming with him - he also felt guilty however for dragging them into such danger. A very small, unbiased side of his mind wanted to travel to Godric's hollow alone but another half wanted Ron and Hermione there for morale support. Harry walked on, the road stretching ahead of him, he walked with no real route in mind and was surprised to find himself at the park gate, its bars where rusted and he opened it with a deafening creak. The floor he walked on was uneven tarmac, many plant beds were around him but all were dead. Harry supposed it was the warm weather that caused this. The park had an eerie quality at night and this feeling was intensified as the sound of voices echoed into the apparently empty pathway. Then he saw them, Dudley and his gang were cycling in his direction, too slowly to have seen him. Harry darted into a nearby bush and winced, as it's prickly leaved cut his skin. Harry sucked on the wound and it began to numb just as they all passed him laughing and joking. Harry remained hidden until he heard the gate shut with a clang and began further down the park. Towering in the centre of the park was a large, old-fashioned house, empty and dead looking, with ivy growing around it's exterior. Harry couldn't help but stare at it. The pathway led on to past the side of the house where a light shined onto the floor leaving a shiny yellow glow on the floor. Harry looked away at the house again, he remembered as though Dudley was yesterday chasing it around the fences of that house whilst Aunt Petunia watched unconcerned. As Harry looked ahead to the side of the house where the light shone, it no longer shone on the floor, instead the thick bead of light was rested on the figure of a man, staring right at Harry. Harry could not make out who this man actually was, he was small and stocky judging by the outline. Harry was just considering running when the man began to limp towards him manically. As the man moved from underneath the lights penetrating gaze the light shone again on the floor and the man was only vaguely visible in the darkness. Harry was just considering running away when he heard his name,

"Harry Potter… Its… its you… right in front of me…" Harry froze halfway through turning, he new that voice. The man was now yards away from Harry and as he came up close Harry felt a wave of shock at the man he saw in front of him. Percy Weasley, his eyes unfocused and his hair greasy and knotted was standing before Harry with a smile on his face, but it was no ordinary smile, in the half darkness Percy almost looked like a madman.

"Percy! What are you doing in Little Whinging?" Asked Harry taking a small step back from Percy as a trickle of black liquid trickled from the corner of his smiling mouth. Percy suddenly looked around as if only just realising where he was. Harry felt unsettled. Percy's confused face turned horribly fast into a desperate sob and Harry noticed that his eyes were heavily blood shot,

"Harry Potter! You must help… I just overheard… I just saw…" His voice tailed off and his head sagged onto his shoulders like a rag doll.

"What have you just seen Percy?" As Harry asked this Percy suddenly sprang back into a normal standing position and looked up at Harry a slight frown on his face, his ginger hair drooping over his forehead.

"What? What do you mean Harry?" His head dropped again and he spat out black liquid from his mouth and fell onto his knees looking distraught. "It's the ministry… there's a plot… an evil plot by you-know-who to burn it down Harry Potter!" Harry was struck dumb, how did he know this? And why was he in such a terrible state and why was he in Little Whinging? Percy yet again sprang up to his fullest height looking again pompous and proud.

"How do you know he's trying to burn down the ministry of magic?" Asked Harry bewildered and Percy suddenly looked alarmed.

"Burn down the ministry of magic… whom?" Asked Percy astonished, Harry goggled at Percy in shock.

"You just told me that Voldermort was going to burn down the ministry of magic… you just said it not a minute ago." Percy suddenly looked amused and had the heir of someone who had just been told that Jupiter is soon going to pop.

"Not more of these cock-and bull stories Harry… you are beginning to make a habit of it… anyway… I better be going… urgent business to attend to, farewell." With that Percy disapperated and Harry was left staring at where Percy had just been… and had a shroud idea just what had happened to him…