You Save Me

A story of opening yourself entirely to someone, loving someone unconditionally, and trust.

Nick/Greg friendship and eventually pairing. Characters are not mine. Thanks for all the reviews! This is the final chapter and there is a sex scene… Thanks to everyone who reviewed. Special thanks to StrawberiPokiStix Who I annoyed to death writing this, couldn't have done it without you. Hope you enjoy. I am contemplating a sequel, btw…

By: Animegirl1129


Three months had passed since Nick had asked Greg to move in with him, and tonight he planned to celebrate that. He looked over the list he had made one last time before Greg got home.

Greg's favorite foods. Check.

Champagne. Check.

Candles. Check.

He mentally checked off several other things before the door opened and a very sleepy Greg stepped inside.

"How was work, Greggo?" he asked, today had been his day off.

The younger man didn't answer, simply throwing his arms around the man he loved. "Exhausting. Grissom had me process an entire football field. Then he sent me home, it was very suspicious, actually."

Nick made a mental note to define the word 'subtle' to Grissom next time he saw the older man, rolling his eyes.

"And that suspicion level just sky-rocketed. I see shrimp salad," Greg looked from the romantically set kitchen table, complete with candles, champagne, and roses, back to Nick with a raised eyebrow. "What are you up to?"

Nick plastered a look of confusion on his face. "Nothing. I can't give our take-out menus a break and let you have your favorite food?"

"Okay, then, I give up," Greg looked around the room. "Where'd you hide the body?"

He laughed. "Alright, you caught me. It's been three months since you moved in."

"Why didn't you just say that, then?"

"It's fun to tease you."

Greg's bemused expression told Nick that the smell of shrimp salad assaulting his senses was getting a bit too tempting. "Are you hungry?"

Greg nodded, looking to the plates of food. "Uh huh."

"Well then, let's eat," Nick smiled, pressing a quick kiss t the younger mans lips before pulling a chair out for him.

Several minutes, and two shrimp salad sandwich's each later, Greg looked across the table at him. "So what's this all really about?"


"Well, one month after I moved in, we were working a double. Last month, we had McDonalds, and this month its romantic dinner, champagne and a shady Grissom. I'm not a C.S.I. for fun, Nicky, I can tell when you're not telling me everything."

Nick locked eyes with the younger man. "Well, just for now, can you pretend to be oblivious, please?"

Greg spotted the sincerity in Nick's eyes and nodded, sipping the last of his champagne.

Recalling a certain conversation with one of Greg's former neighbors, Nick disappeared into the kitchen after they finished dinner and retrieved a gallon of vanilla ice cream and the steaming apple pie that was cooling on the stove. Setting two cups of chamomile on the table, he lifted his eyes to meet Greg's emotional ones.

"Nicky..." Greg whispered. "I've...why the hell didn't you do this on our first anniversary of me moving in?"

Nick stared at Greg. "You -really- know how to kill the mood, don't you?"

The younger of the two chuckled and winked his eye and Nick sat across from him. "Seriously, though. Why are you doing all of this? There's got to be something more important than just our living together."

"Maybe," he smirked. "Just eat."

Greg pouted and took a bite of his pie, Nick resisting the urge to just come out and say what was on his mind, he hated it when Greg pouted, it was almost impossible to say no to him when he did..


He looked up at the younger man, who seemed to have a mouthful of pie.

"Did you leave a fork or something in the pie?"

Nick raised an eyebrow, staring blankly at him.

Greg removed the metallic object from his mouth, looking intently at it. "What…?"

Nick sighed. "Greg...wipe the spit and pie off of it..."

"It's… a ring…" the spiky haired man noted aloud after cleaning it off. "Nicky?"

When Greg looked back up at Nick, the older man was beside him, down on one knee.


"Man, Greg...I'm surprised you're a CSI. It took you that long to figure it out," Nick smiled.

"What…?" Greg found it impossible to speak, his gaze going from Nick to the ring he held.

Nick leaned forward, capturing the younger mans lips in his own. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes," Greg said quietly, pushing himself out of his chair and into Nick's arms, the weight sending them both to the ground. "Yes…"

The Texan managed to retrieve the ring from Greg's hand, sliding the band onto the younger mans finger.

Greg smiled, still sitting on top of the older man. "Nicky?" he laid his head against the Texan's chest. "Will… you make love to me?"

Nick sat up abruptly, "Greggo? Are you sure? You're not just saying it because of the ring, are you?"

In reply, Greg pressed a deep kiss to the older mans lips. "I want this more than anything."

Nick nodded, kissing the younger man harder, his tongue asking for entrance and it was quickly granted. "I love you so much…" he whispered against the other's lips, bringing a hand up to his lover's cheek and simply starring into his chocolate brown eyes.

His right hand rested upon Greg's neck as he deepened the kiss, his left hand found the younger's right and he laced their fingers together, pulling him further into his arms. He trailed light kisses from his lover's red lips across his jaw and along the scars that criss-crossed his collarbone. A soft moan escaped the younger mans lips, tilting his head back to give the older man more room

Nick kissed along his smooth skin, taking in the scent of the Axe re-load shower gel and whatever aftershave Greg had discovered lately. "Greggo," he whispered, trailing the butterfly kisses over his neck. "I can't get enough of you."

Greg slid his hands up the front of his lover's shirt, touching the hard abs and chiseled pecks hidden by the grey fabric of his t-shirt. "I don't know what I would have done without you…"

The Texan kissed his mouth once more before meeting his in the eyes, running his thumb over the younger mans swollen bottom lip. "Shall we move this to the bedroom?"

Greg nodded, helping the Texan to his feet, the two of them making their way to their bedroom.

Nick's hands traveled to the hem of Greg's black, 'Dir en grey Family Values Tour' t-shirt, pulling it over his head and casting it to a forgotten pile on the floor.

"Mmmm…" Greg groaned, Nick's mouth kissed, nipped and licked it's way down his torso, the older man shedding his own shirt as they fell onto the bed.

Nick reached into the bedside table, setting the small bottle of apples and cinnamon scented lotion. He set it aside as he undid the button on Greg's black jeans and tugged them down his legs, tossing them to the floor as well. The younger mans boxers soon joined the rest of his clothes, allowing Nick to explore the newly bared skin, trailing kisses everywhere he could.

"If you're not sure that you're ready for this, tell me. We don't have to do anything you aren't ready for yet, baby," Nick said seriously, noticing the frightened look that crossed his young lovers face upon seeing the bottle.

"I know you won't hurt me, Nicky. I trust you. I wanna be with you forever and I want to give you this," Greg replied, leaning up to steal another kiss. "Just.. Go slow…"

The older man smiled, moving down the Greg's body, his head disappearing between the younger's thighs, as he took the other mans in his warm lips, swirling his tongue around the tip before following the vein that covered the underside of the heated flesh.

Greg moaned, his head falling back into the pillows, as Nick moved up and down his length for several minutes before slowly allowing the organ passage into his throat.

The Texan hummed softly, fighting his gag reflex until his lover was fully in his throat. The vibrations caused the younger mans desire to pulse, electrical sensations passed through his body when Nick let out a moan, exploding deep in Nick's throat.

Nick swallowed quickly, not letting a drop be lost before moving to kiss his lover again. Greg was panting heavily, still dazed from the experience. "Amazing…" he managed, his eyes closed.

"You still with me?" Nick questioned, running hand through Greg's unruly hair and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

Greg nodded, reaching between them to tug Nick's jeans off. "I want you in me."

Upon hearing those words, Nick opened the bottle, pouring a liberal amount into his hand. "I love you, Greg," he whispered, slowly slipping one finger passed the ring of muscle.

The younger man shifted slightly at the intrusion.

"Are you alright?"

"It's just weird…"

Nick nodded, adding a second finger and then a third, stretching the younger C.S.I. "You're really torn up, I can feel the scars…"

A tear fell from Greg's eye at the thought of what they'd done to him. Nick reached up with his free hand and wiped his tears away.

"I won't hurt you, baby…" he whispered. "I'd never hurt you."

Greg forced a smile as a gasp shivered from his lips. "I know, Nicky...please...just be gentle..."

"I will, love," he replied, pulling his fingers out, quickly doing away with his own shorts, he picked up the bottle again, applying more of the cold liquid to his arousal. "Are you ready?"


"I'll be gentle and slow, baby, but no matter what this is going to hurt a little. Just feel how much I love you. Let me show you…" Nick said, cautiously pushing himself in just barely. Inch by inch he moved further into Greg's tight passage until his full length was buried within the younger man.

He stayed still for a moment, letting his lover adjust to him. The pain was nothing compared to what the three of them had done. When Nick gave several slow, shallow thrusts, he moaned, the friction between the two of them mind-blowing.

"Please, Nicky…" he groaned. "Move…"

Nick pressed a kiss to his lips, pulling back out and savoring the feeling of the younger man around him before pushing back in slowly, setting a slow paced rhythm. "I love you, Greggo…so, so much…" he whispered, nibbling lightly on Greg's ear.

The Texan changed his angle, trying to hit the bundle of nerves that would make this even better for the younger man. The second he did, he knew it, the movement causing Greg to arch against him. From that thrust on Nick aimed for Greg's prostate, and in moments, the man was moaning beneath him.

"My God, Nicky… Faster…" he groaned, the older man kissing along his collarbone.

Nick complied, increasing both the speed and strength of his thrusts.

Greg sucked the skin on Nick's neck into his mouth, leaving a dark mark that anyone would be able to notice at work the next day. "Faster… please…" he panted,

The Texan brushed passed his prostate yet again, causing his lover to bite down on his shoulder.

"Greg.." Nick groaned, reaching between them, taking Greg's desire in his hand, running up and down it's length.

Throwing his head back into the pillows again, his nails leaving marks in the older mans back, he moaned, the pleasure sending waves coursing through his body as he came hard over his love's hand and both of their stomachs. Nick was close behind, the feeling of Greg's muscles pulsing around his desire letting him fall over the edge, his hot seeding soothing Greg's torn walls with white heat.

Nick collapsed on top of the younger man, carefully pulling out before wrapping his arms around his lover. "You're amazing…"

"It felt so much different than with what happened," Greg said, pulling the blankets around them, his head rested against Nick's neck.

"I'm glad you trust me enough to let me be this close to you. I love you more than anything, Greggo." the Texan whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of his lover's head.

"Love you, too…Forever…" Greg replied, quickly succumbing to the desire to sleep, wrapped securely in the arms of the man he loved.