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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

He still had the letter in his pocket. Normally he would have set fire to it as soon as he got it – he wasn't into devouring letters from the pigs and their allies; it would probably poison him if he did – but he had decided instead to keep it and tell the others; it could be fun in the end after all, especially considering what it said.

He still had it in his pocket though; he had had to go to the mortuary; he supposed he had been lucky that Mike had convinced him to go to that one lecture, especially seeing as he had an excuse to go and chop up dead bodies and terrorise other people with them. However thanks to that letter, he had even more to do: he was going to blow it up and he had a reason to do so.

As for what 'it' was… well 'it' happened to be their house, which according to the pigs in the council was a 'health hazard' and they wanted to knock it down. Hah, he'd be damned if he was going to let them destroy the house; so they were going to do it themselves before the pigs got the chance!

Yes, they were going to make their house go kaboom… but maybe he should terrify Prick first: he knew there was another reason he had stolen that leg!