The Fox Blade

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This will be the only author's note until the end of the story. I may have to edit the disclaimer and such. I put the Prom on April 8 since that was the day that I first saw the movie. This will be AU when S4 comes out. I put a reference to the Game Boy Advance game Kim Possible 3: Team Possible in, but enough for you to get the basic jest. Please let me know if you see any plot holes, typos, or inconsistencies with the series and this story, as I want this story to be the best it can be and it can only be that way if I receive feedback on my mistakes. I will edit this story if someone happens to point out one of the mistakes mentioned above, or another one similar to it. I made up the names of the elements of Team Go's powers. I think every chapter will be at least twenty pages long when written on notebook paper. I know this first one was. I hope you enjoy The Fox Blade.

April 8, 2005


A pair of feet padded silently on the cold, cobblestone floor. Their owner deftly treaded the old, worn stones of the dreary castle. Tendrils of ancient dust swirled about, only to settle once more as the disturbance passed.

The castle itself was not large, but, like many others, it resided far from any populated urban areas. Wooden shingles, supported by thick beams, adorned the roof of the spacious castle. The walls were sculpted out of many slabs of granite, and eloquent tapestries hung on the insides of the stone walls. The castle produced an eerie presence, and the restive silence only added to the sense of foreboding. It had lain, unattended to and unentered, for many years. Thorny weeds grew thick, creating a seemingly solid barrier, creeping skyward up the walls of the once illustrious castle. Its architecture was European, having once housed a wealthy noble with many serfs.

One could get lost in such a place.

Yet the visitor did not, stepping with ease and familiarity. The feet fell with confidence, long strides concealing the emotions of the one who walked in this forbidding estate. An easy grin played across the lips of the visitor, revealing slight amusement not detectable in the visitor's eyes.

Simple, black tennis shoes with Velcro straps adorned the boy's feet, their tops hidden in the long, black cargos he wore. The boy wore a loose, black denim jacket, open to expose a silver tee shirt with golden trim. Completing his look were his gloves, one golden, the other silver, the folds loose and falling down the backs of his hands. Short, raven-black bangs fell forward, nearly masking bright, intriguing, emerald green eyes, orbs that showed no emotion. Roughly five foot eight inches, the boy's easy grin was quickly replaced by a coy smile. His bright eyes flickered as he lit a candle, and the shadows danced around in eerie, random patterns.

The candle as his guide, the boy retreated down the hall directly in front of the entrance, passing dusty vases; the flowers they held were black and brittle, dead. he left two doors untouched in his wake, and gripped the doorknob of the third. The knob turned and clicked, and the boy strode forward, shutting the open door behind him. A devious grin etched its way onto his face as he looked about him. The boy flicked on a light; despite its abandoned appearance, he had lived here for some time and refurbished the house with modern conveniences, unknown to all, even the villagers ten miles away.

Before him was an array of computers, monitors, and other devices, all of which you would find at any security guards' post. The boy quickly relocated the private satellite he had recently had sent into orbit. Repositioning one of the satellite's many cameras, the boy had a plain view of that location, live. What he saw only increased the size of his smirk. Soon his plan would be put into action. True, he was only seventeen, but the knowledge he had acquired was beyond his years. He positioned two more cameras before the boy retired for the night in a small, twin-sized bed, unable to suppress his grin at the thought of his plan coming to fruitation, and those required to succeed. As the boy drifted off to sleep, two names sunk deep in his mind, followed shortly by two more.

Joss Possible. Dr. Andrea Possible.

Ron Stoppable. Kim Possible.

Thunder clapped ominously in the distance as a bolt of lightning struck an ancient tree. The tree smoldered at first, its tough bark protecting it, then bust into flames as the torrent of rain advanced on it.

Half a world away, two seventeen year olds embraced, the light reflecting off their matching light blue suit and dress in a hypnotic way as they announced their feelings publicly for the first time.

July 12, 2005


Green eyes shimmered as they stared lovingly into a pair of chocolate brown eyes that crested round, simple freckles. The boy had a contented half-grin playing across his face as he watched his date take a small bite and moan appreciatively at the succulent taste of the rich, chocolate cake he had prepared. Ron's smile expanded as Kim sighed with satisfaction.

"So what do you think K.P.?" Ron asked, adding false worry into his voice. Kim eyed him shrewdly as she wiped her mouth with a linen napkin.

"Well, Ron, I don't quite know what to say. Except where did you learn to cook like that?" praised Kim, sipping some of the grape juice Ron had provided. Ron only smirked playfully at her, his gaze hard to interpret.

"A master, K.P., never reveals his secrets," Ron boasted, wagging his eyebrows at her. Kim stifled a humor-filled giggle, her olive green eyes sparkling and dancing in excitement.

"Really? I think I can change your mind," shot back Kim, scooting closer to Ron in his black tux. Ron had wanted to do something special tonight for their three blissful months of dating. Their original date this week had been canceled due to a mission to Belize involving some mutated fish just off the coast.

"Mmmmm. Booyah," replied Ron, leaning in for a kiss from his beloved girlfriend. Kim, too, inclined her head forward and...

Beep beep de deep!

Foreheads knocked. Both hastily apologized as Kim rummaged around in her bag, rubbing her forehead with her other hand. Ron was kneading the back of his neck awkwardly, a grimace almost making its way onto his face. Kim finally managed to locate the Kimmunicator, and tugged it out with an exasperated sigh.

"Wade!" Kim hissed as she punched the answer button, utterly deflated, the moment of romance having fled before them.

"Hey Kim. Sorry to interrupt your date," the young teen made it a point to keep his eyes on his keyboard. Kim rolled her eyes at his behavior.

"Wade, look at me," ordered Kim. Wade's eyes snapped onto Kim's face, relieved. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? But just because you caught us kissing 'cause of the Moodulator and we're dating now doesn't mean that you're going to fry your brain with some traumatizing scene every time I answer the Kimmunicator. Are we clear on that?" Wade nodded. "Good. Now, what's the sitch?"

"Robbery in progress at a research facility in Maine. Whoever it was hacked the cameras and shut them down, as well as the security system because it's routed through the same mainframe," informed Wade, pausing to take a swig of his soda. "Suspicious, huh?" Kim nodded.

"Sounds like a trap. Whoever it is, they would have to know then that by the time we got there, a normal robber would be gone. So my guess is on a trap," Kim responded, not very happy with the thief at the moment. She turned her attention back to Ron, who had been curiously peering over her shoulder. "How do you feel about setting off a trap?"

"Always ready Kim," confirmed Ron, reaching to grab his bag under the table.

"Guys, if you can be ready in five minutes, then I'll bring over some new gadgets," Wade stated, having slurped down the rest of his pop.

"We'll be ready Wade. K. and R. out," answered Kim, shutting the Kimmunicator off and grabbing her own bag. She rushed into the downstairs bathroom of the Stoppable household while Ron hurried upstairs to change and awaken Rufus from his naco-induced sleep.

Five minutes later, Kim was standing by the front door, garbed in mission clothes, waiting patiently while Ron quickly scribbled a note to his parents and taped it to the refrigerator, telling them he would be late coming home because of a mission. Kim had already notified her parents, both of whom said to be careful and come straight home after the mission.

A sharp rap pounded against the door, and Kim opened it. Wade stood there, leaning against the door frame in a clover green jacket, sipping on his soda for all he was worth. Grinning slyly, Wade mysteriously reached behind his back, pulling out three helmets, one of which matched his jacket, and two more jackets. He handed the red helmet and jacket to Kim, and the blue ones to Ron, then motioned for them to follow him, the proud smirk never once leaving his freckled face.

Glistening in the moonlight were three iridescent motorcycles, their hues shimmering as the moon slipped in and out of the clouds. All were detailed laboriously down to the final detail, the cinnabar one sporting ebony flames and the initial 'K.P.' on both sides. Ron's sapphire motorcycle also had his initials, 'R.S.', on the side, but was instead detailed with a jet black monkey in a Tai Shing Pek Kwar pose. Similarly, Wade's shamrock motorcycle had 'W.L.', and was detailed with a pure black computer monitor.

Wade watched smugly as Ron and Rufus reconnoitered every inch of the new motorcycles. Kim, too, was gazing over her's in awe, glancing at Wade, then back to the bike, then returning her stare to Wade again. Wade himself was brimming over with satisfaction, and he couldn't have been more pleased with what Ron said next.

"These are badical!" exclaimed Ron, the glare off his steel blue bike reflecting into his eyes and producing an odd appearance, highlighting Ron's enthusiasm. "Ten times better than my old scooter, yup yup! No, not ten, about a thousand times better!" Ron was practically giddy with excitement.

"Wade, these are more than wow worth, they're awesome. You build 'em yourself?" Kim asked, fingering the handlebars on the scarlet bike longingly.

"With my own two hands. Each bike is made of a super durable thallium alloy, the same material as the Centurion Project, runs off solar power or a battery similar to the Kimmunicator's, and capable of a top speed of two hundred ten miles per hour," confirmed Wade, rolling off the facts about the new bikes. "And it has a scratch resistant paint I developed, plus the Centurion Project's properties will allow the motorcycles to virtually erase almost all damage they obtain on missions. And the best part is that I'm almost old enough to drive on these babies. They'll get you to Maine and back and beyond."

"Ron, let's ride," Kim stated, slipping her helmet on and revving the engine. The motorcycle purred like a kitten, eager to break away and hit the road.

"Wait! I forgot something!" yelled Wade over the din, an embarrassed look crossing his face. "The bikes also have a built-in stealth mode. As long as you're holding the handlebars after you flip this switch, both you and the bike will be invisible, and the motor will be silent. Or you can have the bikes in stealth mode while you infiltrate a lair and need them close by for an emergency."

"Spankin'! Wade, you rock! We'll catch you later," Kim commented over the noise of Ron revving his bike anxiously, more eager than Kim to test out Team Possible's new wheels. Later the trio of motorcycles would be dubbed 'Elemental' by the media, for their ability to mystically blend in to the background, and their unique coloring.

But that's much, much later.

Wade was true to his word; the bikes made excellent time, even on crowded highways. (Neither one will admit that the stealth mode was used in this part of their epic mission.) Nearly eleven hours after setting out from the sleepy town of Middleton, Colorado, the two field members of Team Possible had arrived at their destination, geared for action after the long ride. (Granted the seats were comfortable though.) Kim and Ron stealthily scaled the eight foot rock wall, and vaulted over the barbed wire at the top.

"I'd just like to point out that I just leapt over a barbed wire, and I didn't rip my pants," gloated Ron, pausing to jump down from the wall and sidling up next to Kim.

"No one doubts your mad barbed wire leaping skills," Kim said, yanking the cables from the tangled mass of barbed wire. Ron did similar, the coils of rope sliding past his gloved fingers into his blue grappling hook/ hairdryer. "Now let's ... whoa!" Kim's eyes widened with shock as she turned from Ron and the wall.

The research facility was directly in front of them, but the entire site was enlivened with alacrity. Substantial spotlights swept across the land between them and the main building, and it was only because of the amply searchlights that Kim was able to detect the sparkles that warned them of a laser grid. Several motion sensitive cameras armed with concussive weapons dotted the area around them, and Kim was certain that a twitch in the web of lasers to avoid being blasted would be fatal. No guards seemed to be patrolling the region, and a light was only visible in one room on the topmost floor, nearly one hundred feet off the ground.

"Definitely expecting us," managed to croak out Ron. An audible whistle escaped from Rufus's mouth as he sat perched on Ron's mission-clad sagging shoulders. Kim, still slightly numb, reached into her pocket and retrieved the Kimmunicator from its comfy dwelling of seclusion within the deep folds of the pocket.

"Wade, we've got a problem," Kim stated sternly, activating the device. Wade appeared on the screen, calmly sipping his soda, his jacket draped across the back of his chair, the helmet resting on the desk in front of him. "Somebody left the security on, or the intruder turned it on." She flipped the Kimmunicator around so Wade could survey the view.

"That... that isn't supposed to be there, at least it wasn't two hours ago. Let me see if I can hack it," replied Wade, cracking his knuckles and setting to work. Five minutes later, Wade was shaking his head apologetically. "Sorry guys. I can't disable the system, and other than what you see before you, I can't tell you what to expect, nor can I juice the frequency to make the laser grid visible. But I can tell you that this grid is tighter than McHenry's, and that even Rufus will have a hard time getting through. Your Spectrometer Sunglasses should let you see the beams."

"Wade," Ron said, taking advantage of the break in conversation to pull the Kimmunicator from Kim, "if an Akira stomp move backed by mystical monkey power was executed at the right moment, in the right direction, with a certain amount of force, could the concussive pulses reach the generator for the exterior security system and destroy it without setting off the beams?" Ron's eyes were like steel, and Wade suddenly realized that Ron was making a serious notion.

"I don't know Ron. If the move isn't strong enough, the blast will upset the laser grid or the cameras. Plus you'd have to be in almost precise alignment with the generator. It would take an enormous amount of mystical monkey power, an amount that would take hours to recharge both the Lotus Temple mystical monkey power and the Ozmotli Temple mystical monkey power you got from when Monkey Fist took Nana Possible's family album. It's very tricky, but entirely plausible."

"I'm gonna try it. Line me up with the generator and give me the distance," Ron ordered, his brows furrowing in concentration. A gentle breeze swept his bangs back from his face. Only there was no breeze, Kim duly noted.

"Are you sure you want to do this Ron?" asked Wade, worry creeping into his voice. "If you overshoot the generator, you could collapse the building and injure of even kill the person inside."

"I won't overshoot, as long as you give me accurate direction and distance," Ron answered, his eyes now withholding highlights of blue. He handed Kim Rufus, who squeaked in protest. "Sorry buddy, but I just don't want to strain you."

"Okay Ron, I need you to take two steps to the left and turn ninety degrees to face east," Wade informed Ron. "You should be facing where the building meets the forest. The generator is that little square three point four miles ahead of you attached to the right side of the building. Good luck you guys, and call me if anything comes up." Ron nodded, then tossed the Kimmunicator to Kim, who held it in her other hand. Kim backed up against the wall to give Ron plenty of room. She was glad she did.

A blazing cadet blue aura encompassed Ron, his skin quickly turning a shade that would put Drakken's to shame. Ron stood stock still, his legs pressed together while his arms were rigid, right down to his fists. A sudden gust of wind blew Ron's hair skyward, and, with his jaw clenched, Ron's foot crashed down on the ground with a sickening crunch. Kim, wearing her Spectrometer Sunglasses, was certain twice that the blast would upset the laser grid, but it never once broke through the surface until directly under the generator. As soon as the generator was disabled, Ron toppled backward, and Kim surged forward to seize him.

"Ron? That has to be one of the most badical things I've ever seen," Kim whispered, easing down to the ground gently. "How are you feeling?"

"Give me a sec," moaned Ron. "Rufus, give me a packet of Diablo sauce, will ya?" The little naked mole rat hastened to rip open one, and squeezed some into Ron's mouth, which he savored for a moment before standing up. "I'm good Kim. Might not be able to use the MMP for a while, but I'm good as new mostly. Besides, it comes and goes anyway."

Beep beep de deep!

"Kim!" yelled Wade when she answered, "I just read a major geologic energy spike in the area, as well as Ron's bio scans going off charts! Please tell me he didn't fail and you two are now faced with almost certain death!"

"Your confidence in Ron is unparalleled, Wade," droned Kim sarcastically. "Seriously, we're fine, and we'll infiltrate the building if Ron's up to it."

"Always ready Kimbo. Now let's go smash some villain," Ron responded enthusiastically, pumping his fist into the air and causing a ruckus. Kim simply rolled her eyes as Rufus joined in.

"Alright. So we go to the building, avoid the traps, and bust the bad guy," remarked Kim, now fully back in mission mode. Her eyes flickered to the building nearly three and a half miles away. "Wade, you wouldn't happen to have packed a gadget in our gear to get us to that research facility quickly and without using more energy than it would take to walk there, would you?" Wade crossed his arms and glowered at Kim.

"Kim, what do you take me for? Do you think I have a gadget for everything in the world?" Wade replied, his glare softening just a bit. Kim paused for a moment.

"Well, do you?" Kim questioned, her voice a bit softer. Ron was peering over her shoulder eagerly.

"Yeah," sighed Wade. "In your backpack are two pairs of the new improved super speed shoes. They use very little of your energy, but these too are still experimental, so you must take them off as soon as you reach the building before the traps." Wade fixed Kim with a stoic stare, who grinned sheepishly at him. "Also, I was able to find the blueprints, but they don't include the security system. From the entrance the room goes three hundred feet back, then on the left wall there is the stairs. These circle around as you go up so that on the next floor you'll be above the entrance. All the floors are like this."

"Thanks Wade, and we'll be careful," Kim promised, shutting the Kimmunicator off and storing it in her pocket. Ron has already pawed through her bag and found the two pairs of speed shoes, which the duo quickly donned.

Rufus hastily scurried into Ron's pocket, and the trio set off. Nine seconds later, they were in front of the entrance to the research facility and slipping off the speed shoes. Storing them in her bag, Kim slid open the door and peered inside. Her head came back out a minute later, a worried expression on her face.

"Something's wrong with the floor," said Kim. Ron looked in through the door and shrugged nonchalantly.

"Looks fine to me," Ron commented. In response, Kim picked up a fist sized rock and tossed it into the room. It clattered as it came to a halt, then fell as the floor gave way. There was a long pause of silence, then a loud thunk. "Or not. What about the walls and the ceiling?"

"Same. We could run quickly across the floor or up the wall, but if you fall or trip it's game over," remarked Kim sternly, her arms crossed.

"Well Kim, let's not trip then," Ron responded. Before Kim could stop him, Ron was running along the wall to the staircase, tiles dropping like stones behind him. Just before he would run smack dab into the staircase, Ron pushed off the wall and flipped onto the railing. He slid down it a few feet, then grabbed it and swung down onto the stairs. "And the Mad Dog stadium rocks!" Ron leaned against the railing casually. "You comin' K.P.?"

"Showoff," Kim muttered darkly, then she took off like a bolt across the floor, tiles falling to their doom. Rather than dart straight across, Kim zagged about the floor towards the stairs. Approaching the railing, Kim deftly flipped over it, landing next to Ron nonchalantly. "C'mon, Mad Dog."

Rufus perched himself on Ron's left shoulder, the side closet to Kim, as the trio proceeded up the first flight of stairs. There was no doorway between any of the levels of the building, as they soon discovered. Kim made certain that this next floor would not fall through, then stepped into the room. Ron followed suit, taking his place at Kim's side.

"Well, it looks safe," stated Ron, his face unusually serious. His face then formed one of slight discomfort. Ron's expression became sullen as he appeared to daydream. A quick tug on the shoulder from Rufus snapped him out of it. "Kim, make it stop."

"Make what stop? Ron!" Her partner was now on his knees in agony, clutching his throbbing head. "Ron? What is it?"

"The noise. Can't you hear it?" Kim softly shook her heard. "Rufus, you hear it?"

"Hnk! No!" Rufus was concerned, and patted Ron comfortingly.

Kim desperately looked around the room, searching for the source of the noise Ron heard. Standing up, Kim felt a wave of dizziness nearly overwhelm her, but she remained erect. Rufus, too, was beginning to show symptoms of this strange effect.

There was only one chair in the room, probably for a security guard. The rest of the room appeared to be completely bare. Struggling to remain upright, Kim sunk into the chair, sweat dripping off her brow. Kim grasped her upper left arm, as deep in thought as she could be while the ache tormented her, zapping her strength. Kim tried to pinpoint the source of the pain in her body. Focusing her thoughts, she discovered that her arm was hurting the worst. Kim yanked the sleeve of her mission top up and let out an audible gasp, blinking a few times. Her slight, almost imperceptible scar from nearly three months ago, from Shego's glow, was a sickly green, pulsating madly.

Forcing her brain into working order, Kim leaned against the back of the chair, now completely damp with perspiration and engrossed in thought. If her scar, caused by Shego's power, was reacting so highly volatile, that meant that a source of radiation identical to Shego's was nearby, an actual core of it. It wouldn't have to be big, just dangerous enough to disorient intruders. Kim struggled, searching for the names of the four elements Wade had detected in the remains of the comet, wishing she'd paid more attention so she could negate the effects. She remembered him saying that they were so rare on Earth, Global Justice had secured all known samples. There was Tobolem, a sapphire blue metal that was liquid at room temperature, resembling mercury in texture and consistency, but retaining radioactive properties that would not hinder a healthy human, or naked mole rat for that matter. Ragos, a blood red mineral deposit, and Zactite, a violet hued sediment, maintained fairly higher levels of radiation, enough to affect a small child or elderly adult, or even a mole rat, almost immediately. The most dangerous, however, was Shatride, a neon green acidic crystalline substance comprised of highly erratic atoms, giving off vast amounts of radiation, enough to poison any life on Earth in less than an hour.

There was, however, a way to negate the effects. You had to find the Shatride core, a difficult feat in itself, then place an Electronic Pulsar Emitting Device, nicknamed E.P.'ed for short, directly over the core and activating it. Direct contact with Shatride usually resulted in death, which is one of the main reasons Shego's existence was a mystery.

Luck was with Kim Possible this night as she slipped from the chair, still clutching her pounding arm. This brought her down to eye level with the glowing Shatride core, and she reached into her pockets, despondently rummaging for the E.P.'eds that Wade had supplied Kim with in case of such an emergency. Kim managed to pull and E.P.'ed out and attach it to the core, activating it as she did so. The Shatride core flickered, then died.

Kim chanced another glance at her arm. Already the sickly green was returning to a more natural hue. Bracing herself, she crawled over to where Ron and Rufus had already passed out, collapsing next to them. Then she was out cold, utterly exhausted.

And they'd only made it to the second floor.

The raven haired teen shook his head and turned away from the monitor depicting the scene from the camera he activated on the second level of the building. Staring at the monitor reproachfully, a smirk crossed his lips. Fine. Let them rest. Tomorrow was a new day, and with the disk he'd procured, he'd soon have all the time in the world. Propping his feet up and slumping down into his seat, the boy decided that he too would snooze.