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Host Club activities had ended and the Third Music Room was empty. Everyone had already gone home.

Everyone but two boys.

One, was lying in the sofa, twirling his blond hair, the other, sat in chair, was scribbling in his notebook.



"I have been thinking..."


"You know, Haruhi is a girl and she's hosting for girls..."

"I think we've all known that for a while now, Tamaki."

"That's not my point. What I mean is... we could host for guys!"

Kyoya stopped writing. "...What?"

"Yes! I notice the way some guys stare at me. And isn't it selfish that only the girls are able to recieve my love? If Haruhi can do it, we can do it too! And maybe that would be a way of making her wear girls' clothing!" He blushed at the thought.

Kyoya didn't even bother to tell him that it was different since the Host Club members were the only ones who knew Haruhi was a girl. Or that Haruhi wouldn't make his fantasies come true. Or that none of the others hosts would ever agree with this.

"So... you mean opening the Host Club for males, is it?"

Tamaki didn't even answer his question as he was still fantasying about Haruhi in a dress. "My cute daughter!"

"You wouldn't last a second."

"Huh?" Tamaki looked confused at the other boy.

That confused look of his was adorable.

"You couldn't do it."

"Yes, I could! I'm a pro!" He said stubbornly.

Still adorable.

Kyoya sighed and placed his glasses in the table.

Tamaki stared.

Kyoya walked towards the other boy, smiling sweetly. But when he opened his eyes, Tamaki could see the pradatory gaze.

And suddenly, Kyoya was on top of him, in the sofa, grabbing his wrists, making it impossible for him to move.

"Ky-Kyoya! What are you doing!"

"I'm just explaing you how defenseless you would be if a guy tried something on you..." He whispered in Tamaki's ear.

He could feel both his and Tamaki's heartbeat getting faster as he kissed him in the lips. He continued kissing Tamaki, now his neck, while he proceeded to loosen his tie.


Some time later, as quickly as it had started, it ended and a now composed Kyoya prepared to leave Tamaki alone, who had now his shirt unbuttoned, messy hair and was still blushing madly in the sofa.

"I hope you learned your lesson." Kyoya smiled and left the room.

About a minute later, his cellphone beeped as he recieved a text message:

"I'm afraid I didn't. Care to explain again?"

He smiled as he read it and headed back to the the Third Music Room.


Everyone had already gone home.

Everyone but two boys.