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Summery: Cloud enters academy of SOLDIER. Grows fond of Zack and Zack's superior Sephiroth. As Hojo a scientist of Shin-Ra looks through all the SOILDERS he mentally chooses another puppet when he finishes his last.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Shin-Ra

Cloud pov

I cannot describe that day. I met him he had just that wired allure that made people like him. His friends, girls even Sephiroth likes him. I had no chance of getting close to him. What was I nothing just like everyone told me. From this point on I new I was but a pawn. So why is he giving me that look of sorrow… why?

Chapter 1: Welcome to Shin-Ra

The rain poured on all the new cadets. Some came from the other side of the world some came from just a town over. The new arrivals of Shin-Ra gathered in the courtyard soon to be sorted into classes and rooms. A raven haired man standing around 6ft stood proud as he looked over all the cadets staring at him in awe and the silver haired general beside him.

"Lot's of them to cut this year. Looks like fun this year." A dark voice came from the general beside him giving him some jumpstart. "Yea… I can't wait to see who I can fail." He gave an evil smile and laughter which made the general smile.

The general turned his back and walked away. "I'm wet and tired tell me if anything interesting happens Zack."

"Hahaha. No problem Sephiroth." As soon as he was out of sight a cheerful grin appeared on his face. "Anything you say buddy."

His eyes traced over all the new cadets chatting excitedly about being here. His eyes skimmed all of them till he came to one.

A blonde haired man stood slightly slouched and his head looking at the ground. His longish blonde hair was draped over his eyes from the rain. Zack couldn't help but to frown at him. 'That's not what a SOLDIER should look like. No gloomy faces in my battalion. The next thing he found himself doing was making his way through the crowd of cadets till he was about 15 feet from him.

Two bigger guys came walking up to him. "Yo. Blondie you are in the wrong place. This is SOLDIER." They gave him a slight nudge to get their attention. He looked up at them his hair still obscured his eyes from Zack's sight. "Hey answer me!" He took his big fist and it came in contact with Cloud head in between the eyes.

Zack ran up stopped the overly large man from coming on again to him again gave him a glare. "If you were in my battalion right now hitting another SOLDIER of your own rank would be severe." Zack picked up the soaked blonde haired man and pulled him onto his back. "Go back in line and follow instructions I am taking this guy onto that bench over there." The large man slunk away into the crowd again with his friend. Zack walked over to a bench and sat down the semi-conscious man to try to help in anyway possible.

To be continued…..

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