Title: Because I Need You (1?)

Author: AngelicTorture

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one you recognize.

Rating: PG 13(may change as the story goes on)

Distribution: Ask and you shall receive.

Spoilers: None so far.

Notes: Response to challenge posted by andonly at Litafics on livejournal. challenge is: john and lita are the same age and have known each other all their lives. story must start at a joint party for their 29th birthday. they must make a pact to get married if they are both single when they turn 30. john gets a girlfriend and lita realises she's in love with him. john must develop feelings for her too somewhere in the story.

Summery: What do you do when you fall for your best friend?


Part 1: The Party.

"Li, how many people have we invited to this thing?" John asked when he saw the guest list for their birthday party.

"I dunno…100 – 150 I guess" the redhead shrugged.

"150 people? Li do we even know 150 people between us?"

"Yes John we do…or at least I do, I'm not so sure about you" Lita laughed.

"Ya know if you weren't my best friend and a chick I'd make you pay for saying that"

"Yeah yeah…you're all talk Cena" the diva giggled.

"Oh really?"

John walked towards the diva with a wicked grin on his face and a bottle of water in his hand.

"You wouldn't dare…"

John twisted the cap off the bottle.

"If you do this then I'll have to kill you…" Lita said as she backed away from the blue eyed superstar. John grinned again as he held the bottle above the divas head.

"I want you…to say that 'John Cena is the hottest, sexiest, most talented wrestler and rapper in the whole world' and I might not do what I'm about to do"

"I'm not saying that…"

John tilted the bottle so a few drops of water landed on Lita's head.

"Ok ok…John Cena is the hottest, sexiest, most talented wrestler and rapper in the whole world"

"Damn straight…" John laughed and put the cap back on the bottle.

"You're such a dork John"

"If I'm a dork then what does that make you?"

"Umm…a dorks best friend?" she giggled. John rolled his eyes.

"If we've got 150 people coming then we're gonna need more beer" John stated.

"I think you're right…"

"I guess that means I'll be going to get some huh?"

"Yup" Lita laughed.

By the time John got back people were already showing up. Randy was as always the first person at the party.

"Hey man" John greeted his fellow superstar.

"Hey…I don't think you've met my date yet have ya?"

Randy waved to a tall blonde woman who was talking to Lita.

"Isn't that the stripper chick from ECW?" John asked.

"Her name's Kelly and she's not a stripper…she's an exhibitionist" Randy grinned like an excited 5 year old. John laughed and shook his head.

The doorbell rang and Lita hurried off to answer it.

"Sorry if I'm late, I got kinda lost" Maria giggled.

"That's ok…" Lita forced a smile on her face. She wasn't exactly friends with the brunette diva, partly because Maria was Ashley's best friend and partly because she just didn't like her but the young woman had practically begged for an invite, Lita guessed that she was after John. Lita walked back into the main room and watched her guests, her eyes scanned the room and fell on John, he was laughing at something Randy had just said. She'd known John all her life and he always was a big goofball.

The party was in full swing but the 2 guests of honor could have been happier. John had just managed to fend Maria off and made his way over to the redhead.

"You better not be thinking about that jackass Matt again" John said as he threw his arm across her shoulders.

"I'm not…"

"You're a crappy liar Li…you know he didn't deserve you and one day you're gonna find someone who'll treat you like a princess"

"Why don't I believe you? I'm starting to wonder if guys are worth it…they're all jerks, cheaters or slime balls"

"Thank you very much" John laughed.

"I didn't mean you…you're different. You're the only guy who'll never hurt me"

"Aww…to be honest that's only cause I'm scared of ya" he smiled.

Lita laughed.

"You're not the only one having problems ya know…I don't exactly have girls falling all over me"

Lita arched a brow at her friend.

"What about Maria? She's been following you round like a puppy all night"

"She's sweet and everything but I just don't see myself being with her….and I haven't been on a date in 5 months…"

"Aww poor baba" the redhead giggled. John pouted and leaned his head on her shoulder.

"You know there's one sure fire way to solve both our problems…"

"What would that be? Turn gay?" Lita asked with a smirk.

"No…if we're both still single by this time next year…we could get married…"

The flame haired diva burst into fits of laughter.

"You're joking right?"

"Li do you really wanna be 30 and still single? I know I don't…and we wouldn't need to worry about dating and getting to know each other cause we already do"

"You're serious about this aren't you?"

"Yeah…I guess I am"

Lita sighed.

"Ok…but I'm only saying yes cause I know it's never gonna happen"

"Good…now come on, this is supposed to be our party and we're missing all the fun"

John took her hand and led her into the crowd of people...


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