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When Strangers Meet

Chapter 5

Hotaru sat next to Michiru as they attended the senshi meetings at Rei's temple. It had been agreed upon that atleast one of the outers would attend to one meeting with the senshi once a month to be 'updated' with what's going on. Though lately nothing really serious had been happening. Save for the attacked at the park a week ago, which was told to Michiru and Haruka via phone call from one of the inners. Odd part was that neither of them had felt any disturbance at all. Nothing. No danger, no negative activity, no evil vibes. Nothing. At least they weren't alone in all this. The inners had felt nothing as well. Only a brief news report about an attack at the park and Ami's quick thinking got the inners organized. That was the reason why Michiru was at the meeting to day, along with Hotaru. Haruka was absent due to the fact that she was at the race tracks.

As usual as clock work, the meetings started out as it usually does. Usagi and Rei arguing, Ami reading of to the side waiting for the meeting to officially begin, Minako and Makoto gossiping to each other about cute boys that they've recently seen. With Luna and Artemis trying to get the girls to take the meeting more seriously. Well, Luna atleast was trying. Artemis was flipping through a magazine nodding his head and saying, "I agree." Of course, this lead to Luna taking a swipe at Artemis's head with her paw.

"Can we please get this meeting started!?" shouted Luna as she gives Usagi and Rei a glare. Mainly Usagi. "I believe we have some very important issues to dicuss today. Issues that may involved another attack from a possibly new or revived foe."

"I agree," said Ami as she closed her book and looks up at the others. "I think we should discuss about the events that came to past several days ago."

"I think I agree," Michiru spoke up. "In case you all have forgotten, we may be facing a possible threat that could be dangerous then any we've face before. So I'd rather like it if we can just get straight to business."

Hotaru nodded, agreeing with her foster-parent's thoughts. Though she wished Michiru be wouldn't so blunt at times. Especially around the inners. Despite popular beliefs, the outers are very likeable people. Setsuna isn't as cold or as distant as some may think, she's just usually busy and finds that brief conversation is the best way to avoid being late for her 'job.' Haruka may be a bit harsh, but she's extremely protective and get easily frustrated when she can't protect those she cares about. Samething with Michiru, except that she was just a bit more motherly then Haruka. It's just that being around the inners brings about that cold, distant, blunt side of them. Though Hotaru couldn't understand why. All the inners seem to be very nice to her.

"Right," Luna nodded as the other senshi began to quiet down and listened. It was at that point that Luna realized that she honestly really didn't have anything to add to the conversation at the moment. All she knew about the fight was from what Usagi briefed her on, which wasn't saying much since Usagi was stuffing her face at the times. Luckily for her, Ami decided to step into the conversation, saving Luna's advisor pride from a painful and embarassing death.

"Let's all gather the main facts about last week's attack," Ami started, holding the attention of all the senshi. Ami may not have Makoto's strength or Minako's speed and experience, but when it came to matters of collecting information, she was one of the best. "First of all, we didn't sense this attack. Second, this wasn't the usual attack that we normally deal with. It seemed that this attacked seemed to be aimed right at harming or killing bystanders. There was no heart snatching or energy stealing. If we're facing a possible new enemy, we should expect this enemy to attack at anytime."

There was a pregnant pause as all the senshi took the time to allowed Ami's word to sink in. They were all facing a possible new enemy. Possibly a strong one as well. It was even more dangerous since whoever was causing these attacks seemed to have some sort of hidden agenda. And something told each of them, though none of them acknowledged it outloud, that they were part of the agenda.

Michiru couldn't help but felt a chill ran up her spine as she thought about what had happened last week. Though she wasn't there herself, just the words alone of what had happened there scared her. Especially when Hotaru was carried home unconcious by a young boy. Also, now that she thought about it, Michiru never even really thanked the boy or asked him his name. Guess I'm going to have to ask Hotaru later if she knew him...


Michiru had just gotten home from her recital. It wasn't exactly easy trying for first violinist when her competition was almost just as good as she was. It was even worse when her competition was almost oblivious to the fact that they were both competing. That Tsukishiro, Michiru thought as she took off her blue, spaghetti string dress and put on a pink white turtleneck and jeans that seemed to hug at her legs just a little too comfterably. He's a total airhead...I wonder if he's even aware that he's doing this for a show. She continued on her way out of the room and downstairs when she heard a knock at the door and a possible murmer. Using common sense and good manners, Michiru decided to see to the door before she went anywhere else. Of course, she couldn't help but wonder who would be visiting at this hour and why. Hotaru had little, if any, friends besides the scouts. Haruka was busy at the tracks and last time she checked, Haruka hasn't tried to out run the traffic police. She herself wasn't expecting company and Setsuna...well Setsuna should already know when she's going to have company, if ever.

So that left who? A sales man? It better not be one of those door to door salesperson, Michiru groaned as she recalled a memory from her past. Thoughts of turning down a salesman were expelled from her mind when she opened the door. Before her was a ruggish brown hair boy, handsomely dress she might add. Had she had to guess his age simply from first glance, she would've assume that he was twelve or maybe younger. His face held a certain eternal youth to it, a boyish trait that seemed to bring out her maternal instincts almost immediately. The look on his face resembled, from Michiru's first opinion, that of a mischievous child who was trying to hide its guilt. However, as her eyes came into contact with his eyes, the mischievous and childly looks all melted away to be replaced by a growing boy's unreadablel face. The youthful trait in his face that Michiru had adored so much took on a tragic lost of childly innocence. Then there were the eyes. The face may have lied about his age, but those amber orbs held a hardened mask brought upon by growing age and other undescribable life events.

Michiru was going to allow herself to be held in awe of the child had she not saw the two arms that were hanging from each side of the boy's shoulders. As she traced those arms up to the face, Michiru nearly pounced at the boy when she saw who the arms' owner was. Carried on the mysterious boy's back was her very own adopted daughter, Hotaru. Unconscious, a little dirtied, and slightly soaked. Instinctively, Michiru wanted to immediately grabbed the boy by the neck and rang it like a bell. Of course, she knew that if she did this, she wouldn't get any answers. So she decided to ask and then kill later.

"Hotaru!" Michiru said as she moved out of the way of the door and gestured the young boy to enter. Best if there were no witnesses. "What happened to her?! Who did this?"

The boy's face remained impassive and irratibly unreadable as he stepped into the house, carrying an unconscious Hotaru on his back. He continued on in silence as Michiru lead him to the living room. Her temper, though usually sweet and always in check, was nearing her breaking point. Try watching your daughter, even if adopted, carried through the door with a mysterious boy who looks like he's ready to jump off a cliff come through your door. Ignore your questions and not even saying one word about why he is carrying your daughter, or foster daughter for those who likes to be politcally correct(Neo shakes his fist at them and throws a brick at their window then takes off).

Upon reaching the first family size furniture, that was also soft enough to sleep on, the boy lightly rested Hotaru down on it. "She'll need to rest," he told Michiru as he gently lay Hotaru's head down onto the cushions. As soon as he finished positioning Hotaru's body to lay horizontally on the couch, he stood up and started to head towards the door, pausing just to say a few words. "She should be okay."

Michiru was so occupied with worrying about who would be willing to hurt Hotaru, unfortunately the list was unbelievably long, that she never noticed the boy even leaving. It wasn't until she heard the sound of the door shutting that Michiru returned to the problem at hand. Realizing that the boy had shown himself out, Michiru picked up her unconscious foster daughter and carried her upstairs to her room.

End of Flashback

Michiru returned her attention back to the present. This wasn't exactly the time to be thinking about mysterious young boys who carried your daughter home, then again, when was there actually time for that kind of thing? But she came to the meeting for senshi business, despite that there was hardly none being discussed at hand. Business was still business.

"USAGI!" shouted Rei as she tackled the meatball head blonde. "Will you stop stealing all my manga!"

"But I haven't read this one yet," countered Usagi as tried to keep the manga away from Rei's hands. "I just wanna see how it turns out."

"The guy is a vampire and the girl kills him near the end. There now you know," Rei shouted as she succeeded in taking the manga away from Usagi's hands. Of course, this leads to a wailing Usagi and Rei trying to comfort, by comfort I mean yelling at the young blonde, Usagi so she would shut up. Leading to the rest of the senshi talking about their own different topic. Ami, Luna, and Artemis would start talking about possible suspects. Minako and Makoto would both try to calm Usagi down for a while, but then start their own little conversation when they realize that the attempt was pratically useless. Naturally the topic was on boys of course.

This signaled Michiru that it was time to leave. Since there probably wasn't going to be anymore discussion about what had happened last week, Michiru got up and headed for the door. Hotaru followed suit when she noticed that her guardian was starting to leave. Of course, secretly, she wished that she could remain a bit longer. It wasn't that she didn't like being with Michiru or any of the outers, it was just that the inners were younger and closer to her age. Despite how unfocus they may appear to be at times. Also, it was entertaining to watch Rei and Usagi's little fights at times, it was one of the few things she actually looks forward to when they came to these meetings.

Minako and Makoto, however, wouldn't let the littlest member of the senshi escaped unscathed from the meeting though. Ever since meeting with Hotaru's boyfriend they've been dying to find out more information about him. Even more after Usagi told them about her and Mamoru's little double date with them. Their yearnings for more information on the boy only increased, if that was possible, when Usagi described to them about how he 'heroically' saved Hotaru from becoming a pancake. Both girls both had their mind set dead straight into finding out as much as they can about the boy, generally if he had an older brother or two or three or four. So they decided to find out, naturally.

"Hey wait Hotaru," shouted Makoto as she caught both the outers just before the exit the little room. "How's your relationship with your boyfriend going?"

Minako of course followed her friend's example. "Yeah Hotaru, how are you and that cute little hunk doing? Have you found out if he had any older brothers?"

Hotaru tried, or poorly attempted, to keep her face from blushing as she quickly became the center of attention. Rei and Usagi suddnely ceased fighting. Ami and the moon cats, though it wasn't as obvious as the others, turned their attention to Hotaru as well, with a hint of curiousity in their eyes. The words also caught Michiru's attention as well. The words 'Hotaru' and 'boyfriend,' together in a sentence aren't exactly words that Michiru like to hear. Not that she didn't want Hotaru to date guys, she was willing to let Hotaru decide that for herself. No way. In fact, she was quite please to hear that Hotaru is able to have a relationship considering her reputation within the local neighborhood. It was the idea that Hotaru may be involved in more way than just a platonic relationship. Especially if it just happened to be a boy. Though she knew Hotaru better than that. It was just a mother's natural reaction. Infact, if possible, its probably what all mothers dislike to hear the most. For reasons untold, a daughter will always be unprepare to date until she considered too old to get married.

"Boyfriend?" Michiru said as she turn to question a reddening Hotaru. "Hotaru, who is this boyfriend that Makoto and Minako are talking about?"

"Well...I...they're...umm...we aren't..." Hotaru stuttered nervously as the idiots...er the inners continued to pry...er asked about her friendship with Syaoran. "I mean, he and I haven't...we're just friends." There, she said it. The truth. She and Syaoran really were just friends. That's all. He said he would be her friend, not her boyfriend. It was Usagi who'd blown it out of proportion. They could all accept that, right. It was the truth. She and Syaoran were just friends...just friends. So why did it sound so...lacking?

Haruka was more than just majorly disappointed and upset. She was pissed off! Five straight losses! She cursed to herself. Five straight losses to...to...HIM!

This was the third time in the last three week that Kinomoto had out raced her in a drag race with a perfect score! Leaving her, literally, in the dust and also the bottom of every joke that all the male at the track had to tell! And it was all because of...that MAN! How could he?! How can any one be that fast, both of feet and on a motor cycle! Haruka had to admit, challenging Kinomoto to a foot race was her fault. She had let her pride, for a moment, control her and she childishly challenge Kinomoto to a two mile race, which she lost. It wasn't the fact that she lost that bothered her. It was by how easily he had beaten her and that smile that he kept on during the entire time they were running! As if he knew he was going to win! She just didn't lose at an arms length, she could've lived with that. She lost with a ten foot gap between them. That was a blow to her pride she just couldn't live with.

It had found its second target. It had been working on this plan for a while now. It can be sure to do this just right now. Now all it has to do now is to wait. Wait until she is alone, then they will strike. Yes, they will strike. Then it and the crystal can start draining her of her powers.

This one was alone. Good. None of the others to come to her aid, or atleast, not fast enough that they can interfer with its plans. It probed her first with its powers. It had taken a while for it to finally try a mage probe. Because it was risky and a waste of energy. It couldn't do it before because of those reasons. It had not had the reserves of the crystal had back then. But now that it had, it found out several interesting things. First of all, this person was a bonyia n'ya hlor'gao, a female who mates with female. Given her anti-traditional female role attitude, it assumed that she played the role of the more musculine figure of authority with her chosen mate. Very interesting indeed. Perhaps the crystal will allow it to keep her as a pet when all this was over.

Another thing it learn was that she was particularly upset at this moment. Upset at a certain male who seemed to have bested her on more than one occasion lately. It had been keeping a close eye on most of the crystal's intended reciever of its vengeance. This one had interested it quite more than the others. It may have called it an infatuation, but that was not possible. It could not feel what humans refer to as emotions. Clow Reed thought that that ability to good for it and took it away from it. But all things, magical or non-magical, have the instinctive need and drive to reproduce. And the sub-conscious need to find companionship and recognition. Desires that Clow Reed have allowed it to have, but never gave them the satisfication they so dearly cried and yearn for.

The very thoughts of Clow Reed nearly sent it into a frezy of hate and anger, if not for the crystal's sudden rhythmic humming, something that it had learn to interpret as 'Can we do this now, I'm getting bored.' It let out a sighed and nodded. Then, 'gripping' onto the powers nodes and leylines that the crystal emitted with his own magical powers, it decided to get to start. It had thoroughly thought this one through already. It had chosen the intended victim, the place, the time, and the accessories. This time, it would fully drain the scout and quinch the Dark Crystal's thirst for power and assuage its hunger for vengeance upon those who had left it captive.

So now the games begin, came the thoughts of the shadow clad figure as it stared out towards the racing tracks and watched as the female stepped into her storage house, closing the doors behind her. And I get the first move.

Haruka slowly started to unzip her outfit, that only seemed to refused to let go of their clang to her body because of the sweat. Or maybe something a bit more. Haruka gave the thought of showering for moment, but decided not to. She just wanted to get back into her normal clothes, though she probably wore her racing suit just as often as her street clothes, get into her car, and speed through town for a good hour or two then head home. Riding helped her clear her mind a little, and she'll be damn if she brought her frustration home to the girls. Though she strongly doubt she'll ever raise a hand against any of them, Haruka would rather sooner cut of her arms and leg and go on living as a disembowled freak then harm any of the girls (the incident with Galaxia not withstanding), but she does have the tendacy of telling others what's on her mind without even realizing that they were on her mind. That would lead to hurt feelings and that was something that she'd rather not do if she could avoid.

Especially now with Hotaru, Haruka's thoughts brought up a mental picture of her charge. Haruka had to constantly remind herself that Hotaru was now half-way to being a woman and no longer the little child that she, Michiru, and, sometimes, Setsuna had taken in and cared for as their own. That was not the only problem as well. Haruka didn't know when, or how, but lately she had found herself fantasizing about Hotaru. Haruka knew that that was sick and pedophilic, but her mind would counter her thoughts with thoughts of her own. That Hotaru, in truth, was not technically her daughter. Also, the age differences wasn't that far off either. It also didn't help that Hotaru had to mature into a pre-teen in only six month's times as well. Haruka never had the time to fully and permantly developed the maternal instinct towards Hotaru that her lover had.

It was getting harder and harder to not look at Hotaru as a little girl that needed her protection now, though in someways, Hotaru still needed it. But, Haruka and Michiru, or Haruka atleast, had never taken into account that Hotaru would mature so well and beautifully. Much less predict the odd and fiecely strong desires Haruka now bear for Hotaru. That was one reason why Haruka had been trying so hard to avoid her charge lately. Haruka had used every excuse she could to stay out of Hotaru's way. From simply just sleeping to going to the tracks. But Haruka knew she couldn't keep this up forever. She was going to have to confront her charge soon and discuss her feelings with both Hotaru and Michiru. Until then, I just keep avoiding her. Haruka thought to herself as she started to strip of the lower portion of her suit. For peaks sake Ten'ou, Hotaru may not even 'bend' that way.

Haruka then started to dress herself in her street clothes, while still contemplating more on her situation with her charge. She knew she was soul bonded with Michiru. Michiru and Haruka were bonded closely together as their heart is to themselves. To lose one was simply to lose their reasons and ability to live. There had been jealousy, anger, and even the rare hatred, but there has never been anything they couldn't work out, no matter how bad. However, Haruka wasn't so sure of how their relationship would survive this if Haruka should admit her feelings to Hotaru to Michiru. Michiru knew Haruka far better than Haruka knew herself. Same as Haruka knowing Michiru more than Michiru knew herself. However, Haruka knew that if she left her feelings for Hotaru go unfettered, sooner or later Haruka would act on them whether she wanted to or not.

A betrayal that will hurt the three of them. She may end up scaring and scarring Hotaru for life. Or worse, if Hotaru should to return those feelings to Haruka and Michiru found out about it. That would be the ULTIMATE betrayal of both lover and family. Michiru's maternal love for Hotaru was no doubt genuine and nothing more than just the motherly love of a mother to her daughter. Michiru would, if she ever have to, fight even Haruka, perhaps maybe even kill, if it mean she could protect Hotaru from harm. Just because Michiru was soul bonded to her doesn't mean that one or the other would be the only reason, or the main reason, they would fight. Motherly love was probably stronger than most love there is out there. A mother would face a painful and torturous death a billion times before she would leave her child unprotected. And Haruka knew, that Michiru was willing to go that far for the sake of Hotaru's life. Haruka also knew that Michiru would kill herself almost immediately after she killed her. That was something Haruka will not do or be to her lover, a reason for dying.

No, Haruka said as she pulled on her brown blazer, the last addition to her public attire. Green stripped pants, a white color button up shirt, a green tie, and the brown blazer. All of them seemed just a little too big for her slim build. This has to be brought out into the open...with both Michiru and Hotaru. Not just with Michiru...it concerns all of us. Not just one or two.

Haruka nodded with agreement with her thought as she closed the small grey locker that now contained her dirtied and sweaty racing suit and helmet. Haruka headed outside of the locker room to the storage room/garage. There were about five other bikes there as well. She shared the large oil smell filled building with four other MALE biker. They didn't give her a rough time, or atleast, not like they used to when she first started racing. Now, they just treated her like 'one of the guys.' Haruka really didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered by that fact.

While heading thinking whether she should snarl or smile at the treatment she recieved from her locker buddies, Haruka failed to noticed that the five park bikes suddenly developed a light red aura that outlined their bodies. Nor did Haruka realized that the five motor power bikes suddenly straightened up, no longer leaning on the peg that kept them from totally falling down. Infact, had it not been for the fact that these motorcycles made a rather noticeable noise when they start their engine, Haruka may not have never even noticed anything at all.


Haruka stopped in mid-step when her ears picked up the sound of ALL five motercycle starting together. Not to mention the vibration that set her hairs to stand on end when she heard the unmistakable noise of two or more twin motor engine starting and getting ready to race off. Haruka's first thought was that it was the guys playing a sick joke on her. But she dismissed the thought when she recognize the starting of her own engine joining the others. Also, the garage door was close and the building, though large, was not big enough for FIVE motorcycles to go at full speed. Not unless the riders want to kill themselves doing it.

As Haruka turned around to see what exactly it was that was doing this, her right hand reaching for her transformation pen, Haruka's eyes were meet by five slightly lit headlights, vibrating violently along with the engine. Before Haruka could think about anything else, they all launched themselves at her. Each of them going at least sixty mile an hour. The only thing that saved Haruka from becoming nothing more then just a splatter of blood on the ground was her well honed martial arts training and senshi experience.

Leaping out of the way of the five possesed motorcycles, Haruka transformed in mid-jump. Gripping her transformation pen as if it was the elixer of life, Haruka shouted the words that she'd said so many times before. "Uranus Star Power!" That started her change. The power spread from her right arm like warm water. Stretching and streaming throughout her and tightening over the area of her body were the uniform usually formed itself. As the golden streams of air wrapped itself around her slim torso, dissolving whatever clothes that Haruka had been wearing, her forearms and her lower legs. The ribbons solidified from golden wrappings of energy to pure white. Haruka felt her lips tremble slightly as the rush of the transformation neared its end. Then, came the sketch of the Tiara that drew itself upon her forehead, merging itself gently into her blond hair. When she finally hit the ground she rolled, not fighting against the force of the fall, gaining additional distance from herself and the bikes. However, when she stood, Haruka was no longer present. Only Sailor Uranus, the senshi of the heavens stood.

"I am Sailor Uranus," shouted Uranus. "The wonderful warrior of the heavens, and I shall punish you!" Uranus finished, feeling an odd rush of elation as she took her pose, ignoring the small pin prick pain that suddenly came from behind her, causing a wave of disgust and nausea to flow through her. But Uranus ingored the feeling, since it past on quickly as if it had never occured. Unfortunately, the five bikes didn't seem to want to leave as fast. During her speech, the bikes had recovered themselves and started to circle around her.

It smiled as it punctured a hole through the shields of the senshi, Sailor Uranus as she called herself. It had been particularly tricky, this one was more in touched with the atmospheric changes then it had first thought. But, it was nothing that he couldn't get past. But now that the bike had her surrounded, it would only be a simple matter of tiring her down.

:Rushed her from the sides! Wear her down! Hurt her, but do not dispose of her, I have plans for her when we're done! Now GO!: It relayed to the bikes and watched from a safe distance with a Mage Eye spell as the bikes started to rush at her one at a time, then returned back to the circling the poor senshi. Only to repeat the process over and over.

Syaoran was not having a good day. He was so occupied with his own thoughts from last week's episode that he'd failed to noticed how low his food supply had gotten until this afternoon when he went to get himself a snack. Only to find, and learn, that he had NO food left to eat. Not that he needed to eat right away anyway. His contact with magic had forced his body to become conditioned and adapt in many ways. One of them was the need to feed one self three seperate meal as a daily routine. If he ever had too, Syaoran can live without anything to eat for weeks and have the strength of a man that is only half starved. Of course, that's only if he didn't use any magic during that time.

This was also another draw back on magic as well. It tends to make the weilder less aware of how hungry they actually really are. Yukito is such an example. Contrary to most people's belief, Yukito's hunger drive is a subconscious reaction to having Yue as an alter ego. Since Yue doesn't neccessarily require physical food, Yue does require the energy to replenish the energy he'd lost. So rather then go and draw on an outside source of power, Yue draws the magic reserve that is kept to sustain Yukito. Which leads to Yukito's earnest eating habit. Yukito feeds himself so much and so often because he doesn't know how to replenish the energy Yue takes from him to replenish Yue's magic. So Yukito's only natural reaction to replenish energy was to eat, since Yukito does have a very human body.

So someone who weilds magic on a daily basis, such as Syaoran, needs to periodically and routinely feed themselves whether they feel hungry or not. Magic is like water. People may drink a lot of water and think they're full, but they're really not satisfying the actual need of their body; to gather proteins and vitamins. So like magic, a person who wields it on a daily bases may feel full, but they aren't getting the proteins and energy that the body actually requires. Normally, beginners don't figure this out until they collapse and wake up wondering why they can't move a muscle in they're body.

That was the reason why Syaoran was lost within the outskirts of Tokyo, wandering where the nearest train station was. What innocently started out as a shopping trip, ended up in Syaoran getting off at the wrong stop and wandering around for about an hour, thinking why he hadn't arrived at his intend destination.

This can't be happening to me! Syaoran groaned as he lifted the bag of food in his arms slightly so as to get a better grip on the paper bag. This just can't be happening to me!

Syaoran's mind, which sometimes has a mind of its own, didn't have time to respond, because at that exact moment, Syaoran felt a sudden 'pinch' that poked and pinned all the way down from his shoulder to his ankles. Syaoran's body halted and came to a stand still. By natural reaction, Syaoran subconsciously did two things. One, he didn't allow his body to tense up, as any other normal human body would. To tense up against magic was foolish without the proper sheildings, it only makes you slower to react if you have to physically dodge an attack. The second reaction was to reach out to where he 'felt' the magic came from.

'Pinching' into his own magical reserve, Syaoran willed, bent, stretched, cut, and contructed the dab of mystical energy into a magical representation of a huge 'web' above him. Slowly and carefully Syaoran placed the web down onto the ground, so that if what Syaoran felt really was a magical construct of another mage, he wouldn't let on they he was on to them. Centering himself at the middle point of the web. Once Syaoran felt sure that the mystical web was set properly and that he hasn't been detected, Syaoran gently stretched each corner of the web outward. If there were magic at work close by, Syaoran's PMS would now be able to at least narrow the area down.

As Syaoran stretched and pulled the web further, making sure that none of thinning strings of magic snapped as he pushed them further away. In under two minutes, the web had now covered an area of almost three miles. Which, to Syaoran, was quite an accomplishment considering how little magic he'd actually put into constructing the magical creation. Syaoran had long learned and accepted that his gift may never surpass the level of a high level Master mage, unlike Sakura and Eriol who're both atleast Arch-mages, in terms of gifts. However, Syaoran had learn to adapt and learn to make a spell as strong as it possibly can by using the most minimal amount of energy to create it.

The magical web now reached its breaking point. It was starting to strain and threatened to snapped apart. However, Syaoran felt just a tickle of magic just outside the rim of the web. It was coming from a stadium about three and a half mile west of where he was standing. It was also shielded behind a magical veil that was meant to keep all the magical energy inside. However, who ever created the veil didn't expect the shield to be detected and didn't take the precaution to make sure that no other magical energy could enter it as well. Which was how, and the only reason, Syaoran had detected it in the first place with such a low magical spell.

A high Journeyman level mage or a low Wizard level mage, Syaoran said to himself as deduced the level of gift for this kind of magic. Whoever was doing this was either rusty with their magics, or was just starting to grow into using their gift. Either way, Syaoran's gift was still stronger, however, just because his gift was stronger doesn't mean that he would be able to easily beat whatever mage was casting the spell, if it came to a mage battle. The most effective mage Syaoran had ever meet was limited only to Journeyman, Wei. Wei was the one who'd taught Syaoran that power isn't truly neccessary, only the effect that you're after is what counts. Power was only there to make things look more flashy and give your edge away to the enemy.

Deciding that the shield was worth investigating, Syaoran started to head towards the direction of the shield. In his mind, Syaoran ran off all of the possibilities of why such a shield would be needed. Everything from a rookie mage simply just playing around with his gifts to a possible veteran mage taking care of a problem. If it was the former, Syaoran was going to have to put a stop to it. Playing around with magic isn't exactly a smart thing to do unless one is in full control of their powers and even then, there are still precautions to take. If it was the latter, Syaoran would only observe to see what was so important that a 'shedding shield' was needed. Which was what the shield as officially named. The proto-shield, the first and original shield created by the castor, would absorb whatever magic was within the shield and using that energy to construct another shield. Once the energy needed is collected, the actual shield sheds away, leaving a new shield that had been newly constructed with the magical energy the first one collected. The process thus then repeat, shedding one shield after another.

Syaoran found himself standing infront of a huge stadium of some sort. The shield was set before him. Using mage sight, Syaoran could see a golden, translucent veil covering a good half of the stadium and stretching all the way up into the sky. Giving Syaoran the impression that whoever set up the 'shedding shield' meant for whatever to go on within the shield to be kept strictly within the shielding. Also, a 'normal' mage who sets any kind of shield for their own purposes usually have a magical signature that tells other mages what they were doing. Since it was hard to actually get magic to lie, since magic is the miracles behind all true things, most of the time, the energy signature would be taken at 'face' value. However, the shield that Syaoran was 'looking' at the moment gave off no signature at all. Which could only mean on thing, whatever was going on inside, was not good.

Guess I better look into this more, Syaoran half groaned, half grinned. Syaoran had needed to blow off some personal steam lately. Tokyo, school work, and his mission was finally starting to take their toll on him and the strain showed in Syaoran's daily activities. His frustration seemed to had tripled since last week, ever since the attack on the park. He'd spent a good portion of the following nights trying to track down whoever it was that had caused the attack. And, like his results with Hotaru, came up with more questions than answers.

As Syaoran marched towards the veil, the bag of food in his arms aspirated away into nothingness. Syaoran's clothes took on a glistening white glow, then melted away in coruscating dust. Syaoran's sudden nakedness was bared only for a split moment after his 'normal' clothes were wist off of him. It took only a thought and an ounce of will to focus his green mage attire onto him. The white interior clothings and the bleached shirt and pants washed onto him upon eddies of swirling mists. Then, his green robe, with the sigil a golden crescent moon smiling crooked before a black circle on the back and insignia of the Li family on the front, faded onto and on top of his bleached wearings.

Better safe than sorry, Syaoran told himself. He had decided to don the traditional lime Master Level Healing Mage robe because if infact there was a corrupted mage within the veil of magic, most likely he was going have to battle with the mage. If it came to that, Syaoran needed more than the simple protection of non-magical clothing. His current attire was fire proof, water proof, and his hat gave him a certain amount of immunity to mind magic. Also, there were a bit of magic sewn into and imbued in the fabric incase Syaoran manage to deplete his own magical reserve.

Syaoran felt a slightly tingling sensation as he stepped through the veil and into the shield. Before Syaoran could start to formulate a plan on what he was going to do, he heard a distant, however magically enhanced, voice shouting, "WORLD SHAKING!" Syaoran felt the the atmospheric preassure drawing and condensing at one point. Also, though Syaoran wasn't a strong Earth mage, he felt ripples and feet massaging tremors past underneath him heading directly into the stadium. Mysteriously the tremors were were somehow rooted out of the ground when it reached the point where the atmospheric pressures were condensing. There was a quick moment of silence as the atmospheric pressure stopped condensing. Then, before Syaoram could react, a loud grinding noise echoed from the stadium, promptly following was a loud gas explosion. Syaoran had heard it enough before to identify it as a gas explosion.

However, there was also a distant humming or some kind that was close by to. In fact, if Syaoran's PMS was telling him right, they were simply only a furlong (A/N: one eighth of an mile; 220 yard or 330 feet) or two away from where he was standing and within the stadium.

Sailor Uranus backed up slightly against the wall of the garage panting. She managed to hit one of the bikes with her World Shaking attack. Unfortunately, that had left wide open for a back attack, which one of the bikes happily obliged. No broken bones, but she received a gash on her left thigh which had hindered her in her movements. Which had left wide open for another attack and one of the four remaining bikes had rammed her head on into the chest. Throwing her body back up against the far wall. Normally, she'd used her Space Sword as a final line of defense, unfortunately, her sword was laying uselessly on the other side of the room. Behind the line of motorcycles. With one of her legs incapable of doing anything but being dependant on the other leg, Uranus didn't see how she was going to get out of this one without adding more bodily harm to her body.

She would've tried contacting Michiru or the others for help, but she'd dropped her communicater somewhere. She didn't want to risk leaving herself opened to another attack by throwing another World Shaking. These were by far smarter and A LOT more agile than any enemies she'd faced in the past. For one thing, they were organized. Normally, most of the monsters she'd fought before never thought past the point of stealing the life force of some unsuspecting victim. These bikes, though they were possessed, seemed as if they were herding her like a rancher does to its livestock. Also, for some strange reason, she was feeling extremely drained. Even more so since she had thrown that World Shaking. Uranus knew that it had been a little over a year since she had last became her alter ego, however, she didn't think she that badly out of practice.

Something is very wrong here, Uranus cursed under her breath as she stared at all four bikes as the drew in closer on her. They're too organized. They're toying with me! They could've finished me off earlier but they didn't. What's going on here?! Uranus immediately had to jump to the side then roll back to where she was just standing as two of the bikes charged in a all too synchronized fashion. Unfortunately, the two feats sent stabbings of excrutiating burning pain down the side of her hampered leg. Blinded by the pain, Uranus failed to noticed that one of the other bikes had managed to run up behind her, ramming her from behind. Burning and grinding the hot rubber into the the unprotected back of the senshi. Uranus screamed out in pain as her back suddenly felt as if it caught on fire, which wasn't far off. The bike than flipped her over it and Uranus landed front first flatly against the hard cold ground with a silent thud.

Body throbbing relentlessly in pain, Uranus tried to push herself up off the ground. Only to fall flat down on her face. Her arms felt limp, weak, and useless. It felt as if they were going to fall right off her shoulders and right onto the floor. The odd part was that, she wished they would just do that and stopped aching altogether. Her muscles ached in ways she thought they could never ache while she was a senshi. Her back, oh her back, felt as if someone was continuously pouring sulfuric acid down her back. Her entire left leg was now covered in deltas and streams of drying blood. The gash still burning like an inferno had been set upon her leg. For the first time in a long time, Uranus felt like she wanted to cry.


Uranus forced herself to force to look up too see what was going to happen next. The fourth motorcycle was standing just a couple of feet infront of her. Powering up its engine as if it knew that it would scare her and it did. Uranus almost smiled when she realized the irony of it all. Of all the motorcycles, the one before her just happened to be hers! All those hours she had spent caculating and fixing everything on up just to make her bike into the perfect racing machine. Now, she was going to see how well she had did.

As the bike, her bike, took off and bulleted straight at the battered and nearly useless form of Uranus, she bit back a sob. Uranus felt utterly helplessness. She knew that being a senshi would be the end of her eventually, she just never thought it would be so soon. And, as those who had come face to face with a possible death, we all normally think of all the events of our lives. Things we wished we'd done differently. It is at that moment where our lives hang in the balance that we ask the 'what if' questions the most. Uranus was no acception and had no immunity to that rule. She struggled within herself, thinking, wanting to be with her family at the moment as she waited for the end to come.

Only, it didn't come. Or at least, it didn't came to her. Just as the bike came within twenty feet of the senshi of the heavens, it suddenly exploded. Tossing burning metallic sharps in every direction. Then, it was her turn to be surprise a she felt a hand grasp her by the elbow and literally yanked her off the cold ground.

Syaoran faultered in his steps as he walked upon the very top of the stadium wall. By now, Syaoran was able to tell that the place was primarily used as a racing field. The tracks were almost barren of all human life, save for a couple of males cleaning up. Nothing Syaoron should be concerned about as he made his way towards several storage houses, where he sensed that most of the magic had radiated. However, getting there was harder than Syaoran had expected. His stomach was going into knots, his teeth rattled and grinded against each other no matter how many times Syaoran had told them to stop. It became so bad that he actually had to fight his own body from simply just turning around and going back the other way. It was as like every part of his body was refusing to go any further than they already were. Forcing down the incredible lump in his throat, mainly to squash the butterflies in his stomach, Syaoran forced himself to leap off the top of the stadium wall, over all the rows of descending stands, and onto the pewter smooth track. From there, Syaoran forced his body into a dead run straight towards the storage buildings. No thoughts, no guess, simply just rushing where his instinct told him.

Syaoran reached the chosen building just in time to hear a blood curdling scream from within the room. Forgetting his inner feelings, by that I mean physical, Syaoran quickly leapt onto an open window that was right above him (don't you just hate all of these convenient openings that seem to make the protagonist so...well protagonist-like?!). As Syaoran's eyes did a quick glance of the slightly dark room, though most of the shadows seem to be illuminated by a roaring fire off to the side, his eyes caught a white dab of color against the shadowing gray of the room. Roaring like some mighty triumphant tiger below him was a white and red striped motorcycle, while three other motorcycle roared in triumph with it.

Syaoran didn't have to have Wei or mother there to tell him react. As the the motorcycle beneath shoot off towards the fallen figure, Syaoran leapt off the sill of the opened window, allowing the his body to soar slightly over and trailing the motorcycle. While keeping eye contact on the metal construct of man, Syaoran, using magic, poured the energy into the air. Targeting the bike with invisible scintilating streams of energy. When he 'felt' that the streams had reached and wrapped themselves around the bike, he called upon the righteous flames of the phoenix. As he prayed the words silently into his mind, he 'saw' the magical bonds around the motorcycle vibrate at a dangerously fast pace. Each mor'pak (kind of like the building blocks of magic; think of it as atoms and molecues are to us.) rushing faster and faster around each other. Swirling, spinning, moving. Until, finally, the inevitable happened.

Syaoran's effort was rewarded when he heard the loud explosion beneath him, which was quickly followed by the loud roar of a starting fire. Syaoran had thrown up his shield to buffer the heat and force of the explosion as he rolled his body in mid-air than speared back down to the ground. As Syaoran silently landed on his feet, almost as easily as if he'd just jumped of a stair step, he made a grab at the fallen figure that was within arms reach of him. He knew the they weren't unconscious, he felt the figure start to protest and decided to simply take matters into his own hands. He was going to get them out of here whether they wanted too or not. Not for the person, but to get away from the sickening feeling that was churning within him.

Taking his chances while the explosion distracted the other bikes, Syaoran tore one of his paper wards from his own sub-space pocket and threw it directly at the closed garaged door. Following quickly behind the rectangular piece of paper, Syaoran hefted one of the stranger's arm over his shoulder and half dragged the figure towards the target of the enchanted ward. As the piece of paper made contact with the door, the ward quickly disappated into the thin sheet of metal. A blink of an eye later, part of the garage door exploded out ward, leaving behind a smog of rising dust and a huge mansize hole on part of the door. Syaoran quickly made a dash for the door as he heard the other bikes behind him regroup.

I really should consider becoming a fireman or a police officer, Syaoran minded to himself. It's less dangerous and I at least get health benefit.

Great time to develop a since of humor Li, another part of Syaoran's mind emerge as Syaoran stepped through the hole and drag the struggling figure through into the cool warm evening winter air. Behind him, he heard the wheels of the bikes squeal and screech as they came to a quick stop. Though one of them managed to hit the metallic door, causing a loud ring to echo clearly throughout the entire track. Do you always act this funny or only when you're in the face of danger?

Got to concentrate on getting some where safe! Syaoran screamed at himself as he continued to half walk, half drag the slumping figure with him.

When the feeling in Syaoran's stomach became a bit more bearable, but not by much, Syaoran eased the figure down onto grassy center of the circle track. In the light of day, Syaoran was able to make a better grasp at the figure's appearance. Syaoran's first reaction was to look away at the scantly dressed lady, who was obviously a woman seeing how her aura was emitting a certain magic only a gifted woman can. Unless she happened to be like Yue and Keroberos, genderless. However, Syaoran didn't feel any male magic pattern in her signature.

A closer look though, and the words "Sailor Senshi" was quickly highlighted in his mind. The moment he'd realized that she was a senshi, the shyness of moral decency washed away and Syaoran simply just stared at the barely conscious lady. Syaoran had come up with a theory a while back about females who use magic to fight against some form of peril against Earth; they must all be scantly dress and leaving little to a pervert's imagination. Sakura was no acception to that rule, seeing as how Tomoyo designed her clothes for her.

The senshi muttered something, however, it was lost within the loud crash behind them as the three remaining bikes finally broke free of their chambers. Syaoran was surprise to have found himself push aside by the senshi as she stood up, rimrod straight, with one of her hand raised into the air. Syaoran was about to question what she was doing when he felt several layers of magical shields formed around senshi. Recognizing and knowing when a large scale spell was about to be initiated, Syaoran quickly put up as many shields as he could around himself.

To Syaoran's surprise, he once again felt the strange and familiar feeling of the surrounding atmospheric pressure condensing and the tremors passing underneath his feet. This time though, he could give it form. The tremors that he had felt pass underneath his feet came together and formed a ring at the base of the senshi's feet. The atmospheric pressure that were condensing came to a point in the open palm of the senshi. The tremors then rose out of the ground, spun up the senshi's body and ringed around the yellow sphere of compressed atmospheric energy. She then threw her creation at the three fast approaching bikes and succeeded in destroying one of them. However, it failed to hinder the efforts of the others.

It also didn't seem good as well, since the senshi almost immediately slumped down to her knees and hand after she threw the destructive attack. Not good, Syaoran cursed as he moved forward to catch the senshi's falling form. She's too weak to try to throw another without risking losing consciousness. The two bikes were also closing in too. He had to do something to keep them back until he can come up with a strategy. But what? How can he hold them back if something as strong as what the senshi had just threw at them couldn't stop them. Damndamndamndamndamn! Syaoran bit his lip as he unshealth his sword and stood his ground next to the senshi. There has to be a way to stop them! Nothing is unstoppable, only unstable. So how can I deal- Syaoran's thoughts were quickly silenced as he felt a light winter breeze blow against his large open sleeve, immediately giving him a brainstorm and an idea. That's it!

Syaoran pulled out another one of his ward out and threw it into the air. Allowing it to twist lithely before dove back from an arc, straightening itself as if it knew exactly where to go. When it feathered slowly just to where it was infront of him, Syaoran pushed the flat side of his sword foward against the ward, summoning the strong winds of mountain lion's roar. As if pulled by invisible strings, the ward was almost instantly ripped apart when it came in contact with the coldness of the flat. Sending out its own reserve storage of the invisible little mor'paks into the open air infront of it. Forcing them, telling them, ordering the tiny sub-microscopic creatures to clang to whatever warm air there was before it. Finally as the bikes grew dangerously near, Syaoran forced all the warm air infront of him towards the skies, trapping them inside a bubble of colder air and lifting them up, creating a nice thermal draft as he did so. Also, creating a huge empty hole in the air, which, naturally, causes a rush of cold air to enter the empty space that the warm air had once occupied.

Uranus watched in awe, and secretly in deep respect, as the green figure beside of her caused an incredible storm scale wind that howled and pushed against the remaining two motorcycles relentlessly. Forcing the bikes back further and further away. She had tried to glimpse at their face earlier, but all she saw, no matter how hard she stare into it, was a blur of pink flesh, brown, and black. Or maybe it was because she was extremely exhausted. Which puzzled her immensely. She had, as Sailor Uranus, fought harder and longer battles than this. So how come she could barely manage to stand on her own two feet?

Grudgingly, Uranus reminded herself to at least make an effort to thank her savior. Even though she couldn't quite see their face. Uranus felt the magic of being the senshi of Uranus healing her wounds, however, they weren't healing fast enough. She also wasn't customed with having to be the one to be rescued. She's usually the one that does the rescuing. The very thought of someone else who was clearly not a senshi and probably not even half as powerful as she is, beating a bunch of motocycles that had brought her to her knees was not a nice reality to dwell upon. This and add the fact that today just wasn't her day, added more to her day's frustration and anger. Icing for the cake... Uranus quoted to herself as she continue to see what the green boy was going to do next.

Syaoran grunted as he ended the wind of fury that had managed to blew back the bikes. Now, he just had to find out how to stop them without destroying their link to the castor. Whoever cast this spell has got to be close by, Syaoran growled as he deducted that a spell of this scale and with the incredible accuracy of the bikes can only mean that the castor was also a watcher. Then, since the magical spell had been shielded and grounded to this area, it can only mean that the castor is close by. Very close.

Syaoran couldn't help think that this scenerio was all too familiar. A possessed unanimated item, the sudden lack of human lives, and the possessed item's incredible drive to cause pain upon its victim before they kill it. The second fact helped Syaoran to quickly narrowed his list of all the wizards he knows off that has this kind of power and ability to two people. The first was Eriol, however, Eriol had never taken it to this level of danger and, despite Syaoran's personal feelings towards one of the counterparts of Clow Reed, Eriol was never really evil to begin with. Cruel, abnoxious, irratating, and perhaps slightly insane, but not evil. The second was the mysterious castor he'd ran into at the park a week ago. Syaoran was ready to bet his last yen that it was the latter.

The fallen senshi had gotten to her feet again and seemed as if she was waiting for him to do something. Apparantly, the rumors about the senshis being able to magically heal themselves were true after all. Not that it helped her much during her struggle with the bikes earlier on. By now, Syaoran had managed to deduced that this was probably the senshi of Uranus, Sailor Uranus. Or atleast, he thought so. The Li sources was not without its occasional flaws. This day can't get any worse, Syaoran thought as he moved on to his plan B, which just happened to be, planning what plan C was going to be. Unfortunately, the sound of a loud roaring engine interupted the planning stages of plan C. It just got worse...

Now it and its brethren where mad! This new one was stronger than the old one. The one that master had told it to attack. The new one had powers that the old one lacked. The new one challenged not only its powers, but the powers of the master as well. It could feel the master's anger and frustration as the master instructed it to kill the new one.

Will hurt. Fight new one. Hurt new one! Stop new one! its brethren roared as it reared up and loudly announced its thought throughout the large roofless garage. It roared in reponse and agreement as well. Together, they will squash the new one and destroy the old one. Together they will avenge their fallen comrades and bring glory to the master! FOR THE MASTER!

"JUMP!" Syaoran shouted as he shot straight up into the air to avoid the two bikes as they steamrolled over the area right beneath him. Unfortunately, it seems that the senshi thought that Syaoran meant 'jump to the side' and not into the air where the bikes can't reach them. Even though Sailor Uranus was successful in her attempt to dodge one of the bikes, she lost the battle to avoid the second one, which drove itself right into her bruised and aching chest. Knocking all the air out of her already burning lungs and forcing her back to the green grassy field. That is, after she was thrown backwards, covering an distance of fifteen feet where she was last standing.

Smooth move senshi, real smooth, Syaoran thought wryly to himself as watched the senshi below get pummeled upon by the bikes. Shaking his last thoughts out of his head Syaoran surveyed the scene below him. The senshi was poorly handling the situation. She was trying to out power and out match the bike's speed, something she was obviously not succeeding in. Syaoran doubted she really had a lot of battle experience concerning magical contructs nor that she'll last any longer considering the torture she's putting herself in. How the sailor senshi were able to survive this long and became surburban heroines in Tokyo was beyond his grasp. Even Sakura would've handled these bikes by now, or at the very least have the good sense to avoid them.

Taking advantage of his aerial view at the moment, Syaoran quickly switched to his mage sight to see if there were anyway he can stop the bikes without having to waste precious magical energy with a big attack spell. As he 'stared' down at the bikes with his mage sight, the bikes quickly changed to lines of energy and light. Transluscent and outlined by an eerie ghostly blue glow. However, it wasn't the glow that Syaoran had his attention pinned too, it was the myriad and thin streams of glittering energy that Syaoran was looking into. The little organized leylines of energy formed numerous small matrices throughout the bike's entire body. Webbing out and meshing with each other as they were carefully laid throughout the entire frame of the bikes.

Same spell patterns, Syaoran mentally took in as he continued to study the bike, also noticing that his leap had just reached the pivotal peak of its jump, which was almost thirty feet into the air, and that he was starting to descend now. Syaoran also realize that the magical patterns of magical energies also followed a simple beat. Unlike the stone horse, the matrices and spell patterns didn't flux at an almost random rate. And since whoever's doing all this is controlling more than just one spell, it can't risk having its spells crossing each other! So if I can disrupt the patterns, I can exorcise the magical bonds out of it.

Landing with confidence, Syaoran summoned another one of his wards out of thin air and into his hands. Seeing that the senshi was about to be run over by an incoming bike, Syaoran automatically chose that certain motorcycle to exorcize. Aiming carefully Syaoran threw his right arm, the one that was holding the magical piece of paper, across his body and then back handed the the ward right at the motorcycle.

The ward flew flattly through the air like a board piece. Neither spinning nor stearing from it's direct path to its appointed target. Just as the neared the bike, Syaoran forced a bit of his powers into the enchanted rectangular, piece of paper. Magically forcing the properties of the ward to stretch and grow to nearly a hundred times it's original size. At the same time, Syaoran also used a dash of his magical powers to keep the paper strong and flexible. Making sure that there were no tears or rips that occured during the enlarging process of the ward.

The now large ward continued to approach the motorcycle and when it was less than a few feet from the speeding mechanical monstrousity, the poster size ward continued by wrapping itself around it. Showing no signs of warning, the ward wrapped itself around the entire frame of the bike. Acting very similar to a python's natural reation of wrapping itself around its prey. In the end, the nice golden yellow colored wrappings around the bike caused it to resemble something similar to a badly wrapped christmas present. Forcing the bike itself to fall onto its side.

Several muffled engines roars could be heard emitting from beneath the ward wrappings on the bike. As well as the rapid revolutions of the tires trying to burn off the confines of the fragile paper. Syaoran immediately released the store magical reserve within the ward, throwing in bit of his own as well, and ordered them to attack the matrices and lock points that kept the magical energy to aid possession upon the bike.

Syaoran slapped his hands together and started to pray ernestly in an acient tongue that very few people can understand. Focusing his magical directly into the bike's, meshing his earth green powers with the silvery stored magic of the wards. Then he started to pound and work away the magical shield that had layered itself over the bike. The shield that kept the magic within the its confined area, similar to an exo-skeleton keeping the inner organs in their place.

After drilling a small hole into the shield, Syaoran quickly entered the first leyline that he saw with his magic. Then he allowed it to flow along the magical line of power, like a raft flowing down a river. Until Syaoran reached the web matrice that kept the magical energy of the bikes pulsing through it. Then Syaoran allowed the exorcism to begin. He attacked web. Ordering and commanding his own small fleet of glowing green and silvery mor'pak. Mystical, magical energy flowed along several 'threads' of the web and straight to its center. As Syaoran's magic flowed along the leylines and 'threads' of the web, they began to meshed themsevles into the magical linings. Canceling and converting the magical energy. Causing several of the leylines to disappate and disolve into nothingness.

Sailor Uranus stared dumbfoundedly as she watch the paper wrapping around the bike begin to glow. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw her helper standing rimrod straight, eyes closed, hands together, and silently chanting. At the heels of her helper, the air spun magically with a mysterious blueish-green mist. The mist rised off the ground and into the air, spiraling around her helper's body. Causing the long wide sleeves of their green robe to wave and hoovered in a ghostly fashion that both scared her and awed her.

As the glow of the paper wrappings got stronger so did the roaring protest of the smothered motorcycle subsided. Until it was snuffed out completely and the glowing paper slowly dissolved away. Unveiling a fallen motorcycle laying on its side. Uranus couldn't help having the feeling that something was missing though. That the conclusion of this battle had not end just yet. Despite the fact that the bike was laying on the ground infront of her-


Gods I forgot about about the other bike, Sailor Uranus looked up from the fallen bike and saw that the other bike had already given up on her as its target. Unfortunately, it had chosen someone else as its target. Sailor Uranus didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the green garbed fighter/magician didn't quite notice this yet and that they were going to be seriously mangled if she didn't do something to interfere. But what, what could she do? Her space sword was too far to retrieve in time, summoning a world shaking wouldn't do. What should she do?

Try SOMETHING! her mind screamed at her. Mind you, Sailor Uranus doesn't enjoy being rescue. In fact, she loath it. She always hated stories where some nitwit princess got rescued and carried off into the sunset by some prince. Preferable, she'd rather be the prince and do the rescuing. But she knew the basics of being in debt and repaying them. The mask magician, her nick name for the mysterious figure, had helped her out earlier and now it was her turn to help them.

Drawing from her sense of honor and remaining reserve, Uranus summoned every bit of energy she could find within herself. Griting her teeth, Uranus forced the power into the palm of her hands. Sub-consiously and unknowingly, she also drew in the atmospheric preassure as well. Causing them to spiral downward into the palm of her hands and reformed into the shape of a glowing gold ball of energy. Then, with all her strength and will power, Sailor Uranus aimed and launch the rotating ball of energy at the assumed target.

"URANUS SPACE TURBULENCE!" shouted Sailor Uranus as she blast away a river of energy that twisted and turned erradically as it flew towards the bike. Sailor Uranus had the pleasure of seeing her Space Turbulence slammed into the motorcyle meters away from the Mask Magician, causing a loud deafening explosion to follow shortly just before she passed out. Never mess with me...

It flew back against the wall. It couldn't believe it! The other one, the green garbed one, had exoricised its own control out of the motor cycles. The green garbed was stronger than they look. It may even pose more of a threat than the senshi ever could. The senshi were powerful, they were strong, they were many. But the green garbed, they were resilent, they were resourceful, they were knowledgable, and able to use their powers wisely. Unlike the senshi who seemed to throw off magical attacks like water.

It got up from the magical back lash that it had received from the green garbed one. It had noticed when one of its creations were being tampered with. It had realized who was trying to tamper with its creation. It had ordered the remaining contraption to attack the interloper, however, it had not expect to be attacked by the senshi so quickly and so powerfully. Due to that, it was not ready to block the magical surge that had traveled up its link from its creation that was being exorcised because it had put up a block to the link that had been destroyed.

"I must retreat!" it shouted at the damn Crystal. "It is too dangerous for both of us at the moment. We must retreat for now and plan our next move."

However, the Crystal hummed back in protest. It had not quinched its thirst for power in the last battle, this time, it wanted to finish what it had started. The senshi was now unconscious and still in transformation. This was the perfect opportunity to gain more power for itself. And it will not have no mere magical construct tell it what to do and what not to do.

"Damn fool," it swore under its breath. "Do you think you can handle them both at once?! You're not even at full power! They'll tear us apart and have our remains for dinner! We must retreat! NOW!"

Before the Crystal can respond to its companion's sudden outburst there was a sudden kick at the door. Followed by another, than another, than another. Until finally, the door burst opened to reveal a short figure armed with a sword.

Syaoran was pushed off his feet as an ear ringing explosion happened to raised hell only a few feet from where he was standing. Syaoran had been in the processed of tracing the link back to the castor, hoping to 'silently' sneak a surprise attack and hopefully finish all this once and for all. He nearly succeeded in this act as well. He had traced the link up to the location where the castor was hidden, the annoncers' box, and was about to initiate a 'Fire Mind' spell when the explosion knocked him off his feet. Caught off guard, Syaoran accidentally sent more into his attack than he meant. So rather than giving the castor small undetectable doses of a 'Fire Mind' curse, he threw one huge one into it. Though he knew it probably didn't do anything but gave them a mental back lash.

Damn it! Syaoran growled as he stared to make his way up to the announcers' box. Pretty much totally ignoring the fact that the senshi had collapsed. Syaoran's main thought at the moment was to stop whoever was causing all this trouble. Today had been too close for comfort. Not that this wasn't the first time he'd walk the edge of death, but he'd prefer not to do it if he didn't have too. Almost had them.

Leaping off from the tracks onto the stand with incredible agility and perhaps a bit of aid from magic, Syaoran continued to hop up the stories of stands and head for the announcers' box. It wasn't as easy as Syaoran had anticipated though. As Syaoran neared the announcers' box, that same sick feeling started to return to him. The closer he got to the announcers' box, the worse off his stomach started to feel and the more his legs started to protest. Syaoran once again found himself forcing himself to move closer to his appointed goal and fought down both the feeling of feverish nausea and the need to simply turn around and run away.

It took most, if not all, of Syaoran's will power to force his body up to the announcers' box. When he finally reached his target, the feelings were folded ten times and Syaoran automatically took three steps back unknowingly. Hang...in there...LI! Syaoran growled at himself as he summoned his sword and started to kick the door of the announcers' box. The first two time was actually difficult because Syaoran's foot would rather run away than cooperate. The third time was easier, but it lacked the strength of the first two kick because Syaoran had immediately switched legs. The fourth time, Syaoran decided that he'd had enough of his legs protesting and threw his entire weight and strength into it.

Syaoran was reward by a loud air snapping crack as the door finally gave and flew open. Leaping in sword held in his hands, teeth baring, and ready for a fight, Syaoran wasn't quite prepare to the sight that he was quickly treated too. Though the frame of the figure didn't change, nor did the same dark complexion, Syaoran was surprise to see who his enemy was. Or to put it more literally; to see who his enemy resembled.

Yue?! was Syaoran's first thought was he stared at the figure. The same cat-like elegant features. Same height and feminine male beauty. The face, the face was the same face that Syaoran had once dreamed of kissing and caressing so many times in the past. However, when Syaoran took a closer look and overlayered the image of the moon guardian on top of the figure that stood before him, Syaoran's thoughts trailed in another direction. No not Yue!

Where Yue's eyes were a silver blue, this one's was a cold black with white slits in them. Where Yue's wintery silver hair cascaded straight down to the ground, this one's was black and wavey and fell only down to mid-back. Yue donned the white formal ball suit given and designed by Clow Reed. This one wore tight dark clothing coated by a long trench coat that outlined the figure's slime frame. Whoever this person was, he took a strong resemblence to moon guardian, but was obviously not.

Sailor Uranus struggled to her feet as she started to detransformed back to her alter ego. Despite the sensible protest that she needed to stay in senshi form if she was to be properly healed. It couldn't be helped though, since Sailor Uranus had trouble keeping her own consciousness present. She couldn't afford to for somebody to stumble upon her unconscious and pratically defenseless. Also, she wasn't one hundred percent certain that her glamour field was going to hold out much longer, seeing how her powers were being stretched to their limit at the moment to keep her conscious.

A moment later, Te'nou Haruka stood, or rather slotched heavily, were Sailor Uranus had stood. Her clothing had remained undamaged, thank the kamis, and hid most of her worse injuries. Especially her back, shoulders, arms, and legs. There was a small scratch on her forehead, but it didn't really hurt. Much that is, compared to the burning throbs of the others.

Haruka forced her body to move towards one of the main exits of the stadium, praying that she at least had the strength to make it to her car and drive home. She managed to limp, using the word 'limping' loosely, and half crawled her way off the track field. A bit of blood from the cut on her left thigh had managed to seep through her pants. Wetting it and coloring the dark green and black strips a dark muddy brown.

However, as Haruka continued to trudge on, her body immediately stopped moving and her knees became useless. Following her sudden physical shut down was the overwhelming feeling of sick nausea and extreme fatigue. Her mind quickly fogged over and her chest constricted. Haruka felt as if she'd just ran a marathon. She felt certain muscles cramp and joints popping. Those muscles that did not cramp suddenly felt pulled. Fortunately for Haruka though, her world quickly became black before the force of her exhausted muscles claimed her.

Also, though it might have been the fatigue, Haruka could've sworn she heard a distant scream right before the fadding darkness fully claimed her mind.

It took notice of the attacker's sudden pause and decided to take advantage of it. Drawing upon the stored energy from the Dark Crystal, it formed a ball of pulsing red energy in its hands. Wrapping and tying the cords of power carefully together so that they do not touch eachother as they cross. It wouldn't do to have them explode in his hands. That was the secret behind energy attacks. The trick is not to hit your target with it, but to hit your target and cause all the crossing cords of energy to push against each other and release a chain reaction that would lead to the energy's release. Often in the form of an explosion.

When it felt that ball of pink energy blink into his life in his hands, pulsing with explosive potential, it launched it at the would be attacker.

Syaoran was caught off guard, again for the second time that day, as the figure launched some kind of energy attack at him. Acting upon instinct and experience, Syaoran leapt backwards through the door way and errected a shield around him. Though the shield was not as strong as it could've been, and had Syaoran simply stood his ground with such a weak shield as his only defense he would've been greatly injured. Fortunately, however, since Syaoran leapt bakwards, going along with the direction of the attack, Syaoran only got the wind knocked out of him when the energy ball slammed into and exploded against his errected shield. Syaoran's shield immediately shattered like cheap glass against the force of the explsion.

Unfortunately though, some force of the magical explosion when unbuffered and traveled on. Slamming right into Syaoran as if someone had just swung several baseball bats simultaneously against his entire body. Throwing him back further than what he'd expected. Crash landing and rolling backwards along with the force of the blow to aviod further injury, Syaoran decided on the most simplest and most often used counter-attack. As Syaoran rolled back into a kneeling position he pulled and grasp a handful of wards into both hands and threw them straight at the direction of the announcers' box. Blindly hoping that one of them would have the desire effect that Syaoran was going for.

It had to leave immediately. It had managed to stop the attacker from the being, however, it knew that now is not the time and place for such things. First things first, and then he'll take care of the thorns after he'd gotten out of the bushes.

It called upon more energy from the Dark Crystal and tore a mansized hole in the air infront of him. A gate, a means to transportation by using a portal. It was quite surprise he was able to pull it off, since he thought that the crystal didn't have this kind of power yet. However, this may have probably used up a tremendous amount of reserve the the Dark Crystal may have accumulated. But it was desperate to escape. They could not be caught nor stop. Not yet. Not until they both had their revenge.

"Ready," it said as it called the Crystal over and stepped through the gate. It smiled at its escape as it made its way to the other side of the gate. However, victory was not without its price. And as it nearly, fully entered the gate, it felt something stabbed right into the back of its left shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" It screamed as it stepped through the gate. Sensibly, it was the only word it could think off to express the shearing pain that ran throughout its body.

Syaoran struggled to balance himself as he stood, ignoring the flat pain that was throbbing up and down his entire front side.

He got away, Syaoran seethed as picked his dropped sword and used it to help balance himself. Syaoran didn't need to check the announcers' box. He could see right through the large hole that was caused by the explosion. Not to mention the undeniable traces of a gate being opened. The magic within the surrounding areas had badly distorted. The mysterious figure had bend time and space itself to create the gate, also doing so without the proper shieldings. Causing both magical energy around the present area and the magical energy from the area where the figure had gated to to leak into each other's surroundings.

Great, Syaoran thought as he quickly did the 'math' up in his head. The elements of the area were left unbalanced and unfix. Especially with the the gate. With the loose wild magical energy in the air as well, it was going to effect the forces of nature in the surrounding area. Quite frankly the weather. At the very least, there's going to be a rain storm over this area of Tokyo tonight. This was a down side to not having the powers of the Clow/Sakura cards. The cards tended to act automatically, setting up their own shields and balance to the magical energy around them. Magic, old acient magic, the kind of which that Syaoran wields, had to be done manually, unless someone with born with an enormous amont of power to do so unconsciously. Just great!

Pushing down the feelings of anger and disgust within himself, Syaoran started to make his way back down to the field of the track. The well-being of the senshi finally returning to his mind. Off course, Syaoran also made plans for 'healing' the magical energy of the area as well. That was part of the job of being both a Master level mage and a Healing mage. Thus the title, Master Level Healing Mage, the fourth step on a Master level magician of a five step scale to reach the level of Arch-mage. To be able to manipulate the dimensions and store enormous amounts of magical powers into objects refered to as Mana batteries. Such as the Clow/Sakura cards for example.

When Syaoran arrived onto the track, two things immediately popped into his mind. One, the senshi had took off. The second, the track looked as if it had seen better days. Infact, it looked as if had two or three bon fires made right onto the field. Sailor Uranus's World Shaking also dug up and erroded parts of the field. Creating small ditches that dragged themselves almost across the entire track field. The air was mix of gas fire and burning grass. Smoke filled air scratched the eyes and itched the nose.

This is not going to bode well with the public, Syaoran thought calmly to himself as he walked through the fiery mess. As Syaoran reached the other end of the field, a fallen figure caught his eyes. They were dressed in a brown blazer and green pants. Laying on the smooth concrete just before one of the exits tunnels of the stadium. Deciding to take a closer look at the fallen character, Syaoran started to cross the track and made his way over to the exit tunnel.

Must've tried to get away when all the chaos started, Syaoran thought. However, if that was the case, how come he didn't see them earlier? They weren't really all that far from the storage/garage that the motorcycles had been in. So he should've seen something. I know I'm not that rusty.

Kneeling down beside the figure, Syaoran turned them over and was greeted by the unconscious face of a woman. Either that or a very attractive man, however, being around Yue and Rubymoon, Syaoran came to develop a second sense for descerning genders at first glance. Her pulse was slow, but she was as live at least. Syaoran was about to check to see if she had any other injuries, such as the one she had on her forehead, when a voice snuck from behind him.

Kinomoto Touya had just finish showering and dressing after his day at the tracks. Today had been an uneventful day, as his usual days had been lately. There had been that thing with the Magic Hunters a few months back, but him and Yue were able to take care of it. Of course, it was still a bit awkward talking with the Moon guardian, even after all this time. Yue wasn't as conversive as Yukito nor did he choose to be as social. Infact, the Moon guardian was practically the opposite of Yukito. Yue hardly even answer any of Touya's question when he asked, it seemed that the only person who can get a straight answer out of Yue was Sakura. Even then, Sakura was going to have to dig extremely deep just to get the answer.

As Touya exit out of the dress area of his storage, his thought ran over the events of the day. First, there had been an easy breakfast with Yukito, then he straight to the tracks and just rode the bike away. Not very interesting really. Well, there was that race with Te'nou, but that wasn't really anything important. Touya couldn't help but smile at the handsome, short hair blond. Now tha Touya had thought about it, he really didn't mean to embarass her like he did. Infact, he was actually trying to get on her good side really.

But all hope of that seemed to have drowned when he beat her in that race. All in all, she really was a fast runner. Faster than most really. Had Touya had not spent a majority of life since the age of five playing soccer and doing track, he would've never stood a chance. Also, as he dad once told him, that if you have to compete, you must always do your best as to not show disrespect to your opponent. Touya could've just easily let Te'nou win, but then, that wouldn't be right. He knew that Te'nou challenged him into a foot race out of hurt pride and ego. But if he'd let her won, it wouldn't really prove that she was a faster runner, only that he had felt sorry for her. And she didn't seem like the type that would accept an easy win or pity.

That crazy lady, Touya sighed as he walked out the storage/garage and out onto the track. She really...should...WHAT THE HELL!?

Indeed those would've been the perfect words for the moment as Touya was introduce to a smoke filled air and several burning bon fires on the track's inner green field. "What the hell happen out here?!"

At times like these, though they were rare in his life, Touya really wished he still had his powers. Not that he regreted giving them away to save his consort and friend, as well as saving the Moon guardian, however it would come in handy in times like these. He had to admit, he still felt handicap without his powers even after three years. He missed his conversations with his mother. He even missed the times when he would wake up in the middle of the nights, screaming because he sense something wrong in the air. Even though he hated those nights, it still gave him a sense of security that he knew when he was in danger.

Looking at the area in shock awe, Touya's eyes caught a flash of green at the corner of his eyes. Turning his head to look at the splash of color, he noticed that it was a person. A person perched over someone else, someone who seemed to be unconscious. Touya's protective instincts quickly kicked and he started to make his way over to the two figures. Ideas of tactics on how to approach the two figure correctly. How to scare one of them off incase it was a mugger? For that first thought, Touya was balling his hands into a fist and getting himself ready to fight, if neccessary. Or how to handle the situation if it was a practicaly joke? How to handle the situation if he walked into an...intimate situation?

As he neared the two, Touya's eyes ran across the green cloth that one of the two figures donned and something in the back of his mind clicked on. I know that insignia, Touya thought to himself as he approached the situation with a little less hostility. Of course, thoughts such as, What the hell is he doing here? and What's going to happen now!? ran through his head. When he realized who the other figure was that they were unconscious, Touya had to fight down the urge to grab the kid by his collar, yank him of the ground, and shake the living daylights out of the kid. Which wasn't so different from Touya's first meeting with the kid. His first meeting with the kid wasn't exactly an ideal start for a friendship, nor was it something one likes to dwell upon. But his 'platonic' feelings towards the kids had changed over the years. Which was probably why Touya said what he said next.

"Did you really have to knock her out," came a familiar flat baritone voice from behind Syaoran. "You know, if you really wanted me to win, you could've just cheered for me you know?"

Syaoran's back stiffen a little as his mind registered and recognize who the voice belonged too. Not that he wasn't expecting to run into them eventually, however, he really just didn't expect to meet them so soon. Now that he did, he was half expecting them to yank him off the ground and repeat their first meeting all over again. However, when the yanking didn't happen, Syaoran decided that it was safe to relax. Though he kept him guard up incase he needed to 'restrain' the elder Kinomoto child from trying to hurt him.

"Kinomoto," Syaoran solemnly replied to Touya's poor attempt at a joke.

"Kid," Touya replied back just as solemnly. Glancing down at the unconscious body of Te'nou and then back to the field again, Touya added up the facts in his head and frown. Putting two and two together, Touya decided to leave it alone and probably consult Yue later tonight. Even though he doubted he would get a straight answer out of the Moon guardian, however, at least Yue would respond to his questions. Knowing Syaoran, or at least from Touya's persepective, at best he would only get silence.

Great, Syaoran thought to himself as he started to get up from the body. Syaoran didn't really trust to be this close to the Card mistress's older sibling without the Card mistress present. I don't need this at the moment! I need some time to think all this through!

Agreeing to decide that he should leave before his mind explode at him with more questions than he had at the moment, Syaoran made his exit through the exit tunnel of the stadium. Stopping only to say, "She should be okay," as he continued to walk into the stadium. When Syaoran was sure that he was out of Touya's sight, he quickly transformed back into his street clothes. So that by the time he left the stadium, he was carrying a paperbag of grocery and trying to find the correct bus stop all over again.

Making his way away from the stadium Syaoran's sighed a deep, long, and heavy sigh as he thought of his day's event. Running out food, getting lost, fight possessed motorcycle with a senshi, fighting a wizard and nearly getting himself killed. Then running into a mutual acquaintace, one that he'd rather not have ran into again if he could've helped. Expectedly the only thing that ran through Syaoran's mind was a single sentence, This just can't be happening to me....

-----------The outer's home-----------

"This can't be happening to me..." Haruka muttered as she cleaned her cuts with some evil, skin stinging cream. Haruka had woken up and found herself at the care of none other than Kinomoto Touya. Despite the protest, the idiot had insisted that he drive her home. "I hate this...OUCH!"

The last word was a compliment of Haruka puting the cream on the gash she recieved on her left thigh. The injuries had not change since she last remembered them. Only now, they felt even worse due to the evil cream she was spreading over them. Stinging and biting her at her injuries in second. When they didn't feel like they were attacking her injuries, they were burning them.

Haruka was so busy with her work that she didn't realize that her two housemates had return. Michiru and Hotaru had just gotten back from an afternoon of shopping for Hotaru's upcoming class trip and meeting with the inners. So, as most female who'd just got back from shopping, the two were delighted with coming home and were about ready to just sit back for a few moments to joke about their day. That is, until Michiru insisted that they should go up stairs and put their new clothes away and maybe washup a little. Of course, being the good girl that she is, Hotaru insisted to bring both her's and her adopted mother's clothing to their room while Michiru uses the restroom to clean herself up first.

When Hotaru opened up the door to her adopted parents room, she was treated to a horrid sight. Dropping the two bags of newly bought clothes in her hands, Hotaru's eyes quickly filled with tears as she looked at her adopted parent's scarred and beaten body. Her mouth dropped opened and her eyes widened. There, sitting upon the bed in nothing but a braw and panties was Haruka. A Haruka whose entire left thigh was red with dry blood. Whose middle back was a mix black and red with a hint of badly burnt flesh. Her arms cut and bruised in several MANY places that it seemed as if Haruka had ran her arm through a grinder. Her stomach and chest area cut, bruised to a tender purple, and slightly burn.

Before Haruka even realized that Hotaru was in the room, much less guess that she was in the house, an ear piercing, heart stopping, fear filled, "Haruka!" escaped from Hotaru's mouth.

Living move over because the dead is waking up. Haruka nearly jumped three into the air at hearing Hotaru's voice and an extra thirteen feet with the volume of her voice. Michiru quickly showed up at the door to see what was wrong and followed Hotaru's example when she saw her lover's injuries.

"Definitely not my day," Haruka muttered as her two housemates began to bombard her with questions. Outside, in the dying daylight, the clouds began to darken and in the distance, a hint of thunder hummed proudly through the air. Even though the weather reports had said that there was to be no rain that night, nor any other night for the next seven days.

Trying to ignore the downpour of droplets against his face, Syaoran carefully l leap off the top of a sixteen story glass building and straight down onto the top of a much shorter building. Landing with a quiet splat, Syaoran quickly recovered from the suicidal jump and started to rush to the edge of the building. Preparing himself for another leap to another building that was apparently taller than the one he was just on. Why do I do this anyway, Syaoran growled as he shot straight up like a string arrowed to the top of the building. Trying to push away the freezing wetness of the rain to the bottom of his mind. No one, good or evil, is dumb enough to be out on a night like this? Only an idiot would think about running around in the rain on a night like this.

Guess that makes you the idiot doesn't is, another part of his mind replied. Syaoran gave himself a mental thump as he carefully gripped the slippery edge of the building and pulled himself onto its top. Pausing for a moment to blink away the wet bluriness from his eyes. Syaoran didn't dare use magic to keep the water out of his eyes tonight, not unless he was willing to be struck by thunder or lightening. If this storm had been a natural occurance, he'd have no trouble with using such a spell. However, since this storm's origins were magic base, the hazard of using magic were heighten greatly. Though Syaoran could just have easily shielded himself from a lightening bolt, such a protection would cause him to be easily detected by anyone with the ability to seek out magical energy within the area.

When Syaoran's vision was corrected, he started of again. Or was about too, when a splash of white erupted right infront of him.

"Greetings Descendent of Clow Reed," came familair voice, for the second time that day.

Syaoran, quickly composing himself, looked up at the face of the suddenly flash of white and scowl in recognition. "Yue..."

-----------End of Chapter five-----------------

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