Chapter 5: Yearning

"This is the dining hall isn't it noisy? Everyone here has no manners." Zack announced as they entered. Every looked at them just as Zack slapped Cloud on the back."

Zack pulled Cloud into a chair at one of the tables.

"Yo, Zack! Come sit with us! Not with the crap-soldier!" One obnoxious soldier yelled right to them from the other end of the hall.

Zack shook off the request and continued his pointless chatter about something I didn't really care about.

The Soldier immediately felt threatened and made his way towards. Giving a glare down on Zack and Cloud he sat right in between them. Cloud didn't even try to oppose him just went limp and stood up. Not too long after that he left.

"Yo, wait up Cloud!" Zack stuffed his mouth full with the rest of his food and stood up. He got as far as the other side of the table before the hot-headed soldier spoke.

"Give up on him Zack. You must've seen that guys eyes. No future here. Let the garbage take itself out is my motto." The soldier then took a couple bites out of Cloud's food before his head was slammed into it by Zack.

"Don't piss me off. You are in a different unit ne? I will make sure to bring you hell."

Cloud continued his way out of the dining hall. Feeling a little dozy, he ought to go back to bed. However finding which way led was more difficult then he led to believe.

"I wonder if all soldiers are like that man." Cloud thought aloud.

He walked down corridor after corridor looking for familiar ground to go by. Soon after he found his room and took note on where it was located. Laying down for some sleep a haunting dream engulfed him.

Flash back

"Cloud?" a young lady stood staring down at him; who was lying on the grass. Brown hair, short skirt complimented by a vest and big brown eyes looking down on him.

"Tifa" his voice strung out in disorientation. Sitting up to get his bearing he looked around.

"Have you seen my mother? She went into the fields and hasn't come back yet..." She asked him curiously.

"No I haven't seen her. I haven't at all." He sat up looking at his friend.

"Okay I will go look for her. See ya later." She waved while she walked away, towards the fields of Nibelheim

Clouds got up and walked back into the small town. There was a ruckus about someone had died.

End of flashback

"Cloud. Cloud. Cloud!" A deeper voice was trying to reach him.

Successfully ignoring it, a large hand ripped off the pillow he was using and with the other hand his foot was grabbed. The hand pulled and Cloud flew across the room face down on the floor. The hand was still hold his foot so he wouldn't go out the window.

"Morning buddy, it's 8a.m and you promised that Sephy and I would get to train you. It will be extra hard because you late." His smile leaked all over his voice.

It would be a horrid day.

To be continued...

Author note: I took some time off to work on my writing quality so enjoy!