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When Strangers Meet

chapter 1

Syaoran thought seethingly(is this even a word?) to himself as he stared out into night sky of Juuban. All was quiet tonight, which was recently a rare event. There had been reports of high level magic usage and glimpses of monsters.

Future leader of the Li clan and I get stuck monster hunting Li said to himself, despite the fact that he had willingly volunteered for this work. What other fourteen year old chinese boy goes away from home to a foreign country, just to check out strange magic readings? I'll tell you how many others...none! A few girls maybe...but never another guy!

Syaoran had searched the deserted streets, save for a few people, for almost six hours straight and hadn't ran into any sign of trouble. Dressed in his traditional cardcaptor attire, which consisted of a green chinese battle robe over a white longsleeve shirt, pants, along with a funny looking green hat that matches the robe, that was specifically designed for him several years ago. Syaoran continued to hop from roof top to roof top, heading in the one direction he had wanted to go since the moon came up...home. Atleast his temporary home until he gets back to China.

In a rather expensive and very good looking house in the more...'better' neighborhood of Juuban, a young girl with shoulder length satin black hair and the most loneliest violet eyes you'll ever see, stares longingly outside her window room. She, like all children, had wishes and dreams. At the moment, she was making a wish. A repeated event that she had been doing since she could remember. However, unlike most children, this certain girl didn't wish for things to make her special. Just exactly the opposite.

"I wish I was like everyone," she sighed as she stared off into the lake of stars. "Even the rest of the senshi are normal except for me..."

Now, one may ask why the child may want to be normal. For starters, normal children, especially that of a twelve year old, can't heal wounds with just her bare hands better than a surgeon. Normal children do not seem to have seizures when they over exert themselves. Normal children DON'T over exert themselves after just running a quarter of a lap around the school track. But hey, thats just for starters. Of course those who're more advance in this subject could point out more, but we won't go into details.

Tomoe Hotaru is far from you average child. Other than the facts just described, she's also Sailor Saturn of the Outer Scouts. The MOST powerful of all the scouts...COMBINED! Tomoe Hotaru could literally destroy an entire planet if she wanted to...of course the amount of power needed to do this will also kill her as well. But the fact remains that she does have the ability to do so if she desire. Fortunately, Tomoe Hotaru doesn't wish to the destroy the world...anymore that is.

Thinking about how different her life would've been if she'd just been like all the other children at ther school, Hotaru failed to see a oddly dressed figure leap over the gates of a the house neighboring the one she was living in. If she had, she would've noticed that the figure was actually a boy. With the full moon's light, Hotaru would've saw that the boy was dressed in chinese garments and carrying a shealthed sword on their back. If she'd kept staring, perhaps Hotaru would've realized that the boy was able to jump onto a chosen balcony which had a glass sliding door, which was left opened. Which wouldn't have matter much, except that the balcony on the second floor!

Hotaru did notice, however, that one of the rooms' light came on. Hotaru turned all her attention to the house. She was curious because of two reasons. One, the house was said to belong to a powerful family in China. Two, the house was said to be hunted by some kind of ghost of the previous occupant, who had died a little over ten years ago. Of course she didn't believe the latter, however, the first maybe true. If it was, the person could be really important.

For a moment, Hotaru felt a giddy rush ran through her. I hope they have kids! Especially around my age. She dropped the thought when Hotaru realized another fact. Everyone has probably 'warn' them about the witch that lives here. I wish that I had a friend...with Chibi-Usa gone, I don't really have any friends my age.

Deep in her own little world of sad thoughts, Hotaru walks away from the window cill and climbs into her bed. She hesitantly looks around the room for a moment, half-expecting her father to come in and tuck her in and half- expecting her foster parents to enter and do it. Unfortunately, Hotaru's father had 'disappeared' several months ago and her foster parents, who just happened to the be the respected Sailor Senshi Uranus and Neptune, were out tonight. So she was alone, again.

Good night...Otousan...good night Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama... Hotaru let out a yawn and turn to her side to look out the window again. She let her mind wander around in lost thoughts for awhile before she started to notice that she was getting tire. Good night new neighbor...I hope we can be friends.

With her last lonesome thought, the little firefly of the house quickly drifted into the worlds of dream, leaving behind her reality of loneliness and tragedy. Entering a world of childly bliss and innocence. A place, that she had confide too many times in the past.

Li Syaoran finally made it to his stationed home. He was suprised that his father had owned such a house. Since his last home-away-from-home happened to be an apartment, he thought that he would have to stay another one once more. However, he was shocked when he learned that he would be staying at the house that his father had bought while on one of his 'business trips' in Japan. What surprised him even more was that the place was practically a mansion. Of course it wasn't even a quarter of the Li family Estate in China, however, it was in a neighborhood that was evident that one had to had a substantial amount of income to afford.

Granted that Syaoran got a monthly allowance for food and other necessities. Syaoran just never imagined his father to own such a...place like this. It had four LARGE rooms. Along with two bathroom one up stairs and two down stairs. A dinning room with a seperate kitchen/cooking area. A family room and a living room. Also, there was an armoury room int the basement that had belong to his father as well. His father seemed to had been quite the expert when it came to the history of wars and outbreaks on Earth. It also appeared that Li Lang(I just made up a name for his father. Since Lang means wolf, Xiao Lang means little wolf.) was quite a scholar and expert in the field of magic. There was also a library next to the armoury that consisted of books that not even the Li Family library didn't have.

Of course, at the moment, Syaoran was all but ecstatic to find out what great wonders the mysterious books held. He was physically and magically exhausted. He had been using magic to increase his senses, strength, speed, agility, and awareness to the max for the last six hours. During that he had run almost non-stop around Juuban as well, making several rounds and passes over areas that had consisted of more monsters sightings and attacks. On top of that, Syaoran had also kept up a guise shield so no one could recognize him if someone just happen to spot a young boy running on top of buildings to buildings in the middle of the night. Not to mention he had had his magic sensors on HIGH for the whole day.

Syaoran conjure up a mage light, basically a sphere for light the size of a basketball, which literally lit up the whole room. Too tired to even bother with physically getting out of his 'night' clothes, Syaoran simply snapped his fingers. There was no flash of light or display of fireworks. His chinese garment simply faded off of him and reappeared onto a chair next to the desk on the far side of the room. Shedding of his 'night' clothes, Syaoran was left with nothing on except his black boxers and green tang top. Syaoran stumbled over to the nice fluffy bed that seemed to become even more inviting with each step he took. The moment that he was right over the bed, Syaoran simply collapsed and started to drift off to sleep.

"Achoo!" Syaoran sneezed just before he was about to drift of into total darkness. Who can be talking about me at this hour of the night!

As soon as Syaoran's thought finished, the mage light simply faded out and the light of the moon, was the only thing left that lit up the now almost dark room.

As usual, Syaoran woke up, almost instinctively, at five in the morning, just in time to turn off his alarm clock. I don't know why I bother to set the alarm anyway, Syaoran thought to himself as he groaned, pushing away the sea of sheets and, literally, hopped out of bed. I get up at five no matter how late I get home at night anyway. Oh well, better get started.

After his normal mental morning battle with himself, Syaoran proceeded onto the balcony. Stepping outside of the glass slide door, which he left open last night, Syaoran immediately leapt into the cool morning air and did a few flips in mid-air. After landing on the other side of the rather spacious balcony, Syaoran did a few quick stretches and cardio-warm up exercises. Followed by a hundred push ups and sit ups, a routine that he had been able to follow even during his sickest days. After thirty minutes, Syaoran started doing his wu shu katas.

How come I do this anyway, Syaoran thought to himself as he flowed through his katas with flowing grace that would make a ballarina seem like a stumbling idiot. I know all the moves by heart. I can just magically increase my strength. Learning how to handle magic already gives me a washboard stomach and muscles a normal fourteen year old shouldn't have. Nothing short of a the dash card can out run me. I can give the Jump Card a run for its money, as well as the Fight Card. Why do I bother doing this everymorning? I'll never know. Habit I guess...

And so, Syaoran continue his normal morning thoughts as he unconciously continue to flow through his morning exercise.

Haruka and Michiru had return home late that night. So, obviously, unless Hotaru got up and made herself her own lunch, she was going to be late for school. Which isn't good since this was going to be her first day of her final year at Mugen Academy. She wanted to finish her final year there and get as far away from all her classmates as she can. Its not that Hotaru had anything against all of them. Its just the direct opposite.

Her so call 'curse' makes her an outcast from everyone else. Not to mention the bottom of several jokes as well. Though no one had ever confronted her directly, yet, she has overheard many of them talking when they thought she wasn't listening. She knew very well of what almost the entire school thought about her. Some crazy witch that will turn you into a frog if you get her mad at you.

Sometimes I wish I can just do that too, Hotaru giggled as she imagine herself transforming all the school bullies into toads. Hotaru started to hum a tune while cooking as her thoughts fell upon her new neighbor. Secretly, she starts to lay out plans on how she could befriend her new neighbor.

In his new school uniform, which was basically a brown shirt and pants, with a green tie and white shirt underneath the brown jacket. His mother had sent his files to Japan a few days before Syaoran had left for Juuban. As a result, Syaoran's uniform was already in the house when he arrived at his new home. Not to mention he had the chance to start the school year with all the other students as well. Apparently, his mother had wanted him to socialize and make friends while he was in Juuban.

Yeah right, Syaoran thought as he stepped outside of the house, locking it. Chances are, I'll probably won't even be here for more than at month at most. What's the point of making new friends if I'm not even going to see them ever again after a month. Writing is out of the question because as soon as I get back, I'm going to have to train even harder and have even more obligations to take care off.

Syaoran, without realizing, had slipped off into another one of his daily depression once more. "No one understands me," Syaoran muttered as he started to open the closed gate that was the only entry and exit out of the huge front yard. "I thought I found someone who had...but...I guess its true what they say. Dreams are just too good to come true. Just once, I wish I would meet someone who knew what it feels like to be considered an outcast among the people. Someone who-ouff!"

I'm going to be late! Hotaru thought as she began to briskly walked out of the house with her bento safely tucked into her book bag. Of course, Hotaru had over thirty minutes to get to school and it was just a ten minute walk to there. However, with her fragile health, she didn't want to take a chance of accidentally having an early morning seizure and being late to school. So thus, she was walking briskly, not over exerting herself too fast, as she walked away from the from her house.

Unfortunately, Hotaru failed to notice the young boy that had just stepped out from the neigboring yard. Nor was the boy able to see the pretty little girl that was about to ram right into him, seeing since he was somewhat distracted in deep thoughts. Thus, with the lack of attention the two of them were paying to what was around them, added to the brisk walk that Tomoe Hotaru was using, resulted in a rather unpleasent physical accident.

Hotaru didn't know what really hit her. She had just taken a turn heading for her school, walking as fast as she can and a moment later, she realized that she was laying on top of a rather handsome young boy. However, it wasn't the boy's handsome looks that kept her frozen and evidently embarassed at the moment. Nor was it the fact that the boy had two of the most deepest and warmest amber eyes that Hotaru had ever seen. Nor was it the boy's wild and uncombed locks of chestnut brown hair. Not at a first anyway. What had caught her attention at the moment, was fact that her lips were resting rather comfterably on his.

What Syaoran had realized first, when he was rudely knocked off his feet, was that his lips failed to move when he was about to make a rather rude statement to his 'assaulter'. The second thing he notice were those eyes. Violet eyes. He'd never seen anyone with violet eyes before. But it wasn't the color of the eyes that kept him fixated on them. It was what they said to him that kept him there.

It was like looking at the night skies, staring into those eyes. Those silent violet eyes that seem to hold back a force of nature...a force that was beyond anything on earth. Those eyes were pregnant with the twin powers of creation and destruction within them. Eyes that held a distant glint that Syaoran had recognize.

It wasn't until Syaoran tried to speak again that he realized that his lips were gently pushed against hers'. Syaoran's mind chose this exponible moment to suddenly shut off everything else, except for the feeling of the young girl's gentle, warm lips against his. Oddly enough, for Syaoran, it was both an exhilarating and dreading sensation. Exhilarating because Syaoran had never really felt the physical sensation of having his lips pressed up against another person's, needless to say a girl's. Dreading, because he knew, from experience of being a little 'bust boy' for his sister's earlier house dates, that the position he that he had just found himself in, usually concluded with her sister's execrable dates receiving a mild burn, at best and if they just happen to find the boy cute. Which would account for almost all males who were capable of some form of speech on the planet.

After what seemed like an eternalty and a half, Syaoran's sense of moral finally kicked in and he gently pushed the girl away. While keeping his blood from running up to his face, which wasn't the only thing he was trying to keep down at the moment, Syaoran aided the girl to her feet. "Go...gomen na...nasai." Syaoran stumbled over the words as they simply chose to fall from his lips like water from a running faucet, just not as smoothely. After the rather clumsy apology, Syaoran's brain decided to work again and Syaoran mentally woke up to find himself still staring into the girl's violet eyes.

Syaoran was nearly taken back when his eyes were introduced to the scrawny form of the brunette. No, not scrawny really. Just very petite and still developing into womanhood. Syaoran quickly corrected himself. Her skin was smoothe and light, bringing out mental images of vinella ice cream into Syaoran's mind. Her face contained the same color skin, which seemed to show off the sweet gentle maturity within her large eyes, making her one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest, girls Syaoran had even seen. And he had meet a lot of extremely attractive members of the opposite sex, due only to the fact that he was related to them. Her gentle black hair was shoulder length, but they emitted a soft silky shine. Giving away the illusion that she may have been wearing a piece of clothe over her hair. Almost instantly, Syaoran had urge to reach out to them and ran his hands through them.

"Gomen nasai..." Syaoran repeated. "Ano...I didn't see you...sorry about this."

Hotaru was snapped out of her reverie when Syaoran bowed his head apologizing. "No...its my fault," Hotaru slowly said as she tried to pull her eyes away from the boy. "I...I wasn't watching where I was going... Gomen nasai."

Please don't hate me, please don't hate me, please don't hate me... Hotaru prayed the line over and over in her head, as if it was a mantra. She couldn't believe that she had been so stupid or forgetful. She had gotten so use to walking to school with her head down and staring only at the ground, mainly so she doesn't have to look at all the looks several passerby gives her, that she had completely forgotten that she had a new neighbor that might just be attending her school as well. And now, after she spent so much time earlier this morning, planning on how to meet this person and how she could befriend them, she had almost automatically thrown any chance of friendship she may have had. All because of her own idiocy. Please, PLEASE don't hate me! Her eyes started to tear up as she continued to scold herself.

Syaoran couldn't help but look up at the girl's beautifully scupltured face again. Her facial features seemed so elegant and fragile, that Syaoran was afraid that if he even so much breathed on it, it would shatter under his breath. She's prettier than even Sakura, Syaoran frowned at his last thought. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he countered, Its true anyway.

Syaoran was stopped before he got into another mental arguement with his mind when he heard a sob emit from the girl. Kuso Syaoran said to himself. Did I hurt her? Baka Syaoran! You should've made sure if she was okay first rather than stare at her! Baka Baka Baka.

Syaoran examined the girl, who was surprisingly almost as tall as he was. After making sure that she wasn't seriously hurt, Syaoran suddenly remembered his manners again and introduced himself. "I'm Li Syaoran...Sorry about hurting you. Please don't cry...I didn't mean to hit you."

Hotaru was taken back at the young boy's, Li Syaoran, earnest apology. He was visibly sorry and evidentally convinced that she was apalled by him. He's...he's not mad? Hotaru's sobs came to a halt, just a little before she realized that the boy had his hands on her shoulders. Hotaru's face quickly became hot, switching to several shades of red that would make a tomotoe envious, and the sidewalk suddenly became rather interesting to her.

"There," Syaoran said again as soon as he realized that she had calmed down some what. "I hope you're not hurt...I didn't see you and I guess...gomen...again. I didn't-"

Syaoran stopped when he realized that he was beginning to ramble. Man, she must think I'm some sort of idiot that's never been around a girl before! Since she was slightly looking down at the ground, Syaoran couldn't really see how red Hotaru's face was, nor did she see his. Which was, at the moment, just as red as her's. How do I always manage to physically hurt a girl when I first meet them!? Do the kamis just hate me!?

"You don't hate me?" Hotaru shyly said, just barely audible. Please don't hate me, please don't, please don't.

"Why...why would I hate you?" Syaoran stumbled over the words as they escaped his mouth. "I...I hope you're not mad."

Hotaru's face brightened at Syaoran's reply. "Honto? You're not mad or angry?"

"N-no," Syaoran said as the girl's eyes quickly switched from looking at the ground to his face.

"R-really?!" Hotaru cheered. After a slight pause, Hotaru's manners finally caught up with her and her blushed reddened at the realization. "Gomen. I'm Tomoe Hotaru. I'm sorry about running into you. I wasn't paying attention."

Syaoran stared at the girl, fighting back a smile that was trying to creep up onto his face. Firefly, eh? He MENTALLY smiled at the thought. It suits her.

Hotaru bowed deeply. Rising her head back up to look at the boy, she noticed the familiar color of the his uniform. Without even thinking, Hotaru asked, "Do you go to Mugen Academy, too?"

"Uh...Hai," Syaoran responded. "I just transfered there this year. Do you go there too?"

Hotaru nodded slowly. "Hai." she responded with a nod. A silent pause dropped in between them as they both continue to blink and look at one another. Both of them averted they gaze to the ground as they tried to relieve themselves of the awkwardness of the silence. For a while, the only sounds between them were the echos of the early morning winds whispering their morning news. Mixed with the happy chirpings of the bird's high pitched songs. Daring all to try to match their beautious harmonies and musical sync. Infact, at that moment, all the world seemed like a box of noise, with the pair of children on the streets of Juuban being the only sole exception from that law. Desperate to break the pause between them, Hotaru just allowed the next lines of words flow almost freely from her mouth.

"Li-kun," she said, startling Syaoran with her blushing boldness and with her words. No one had called him by that name in such a long time that it was almost foreign to him. Apparently, hearing those words, reawaken memories from his past that he'd like to remain buried in the past. Hotaru, on the other, flinched a little at Syaoran's sudden twitch. Hoping that she didn't already ruin her chance at friendship, again, continued on with her question. "What grade will you be in?"

"Eight," Syaoran answered, relieved that she had been the one to break the awkward wall silence between them and not him. "And you Tomoe-san?"

"Eight as well," Hotaru smiled as she answered, her blush still evident on her face. Strangely though, to Syaoran, her blushing combined with her gentle shyness only seemed to add on and increase her already kawaii features even more. "And please, just call me Hotaru. I really don't like the formality."

Syaoran blinked at the girl. "Umm...okay Hotaru," There was another pause as he Syaoran tried to come up with something else to say. Think you air head, Syaoran chided himself. Say something. ANYTHING! Okay, maybe not anything. But do something before it starts to seem too awkward.

Like it already hasn't, Another part of Syaoran mind's counter. Since she's dropping the formality with you, drop it for her too baka! Without even thinking or waiting for another part of his mind to respond, Syaoran just allowed the words to slip from his mouth. "You can just call me Syaoran if you like," as the words escaped his mouth, Syaoran really wished that he could pull his sword out of subspace at this moment and just slit his throat with it. Idiot! You know that you sound like a desperate fool who's trying to get a date to a dance right? Trying to 'fix' the situation, Syaoran quickly tried to amend the idiocy of his last statement.

Before he could even begin though, he was interupted by the sound of Hotaru clapping her hands as she squeal in obvious delight. "Honto?!" Hotaru smiled brightly. "You...you won't mind me calling you by your name?"

Syaoran nodded again as he stared at the girl in bewilderment. "Sure,"

Hotaru nearly lept for joy when Syaoran confirmed her that she just wasn't hearing things when he told her she could call him 'Syaoran' instead of Li-kun or even Syaoran-kun. Arigato megami, Hotaru praised gladly that she had hopefully made a new friend. And a very cute one too! she added as the little girl within her continued to shine in her eyes in obvious delight.

All the while this was happening, Syaoran could only look at the girl in deep content. He'd obviously did something right if she was this happy. Being a bit of an empath, Syaoran could feel strong feelings from people. At the moment, he could feel the girl's overwhelming happiness erupt within her has she tried to conceal her excitement.

Some much like Sakura yet so different, Syaoran thought sadly as he continue to fight down a smile and still stare at Hotaru. Atleast, I hope so.

____________________________End of First Chapter_____________________________

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